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  2. Montana paid us, I believe 90k. Stephen F. Austin paid a small guarantee.
  3. Jimbo There have been games in the past not returned. Would think those were quaranteed. Montana. A game in Texas. I don't remember the school are 2 that I remember as 1 game.
  4. Yes, I remember the Ithaca game at Bleecker Stadium. Great ending!
  5. Brother and sister in law went to Cortland. Got to go twice fun game, crazy weekend.
  6. I remember some final along those lines....something like 51-0 at the half.
  7. I don’t want to start another thread, but thought I would mention another name from the past with Albany ties. Al Bagnoli, who coached here and got his masters at UA....currently the winningest coach at any level....currently turning Ivy League doormat Columbia into a respectable program. I was also wondering, is there a Bob Ford coaching tree out there some place?
  8. Yep I played in that game, Starting Corner, usually left side. 73-6 if I remember correctly.
  9. Much of that was during the time I was living out of the area so I do not remember those games.
  10. I remember it well, although I watched it on TV, not at Bleecker. My only UA Bleecker experience was the $iena beatdown.
  11. Actually when I arrived at UA in 1979, they were still talking about the Ithaca game which was in 1978. Ithaca was undefeated, the game played at Bleeker Stadium, and ABC broadcast the game. Dario Arango from the soccer team booted a 45 yd FG at the gun to win 9-6.
  12. Memories, where would we be without them. Does anyone remember when UAlbany played Ithaca at Blecker Stadium in 1975?
  13. We played Cortland eighteen times, all but one year between 1976 and 1994. We were 8-10
  14. Capital Cup - Volleyball goes to the UAlbany Women. (3-0)
  15. Yes it is huge. I do not recall Cortland ever being on the Schedule. Ithaca yes.
  16. These companies ALWAYS give a financial contribution to schools who use their uniforms - their 'stuff' gets advertised by every kid at every game. CAA is not small stature any more - it has been called the top FCA league inthe country for years, and as a school we have several teams who have given the school visibility by appearances at the NCAA tournaments several times over the last years, some going back a dozen years. Obviously not on the level of the Power 5 Schools in FB or major colleges in Basketball, but pretty high profile in some other sports, Field Hockey, men's Lacrosse, men's and women's basketball. Many of those games are now televised. I think companies see the advertising possibilities. Just me two cents.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Does anyone know what the Under Armour relationship means besides uniforms? Benson mentioned financial contribution but I find it hard to believe that we’d get a financial contribution given our small stature.
  19. So, 50 people were bused back to campus out of 1000 but it's a UAlbany party. When is the TU finally gonna go out of business?
  20. Where are the students? Does the T-U provide an answer? Well, it's been a while since the last "UAlbany students are here to party" story. Surprised they didn't mention Kegs & Eggs. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Two-counties-two-huge-UAlbany-related-parties-14550378.php For the unsubscribed, two 1000-person parties, one in Menands and one in Chatham, Saturday afternoon while the game was on. Broken up early, no arrests, but no research on how many were from Albany or from other places. Eighteen police agencies responded to an unsanctioned party in a warehouse parking lot in Menands at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, where police believe up to 1,000 people attended. Around the same time, residents in the area of Clark Road in Chatham reported a huge house party. The Columbia County Sheriff's Office responded at 5:40 p.m. and also found up to 1,000 people, many of whom were UAlbany students who had been bused to the rental property some 40 minutes south of campus.
  21. Under Armour relationship off to a great start...
  22. The Kelly article....... UAlbany men's basketball 'optimistic' Anderson will play this season
  23. Hope this is true for JoJo, he hasn't had the easiest road medically!!
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