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  2. Siena's Jamion Christian

    This is as much about choosing someone connected to the Siena community...large world ambitions .... With she on keeping their local fans happy
  3. Five years away; perhaps there will be enough improvement to the program so we do not embarrass ourselves. I rather not be part of th ESPN Sportsline recap.... "Well, UAlbany collected a $475000 paycheck for their troubles"
  4. 2019 Bracket Challenge

    This didn't age well.
  5. 2019 Bracket Challenge

    Iona came to play tonight. Up 5 at the half over Carolina. Don't care about my bracket for this one. It's fun to watch.
  6. Yesterday
  7. No, you agreed with me. I was was just trying to be a wise ass. 🤣😁
  8. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    Yeboah leaving SB. Grad transferring.
  9. I don't necessarily agree 100%, yes the money but it is important for the program. It also helps with recruiting. Kids see who we are playing out of conference and see that it gives them a chance to play good caliber schools each year. Also helps fund staff and scholarships.
  10. Cremo nichols leave...

    Yeah, Nichols wasn't bad. Had a nice 3, but followed with a couple of bricks. UVM kid got Nichol's leg trapped under him while diving for a loose ball and David was limping pretty bad. Hopefully he's OK. They'll need all hands on deck against Murray State.
  11. Siena's Jamion Christian

    This is an effort to keep the roster together... Im not sure he can coach. We'll see...
  12. About right. Sidney sometimes gets hit. My experience after having driven Rt 7 BEFORE 88 was built and 88 literally 100's of times - visiting parents etc and then after mom died and dad moved up here - is that it gets sketchy starting about Sidney or Otego and then especially just north of Oneonta through just south of Duanesburg. It can be really awful over that 40-50 mile stretch or so. Hope the team is going down today!
  13. Thanks so much for the info. I looked and didn't see it. Of course, Pay for TV.
  14. Siena's Jamion Christian

    Rumor on Siena board is that he was making 275k. Siena is a financial mess and a few years away from leaving the TUC permanently. Yesterday's events probably hasten that eventuality. That's a program going nowhere. 4 coaches in 10 years and a lot of losing. More losing next year and will struggle to get to 500 and that's pending who transfers out or who jc takes with him. It's a mess...
  15. I was planning on attending; but even if the storm skirts bingo, the I88 corridor is now projected 8-12 at least as far down was Sidney. I hope CDLax is right. Now plan on watching @ home.
  16. Siena's Jamion Christian

    Not that I care one iota; but "mayhem's" record at Mt. St. Mary was NOT awe-inspiring and a barely .5OO record and second round knock-out in the 2nd/3rd worse conference in the country. GW desperate obviously; but I am not sure exactly what everyone see's in JC. He promised mayhem and a fast passed offense and won most of their games on the defensive end. I think lcc had a higher scoring average under pathos. Probably wrong about all of this, as I don't follow that school very close; but anything that hurts them makes me happy {sorry Jimbo, not as magnanimous as you--no offense intended.}
  17. I too agree that players shouldn't have to sit a year when they want to transfer if we don't make coaches do the same.
  18. Up Next Binghamton

    FYI - This game is listed on ESPN+
  19. T-U story on Laffin in yesterday's paper. University at Albany lacrosse player Mitch Laffin dropped 25 pounds to get ready for his big opportunity this season.The junior attack worked hard in the weight room and watched his diet. Where he used to have three slices of pizza, he'd settle for one. Then one misstep at practice before the opener at Syracuse put his plans on hold. "We were doing a shooting drill, so balls were everywhere,'' Laffin recalled. "I was just walking around, moving a couple out of the way, kind of get them into a pile so no one else steps on them. Ironically, I step on one." He sprained his right ankle. Laffin started the Syracuse match but had to come out in the first quarter. Then he sat out a win over Drexel and a loss to Cornell."It was frustrating because I had to sit out for about three games or so,'' Laffin said. "So it was tough to see everybody out there fighting and I wanted to be out there with them." Feeling better, Laffin is back on the field with his teammates with impressive results. He's scored all 10 of his goals in the past two games. He had a hat trick against Maryland and followed that with a career-high seven goals in a 17-11 victory over UMass Lowell in the America East opener last Saturday. He scored just 16 goals in his first two college seasons combined. The Great Danes (2-4 overall, 1-0 America East) continue league play against Binghamton (0-6, 0-0) at 1 p.m. Saturday in Vestal. Laffin downplayed his performance against UMass Lowell, crediting it to alert passing. Jakob Patterson assisted on three of Laffin’s goals and Tehoka Nanticoke spotted him for two others. “Last game, the ball just found me,’’ he said. “I honestly didn’t do much out there. If you actually watched the game, I just stood around, found a lane, got the ball on my stick and put it in the net.” Though his teammates did a good job finding Laffin, he’s actually a little harder to see than he was when he arrived on campus three years ago. Back then, Laffin packed 225 pounds on his 5-foot-9 frame. Now Laffin says he weighs slightly below 200 pounds. “I just feel lighter,’’ Laffin said. “I feel more in shape. Nothing’s kind of weighing me down as much. It just contributes to what I do on the field.” Laffin said he shed about 15 pounds during UAlbany’s fall ball schedule and another 10 over winter break. “I’ve always tried,’’ he said. “I just never really stuck to it. Just having the opportunity finally to really contribute and play kind of got me going, got me into the gym and to eat right.” UAlbany head coach Scott Marr said he talked to Laffin about his conditioning in individual meetings but didn’t nag him on the subject. Marr said he compared it to former UAlbany great Lyle Thompson’s improvement from his sophomore to junior year. “I’m really proud of him for really digging in this past summer and coming back here in great shape,’’ Marr said. “He just has to kind of stay away from the injury bug. He got hurt there at the beginning of the season and that hurt us a little bit. He can shoot and Jakob and Kyle (Casey) and Tehoka are looking for him all the time because they know he’s going to put it in the back of the net.” Laffin, who is Native American, came to UAlbany after playing at IMG Academy in Florida. He and Nanticoke were teammates there. Laffin, of Onondaga Nation, visited the UAlbany campus during winter break. When he arrived for his tour, Marr gave him a hug, not a handshake. “Honestly it was coach Marr,’’ Laffin said. “I know a lot of people say that, but it really was him. It was one day I met him, and that’s the place I want to go to.” https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-lacrosse-player-finds-less-is-more-13704157.php
  20. Cremo nichols leave...

    Nichols got 2 fouls in first half and got hurt the last few minutes. He seemed to play well. 7 pts, 3 REBs, 1 Assist & 1 Steal in those 13 min
  21. Cremo nichols leave...

    Cremo played 3 minutes and Nichols 13.....
  22. Holy moly. Didn't see this until this morning. Can't blame a guy for bolting for a better place, but so quick? And after a barely over .500 season? It doesn't say much about the athletic/financial situation over there. As a long time area resident I have to say that I prefer that ALL area schools do well in sports and really don't revel in their fan's misery. It benefits all if every program is strong. It does warm my heart that some of the Loudonville trash talkers are losing their $iena over this. I guess the bloom is off the rose over on Rt 9, or perhaps they've dug it up and tossed it into a burning dumpster. Count me among those who feel that when a head coach leaves, the players ought to be able to transfer immediately. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  23. Siena's Jamion Christian

    I feel bad for a few decent Siena fans but this couldn't have happened a better bunch...L M A O
  24. Siena's Jamion Christian

    It's true, there is video evidence, he's a still capture...
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