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  2. 2019 Danes

    I (hopefully) speak for the vast majority of UAlbany Lacrosse Alumni when I say — Thank you, T.D., for two outstanding years of service. The marked improvement of the “rope”/ face-off unit made it possible for all of us to finally answer the question “Can you imagine how good they’d be if they could win a face-off?” I wish you all of the best with everything your future will bring......, I assume you will be reading this in the next couple of days. If you want to play some indoor lacrosse at Shove Park this summer(west genny), get in touch with me on twitter @jpompo6 Good Luck- except when affecting UA In any way!
  3. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Just play Siena twice in one year. Once at the TU, and once at SEFCU. The argument that it would diminish the rivalry by playing twice in one year is utter nonsense (i.e., Duke vs NC or Ohio St or Mich St vs Michigan), and two games draws in more fans and money for both schools. So if we play them twice, we might grow fonder of Siena? Is that it? Is there any doubt that we would sell out SEFCU if we played them again in January and dislike their putrid fanbase any less? Please. This is such a simple solution that benefits and solves problems for both schools (we have heard scheduling OOC games is challenging). Adding 2 local games to each school's OOC schedule saves the respective athletic departments money in travel costs too. Play them twice. Do it. As for revenue, they keep their ticket sales and proceeds from their TU concessions and rotting pizzas that they sell, and we keep the proceeds from those dry chicken tenders that Sodexo serves up. Sodexo has come up with some tasty stuff behind the endzone at football games, but the food at SEFCU is for freshmen. Booze and atmosphere in the HOF room is great, but where's the beef? A burger would be ______! When we win the America East this year, I want to look back and say I ate red meat while we did so. I have more confidence in Sodexo than the TU. The TU's food menu is dated like the building's footprint -- namely, 1990 (but I appreciate the renovations and movie screens on Pearl Street; hopefully some eateries and pubs will go in across the street next to the probation department). We win the food round. Returning to the matter at hand, I am sure that both fan bases would rather watch a Siena and Albany game twice than some other game against a low mid-major private school. Colgate? Cornell? Bryant? Columbia? Some NEC or Ivy League school? BU? Patriot League? BORING. Who else will come to the Capital Region? Be honest UA and Siena. Play each other twice (or more). I will dislike them twice as much (or more). Love it.
  4. Video for season tix on Twitter. Gattuso talked about how we should be great on the line.
  5. Thanks for starting the topic .... no surprise going to the "outside" ... been the trend ... football , women's basketball, Volleyball now women's lacrosse.... I am glad to see an UALBANY past with local connection ... Congratulations Coach Rowan
  6. Yesterday
  7. Benson Israel https://247sports.com/player/benson-israel-60591 How did you find this out? Any more we should know about??
  8. 2018/2019 Schedule

    My thoughts on the issue .... has a decision whether or not to continue the UALBANY - Siena was made or still under discussion ...a legit question ... not that anyone in the know has to respond ... My interest comes from getting a sense where the mind set of the AD is taking UALBANY sports
  9. Besides getting highly touted Kessy Desir back from injury, Albany landed Temple transfer Benjamin Israel. 6’1 316 OG. TWO YEARS eligibility
  10. University announced the hiring of Katie Rowan..current Wagner HC, former UAlbany asst, and former Cuse/Bethlehem standout. http://www.ualbanysports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=15800&ATCLID=211719072 Great resume..but surprised they didn't stick with the current interim. Guess I just assumed they would after her being the assistant/associate HC for a number of years and then leading the team to the conference title game as the interim. Kinda odd. Either way.. welcome Coach Rowan.
  11. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Either that or the schedule isn't complete yet and thus not announced yet
  12. Last week
  13. 2019 Danes

    It's official, TD Ierlan is now a Yale Bulldog. Yale does play UA at Casey next season. Should be an interesting welcome by the fans.
  14. 2019 Danes

    Haven't found any recent videos on him at all - would love to see some - Anybody got links??
  15. 2019 Danes

    My understanding he would enroll in the fall of 2019.
  16. 2019 Danes

    Sorry still confused when Skidders will be @ UA? Inside Lacrosse and Lax Power have him in the class of 2019-2020 committed to Vermont; meaning he would play in the spring of 2020? You seem to be indicating that he will be playing @ UA next spring 2019??
  17. 2019 Danes

    We made it to the final four this year! Do we think we need to tear down the UA program because of one kid's decision? Hell no! Every program needs to evolve, each year things are tweaked for one reason or another. I don't think his transfer says anything about a lack of structure and discipline. If anyone's transfer in or out gives the coaching staff ideas on bettering the program, so be it.... that's how running a sports program works. Someone said that 'jonesy' was mentioned in the stands by parents, saying he's a heck of a faceoff guy, and from the stats, it looks like Altimari has a 70percent high school fo rate, played football, and wrestled. I really don't want to hear any former player's name here anymore. It's getting old.
  18. 2018/2019 Schedule

    So Athletic director Benson continues to keep the cards close to his vest .... no announcements.... likely means the discussion continues
  19. 2019 Danes

    The headshots are a gimmick that's run it's course. That's the first thing I'd eliminate if there's a desire to tighten some things. Never was I a fan.
  20. Recruiting - 2018

    He's not coming because of grades, door open possibly in '19...wish him well and hope the coaches stay in touch. Seems like a talented kid on the court.
  21. 2019 Danes

    Correct - the image and the disloyalty just really tick me off ! I guess it has to do with actually playing for Albany and knowing how guys develop a love for each other and a loyalty for the program and the school [Listen to Connor Fields and the Thompsons talk about it]. I just can't get my head around him transferring out! Guys here who have a different position and attitude - so be it. I just do not agree on ANY level. BTW, My son was at Syracuse for a semester and transferred to Albany. Why? NONE of the guys on the team went to classes, they all partied all the time etc. He was a serious student. 97 ave coming out of HS - 100 on every math Regents etc. He needed more structure. Was before Marr but tells something about THAT program, at least then. His senior year was 1st at D1. So it is likely you are correct!
  22. 2019 Danes

    I don't want to speak for HOF 2013, but I think he is referring to the image of TD leaving and why. I haven't heard from anyone who spoke personally with TD about the why, but the prevailing impression is that there was a cultural mismatch, and the program doesn't have enough structure. As I have said before the perception is off from the reality, but if that was TD's motivation for leaving I do think there is some truth to that, but in the grand scheme of things in terms of life lessons, I think Irelan is off base, and wherever he winds up he is going to find guys screwing around. Could things be more structured. Sure. But as I have said before, and I can't get into details, but I could tell stories of structured programs where kids are smoking lots of pot, not going to classes and on and on. Originally I thought the head shots were funny, but if I were Coach Marr I would squash it. While there are perception things that if I were boss I would do away with, UA lacrosse is one of the most healthy if not most healthy atmospheres in college lacrosse. While as a parent I wish some things were a bit different, I have said it before and I will say it again, I wouldn't want my kid playing for anyone else.
  23. 2019 Danes

    If his replacement can just get to 60% next season, we will be ok. Look back at many of the lopsided scores this past season. We still would have won those with a 60%ish FOGO. The two games where TD saved the teams butt was Cornell and Maryland where we don't make the come back without him winning in the 4th. That's where we will miss him, team down in 4th and trying a comeback. Guess next season we will just have to always have a lead 😁
  24. 2018/2019 Schedule

    The most telling thing was last year's game with 30 seconds left when Brown put Fruscio in the last minute of a somewhat tight game. It may not have meant anything but to me that said CB wanted to get the local guy in an Albany Cup game and he didn't think we'd be playing it again for a while. Just a guess.
  25. Recruiting - 2018

    He was a Juco freshman so he could have come if he qualified academically, which I think he did. It could be that he thinks another year will raise his recruiting stock. Who knows? It's interesting to see the recruiting conversation and who is most excited about guys coming in. I had higher expectations for de Sousa. Also, Reece Brooks Juco numbers are pretty crazy. We'll see how that translates.
  26. Recruiting - 2018

    Bummer. I'm visiting family in Europe so just saw this. He was one of the guys I was most excited about.
  27. 2019 Danes

    I am just nervous because of the TD bull!!
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