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  3. I agreed completely. The primary reason for my suggestion is that sports and team related threads are hijacked and go places that have nothing to do with UAlbany Sports. To answer your question: No Idea....
  4. I agree with Dane Pound!! The last political thread was PAINFUL!!
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  6. Ugh. The thing that could make this year worse is coming here and reading about politics. Is the UAlbany Esports team still playing this year?
  7. So, we're going to finish the year ranked again. We also hold on the Apple trophy for another year.
  8. I think the goal was just to stay in touch with interested fans. They really can't say exactly how the spring season will be set up yet. They did say it was pretty much play it by ear!
  9. Watched the Zoom highlights from MB and GG. Underwhelming. We learned what exactly? I guess they’re just feeling their way and trying to remain positive about the future. Better to tell us nothing than something that doesn’t come to pass.
  10. FWIW, Albany 24th in the preseason AGS http://thefcswedge.com/ags-poll/ags-poll-preseason-2020-top-25-results/
  11. I did not read the article/link, so probably have no right to comment; nevertheless IMHO: Pay college athletes NO WAY {already pay/give them TOO much}. Profits from power 5 conferences should #1 be paid to the NCAA to supplement athletics and allocated to ALL member schools. #2 After they have "paid" their allocation; all remaining money goes to the schools general fund to be spent as the school wishes. If the power 5 conferences do not wish to support, non-money making conferences or schools {which is most schools}, I say tell the power 5"s to " GO PLAY WITH THEMSELVES." Like always all opinions/comments/disagreements respected and encouraged.
  12. Why not? There’s lots of outlets for this sort of stuff, but for the most part we’ve kept things civil which can’t be said for most social media platforms.
  13. Aka 'Off Topic'...I'm all for it. Those who don't want to frequent that section can just skip it.
  14. Last week
  15. In part, due to the cancellation of America East Conference Fall Sports and CAA Football, I see the need for a new forum category perhaps titled: Politics, Economic and Social Concerns and Issues. Great place for two of the newer topics under Great Danes General: "Let's get political.... or not" and "PAC-12 Football players organize....." Just a suggestion. Things political, economic and social will dominate the broad until sports resume.
  16. PAC - 12 Football and PAC - 12 Men's and Women's Basketball are big time money makers .... which means they support other athletic programs and other academic programs for member institutions. If the football players prevail, they likely only going to hurt non income generating sports perhaps the opportunities for football players in the future as the PAC - 12 members attempts to contain costs and re-direct monies to other aspects in their requests. None of us know what the PAC-12 member institutions spent to support minority programs, many are state financed schools ...Do think the student athletes have a gasp on the actual dollar amount currently spent? I am very certain the schools know. The student-athletes did their home work... knowing they needed a social aspect to their request. The COVID-19 protection request while legitimate is likely a smoke screen for a money shake down. Likely to get ugly .... Our past & current social and economic climate has a lot blame for this. This is going to end up in the court system
  17. It's not that I don't want to listen, it will simply never work. I'm using outrageous numbers here as I have no clue but this is how my brain is processing it: X P5 school makes $100M on Y team. After all expenses (tuition, staff, facilities, marketing, travel, etc.) they are left with $20M clean net. Say that is split 60/40 school/players. Cool...players get $8M to split amongst themselves. They are no longer amateur's using any NCAA or federal guideline. That's issue number 1. Issue number 2: crappy AE school only makes $10M on Z team. After all expenses (tuition, staff, facilities, marketing, travel, etc.) they are left with $200,000 net. Say that is split 60/40 school/players. Cool...players get $80k to split amongst themselves. 1) They are no longer amateur's and 2) they made a TON less than their P5 D1 counterparts. Both are D1 athletes and many probably played on the same HS teams. As UA1882 said, slippery slope galore. This may have a VERY negative effect on small conferences like ours once more and more players either 1) start asking to be paid or 2) leave for 'higher paying conferences' (look at what the graduate rule is doing to the Cremo's and Nichols' of the world - this will be similar but worse). Disaster written all over it. This isn't pro sports where market dictates who makes money and who doesn't...these are STUDENT athletes. Their main form of payment is getting an education that many Joe Shmoe's can't afford without SERIOUS debt. Some of those educations are valued at 2 or 3x my yearly salary. Educations that any of those kids should be able to use to make a comfortable life for themselves and their families (since, lets face it, only like 1 or 2% of them are going to go pro). This is a bad idea. When I think of paying athletes...I'm talking about $1,000 month to spend on junk food, sneakers and video games or to send back to mom & dad and help pay the rent (since many of these athletes are from low income areas unfortunately). Anyone who thinks it's smart to turn these kids into $50k, $80k, $100k, $200k/yr money makers is losing sight of the STUDENT part of their 'job title'. EDIT: Another interesting thought...like any business model, the schools who have to pay will just pass that cost on to the students who aren't athletes in the form of tuition hikes. School is already expensive enough...no P5 university is going to tap into the money they are already making and cut a slice of that pie. They are going to make sure the slice of pie ends up being as small as possible or outright use the payment to players as a guise to make even more money off non-players.
  18. I got a feeling it will be conference only schedule starting after Christmas and only season ticket holders will be permitted with people being spread around the arena.
  19. I'm going to take the contrarian view after reading the article. Nothing from my reading of it seems completely over the top, even the 2% set aside for financial aid to low income students. P5 schools are making huge bank of these kids, schools are making huge profits. If there was EVER a time to help minority communities to better themselves this is that time. Education clearly plays a huge role in how successful one will be...otherwise, why are we pontificating about people lifting themselves up by the bootstraps? How much do these mega programs need, people forget that these are colleges that are supposed to nurture and educate the next generation, advances sciences and humanities to better our word. These schools don't exist to simply provide football entertainment. To that end, invest some of those windfalls in your communities and human beings. I'd have to learn more about it but first reaction to this for me isn't one of rebuke. I think when people ask for help or ask to engage in civil discourse on the issues of the day, it would be foolish not to at least listen. What's the alternative, riot about it? EDIT: probably the most eyebrow raising item is the 50% distribution of revenue among all athletes, maybe a bit to high but it can't be the 100/0% split that it is right now. Their biggest concern appears to be their own well-being in this pandemic...it's their right to stand up and say we don't feel comfortable playing considering how this is being run now.
  20. Yeah. Hard pass here. Don't want to play for a free education from a top national university? There's the door. I can understand the concerns about health and safety due to COVID-19 but my guess is even without the virus this would still have become a thing due to all of the racial stuff going on...so COVID-19 is a tiny % of this 'issue'. Evidently, athletes being black and all and not being paid (while receiving an education that can be valued anywhere from 50-250k)...they now feel slighted.
  21. Very very slippery slope. Do I think the ncaa is perfect?... no I dont.... However something that is constantly lost in all this is the fact: THESE GUYS ARE ON A FULL RIDE!!!!! They pay for nothing.... not even books. If I'm the PAC 12 I say HELL NO. Dont play then. I'm sure they will do everything they can to keep the players safe. As for the other stuff ...F@$% Off.
  22. The football players have organized and have demanded that the conference address a number issues, please link below https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29583023/pac-12-football-players-show-unity-list-demands-letter-conference Will this be start of a trend? Thoughts and opinions.
  23. *waits for the 'that's white privilege' post inevitability*
  24. These European utopias may be less idyllic when you poke around a bit more. I believe Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world by some measures, but it is also at the top when it comes to alcoholism and depression....so that doesn't seem to compute. An article I read spoke of how people are not allowed in polite company to say anything that might be interpreted as you or your family did something exceptional. Like saying your kid made an honor roll could bring a conversation to a screeching halt. Kind of strange. But aren't we all? I tend to treat people as they treat me, regardless of their race, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation or whatever. If you're an A-Hole you'll be treated as such and if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. I support the police, but have no tolerance for those that abuse their position. I've never had a bad run in with one and have always found cooperation and respect get you a long way. I started this thread to add a little pop to a boring sports time.....it worked in a way...we cleared some air, made each other think and shared ideas without cursing or name calling. The way it should be.
  25. We can't even manage taxes at a state level (how many years has NY been able to balance the budget without cutting something important like education? Zero?) and people want it to get worse (via expanding government funding for everything and anything and government micromanagement aka 'live off the government teet') and expect it to be managed at a national level? Come on. How many 'studies' has Cuomo paid for that resulted in nonsense? Didn't he do one about converting that one exit ramp in downtown by the river into yet another park? Any Joe Shmoe citizen could have told him it was a stupid idea but instead he spents hundreds of thousands on a committee if I recall correctly. The ratio of people leaving NY to those moving in is like 4:1. There is a reason why the running joke is that Cuomo is UHauls top salesman year after year. We pay through the nose here in NY and what do we have to show for it? Crumbling infrastructure, etc. That's what. Every year they fix the same roads. Why not pay for it to be done once and have that road for 10 years instead of paying the lowest bidder who half-asses it just to pay that same idiot again the following summer? This topic is moving onto something else but I think the consensus of this group is that we can all agree that we all need to treat individual people we encounter, regardless of color, with respect based on their individual merits and interactions with us. 95% of us don't need to be told to do it by our TV's or by people marching or 'protesting' because we're adults and were raised with respect as a value.
  26. How is a tax rate from 70 years ago relevant to the events of today? As for Sweden, the better measure is percentage of GDP going to taxes. Sweden is the second highest taxes country in the world after Denmark. Anyone earning over 32k will pay between 49-60% in taxes when all of the taxes they pay are combine. Many there are VERY happy to do it as they have a lot of trust in their government and tax services, which we do not have here. What works for them doesn't mean it will work here. Mind you, I'm not opposed to helping those that need it. I'm not opposed to even expending social services, what I am opposed to are able-bodied people living off social services as a career. But that's a different conversation. Sweden as a country is far more geographically constraints, with a more homogenous and much smaller population then USA. They have 10 million people in the entire country, smaller population size of metro NYC. What you say is true about higher happiness, that much is undeniable, they routinely top surveys. USA is just a much different and larger beast with many more competing priorities. Sweden is very happy to be tucked away into the corner of the globe and live a peaceful/quiet life. For better or worse, we aren't like that. That comes with it's own advantages and disadvantages.
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