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  2. https://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/albany-army-johns-hopkins-and-vermont-test-out-new-rules-give-back-to-headstrong/53172 https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/10/13/kyle-marr-enjoys-chance-to-play-at-ualbany
  3. https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/10/16/ford-brings-unique-athleticism-to-ualbany-women-s-basketball-program
  4. 2018-19

    Preseason poll is out: https://americaeast.com/news/2018/10/17/mens-basketball-vermont-tops-mens-aehoops-preaseason-poll-lamb-highlights-preseason-all-conference-honorees.aspx 1. Vermont (6) 62 2. Hartford (3) 59 3. UMBC 44 T4. Albany 40 T4. Stony Brook 40 6. Binghamton 29 T7. Maine 19 T7. New Hampshire 19 9. UMass Lowell 12 Almost identical to my first run at rankings, but I have SBU and UMBC swapped, and UML and Maine swapped. Just a few weeks away!
  5. My boycott started last week...I will absolutely not be there.
  6. weather forecast for Saturday: Clouds moving in during the morning, showers ☔ more likely late afternoon... Less witnesses for what I expect will be a difficult afternoon.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Homecoming Parking/Tailgate rules Dutch lot to be divided into tailgating and game-only sections, both $15. Lots open at 1130
  9. I've had a number of friends ask me and still no idea if this is true or bad joke gone wrong. Not that Coach Marr listens to me, but he needs to sit down with the young man and give him a stern talking too, and clear this up one way or the other. This shows a total disrespect for his coaches, the program, and his teammates.
  10. Title IX violations

    Plus side, maybe (?), is that at least it's not a separate lawsuit. But it means that it doesn't go away due to tennis players graduating.
  11. Title IX violations

    Wow...this just keeps getting better.
  12. Title IX violations

    Sorry - doing too many things at once here. Confirmed that rowers were added as plaintiffs to the lawsuit. School is saying they shouldn't be allowed to sue because they're not already varsity athletes (or were varsity athletes in the case of tennis players).
  13. Title IX violations

    I don't know what this mean, rowers were added meaning crew is now an official sanction sport at UA and this will go in part of wholly to satisfy title IX issues?
  14. Title IX violations

    Confirmed. Rowers were added. School not denying claims. Just saying they are "time-barred" and that they can't be part of the case because they aren't current or former varsity athletes (aka - claim is that only varsity athletes can file a Title IX suit.) Not sure how that makes any sense. They're current students and even requested the addition of Women's Crew as I understand. If someone out there knows how this stuff works better than me, please come to the rescue.
  15. It's still just a rumor, but created a pretty long discussion in the group.
  16. Privately I have felt that Tehoka would not last 4 years...just a feeling based on observation. Hope it’s not the case, but it would not surprise me if he leaves at any point. 2018....where was the hate coming from? Just curious...if you can say.
  17. I follow him on instagram, but not on that facebook page. His original post does not say he is going pro, but it is lyrics from a song which could certainly lead one to jump to that conclusion. He does have a pretty sarcastic sense of humor, but who knows. Either way the Danes are moving forward. We only roll with the guys on the train!
  18. It is. It's a pic of him on instagram with the line "going pro" that was shared in a facebook college lax group.
  19. I posted in the other thread that either the boys and coaches are toting the party line or no on honestly doesn't know. My only thought, and maybe I am looking for the silver lining, is that he worked to hard at IMG to become NCAA eligible that he would just walk away. We did see the youngest Staats go pro from OCC rather than transfer into a DI program. The Thompson's could have done that, but I do think the overall life experiences and legend they developed while at Albany has served them much better than if they had just gone pro, especially in a sport where going pro doesn't necessarily lead to riches. The guys who are really making it, which isn't many, do it through endorsements. I guess we won't know for sure until we know for sure.
  20. When a player leaves a school I have to figure less than a 50-50 chance they return . Just speaking generally here but when I heard he was leaving to be honest I wasn't sure he was coming back.
  21. I am guessing this is a link to the rumor?
  22. All I can honestly add is that he is expected to return after the break. I didn't pick up on anything different over the last couple of weeks at being around the guys and coaches. I have seen a lot of hate spewed his way. I have to hope that given how hard he fought to become academically eligible at IMG that Tehoka wouldn't just walk away.
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