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  2. Rittenburg of ESPN reports Pete Rossomando to Rutgers as O-Line coach. He’s 65-47 as head coach at New Haven and CCSU since leaving Albany in 2008
  3. This post held up well. Monmouth just beat Iona to move into second place in the you-know-what MAAC.
  4. Cremo nichols leave...

    I'm sure I'm in the minority but I didn't blame Cremo and Nichols that much for not winning while they were here. We never filled in around them with talent of a similar caliber. It takes more than two guys.
  5. Should be an interesting game for Hank. He's been playing against a lot of undersized AE bigs who shoot from 3 and he hasn't gotten a ton of minutes. Stony Brook has more of a traditional big guy that he can battle with down low (hopefully.)
  6. Cremo nichols leave...

    Me thinks he does.
  7. 2019 Danes Part II

    Colgate scrimmage is now away.
  8. Cremo nichols leave...

    When it came down to crunch time. 2:45 Joe Cremo Turnover. 50 - 50 2:21 Trae Bell-Haynes missed Layup. 50 - 50 2:21 Joe Cremo Defensive Rebound. 50 - 50 2:19 Foul on Anthony Lamb. 50 - 50 2:19 Joe Cremo missed Free Throw. 50 - 50 2:19 Anthony Lamb Defensive Rebound. 50 - 50 1:52 Anthony Lamb Turnover. 50 - 50 1:46 Albany Timeout 50 - 50 1:38 David Nichols Turnover. 50 - 50 1:38 Anthony Lamb Steal. 50 - 50 1:29 Vermont Timeout 50 - 50 1:13 Foul on Mike Rowley. 50 - 50 1:13 Anthony Lamb made Free Throw. 50 - 51 1:13 Anthony Lamb made Free Throw. 50 - 52 0:51 Foul on Kurt Steidl. 50 - 52 0:51 Joe Cremo made Free Throw. 51 - 52 0:51 Joe Cremo made Free Throw. 52 - 52 0:39 Payton Henson made Layup. Assisted by Trae Bell-Haynes. 52 - 54 0:39 Foul on Devonte Campbell. 52 - 54 0:39 Payton Henson made Free Throw. 52 - 55 0:31 Albany Timeout 52 - 55 0:17 Foul on Joe Cremo. 52 - 55 0:17 Joe Cremo Turnover. 52 - 55 0:17 Anthony Lamb Turnover. 52 - 55 0:17 Mike Rowley Steal. 52 - 55 0:10 David Nichols missed Three Point Jumper. 52 - 55 0:10 Vermont Defensive Rebound. 52 - 55 0:10 Foul on David Nichols. 52 - 55 0:10 Trae Bell-Haynes missed Free Throw. 52 - 55 0:10 Vermont Deadball Team Rebound. 52 - 55 0:10 Trae Bell-Haynes made Free Throw. 52 - 56 0:07 Joe Cremo missed Three Point Jumper. 52 - 56 0:07 Greig Stire Offensive Rebound. 52 - 56 0:02 Greig Stire missed Layup. 52 - 56 0:02 Anthony Lamb Block. 52 - 56 0:02 Albany Offensive Rebound. 52 - 56 0:01 Foul on Anthony Lamb. 52 - 56 0:01 David Nichols missed Free Throw. 52 - 56 0:01 Albany Deadball Team Rebound. 52 - 56 0:01 David Nichols made Free Throw. 53 - 56 0:01 David Nichols missed Free Throw. 53 - 56 0:01 Vermont Defensive Rebound. 53 - 56 0:00 End of Game
  9. Cremo nichols leave...

    I personally don't care if they have degrees from UAlbany. UA gave them athletic scholarships with the understanding that they would give four years worth of basketball on the court to UA. They only gave 3. AND, if all rumors are true, blind sided the program. There is no doubt that Brown knew they were graduating (the staff is very involved in their academics, grades, etc.)...but if they were stand up men they should have told Brown 'hey, you know I'm graduating soon...and I'm leaning towards transferring for my graduate season'...in like November/December...not March/April. Again, if the rumors are true (and I believe they are). *In shark tank voice*....annnnnnnd for that reason I'm out. I will never regard them as some of UA's most talented. They will never be on UA's Mount Rushmore or whatever equivalent we want to use. To me they are more Will Harris and less Jamar Wilson. In a decade or two, no one will remember who Will Harris was...or who Joe Cremo was. If you want to know why this topic pisses me off it's because of the state of the team currently. They are direct cause of it. I still think our future is fine, but this season was a loss because of them. If we had them, it's unlikely we would have won the AE title, but we wouldn't be sitting at 5-14 that's for sure.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Cremo nichols leave...

    I think its the way they did it, not telling the coach til the end. Essentially leaving them in the lurch. Its just a guess . I wish them the best, truly do!!!!! But I will never have a good taste in my mouth about it. It's like leaving your wife when she is pregnant. Lol
  12. Can there be odds for the impossible?
  13. Cremo nichols leave...

    Up 9 with 7 minutes left.... Imagine the narrative change if that goes differently
  14. Cremo nichols leave...

    I still don't see it as throwing away a legacy. I see it as taking a chance at the opportunity of a lifetime, and something incredible for a resume. He is a UA alumni. He graduated. So did Nichols. They will forever be remembered for what they were: Great talents at UA that were never able to get over the hump and win a championship in Purple and Gold before they graduated. That's it. No reason to hate.
  15. Cremo nichols leave...

    They ain't wrong. Kid threw away his UA legacy. I wonder if he regrets it.
  16. I concur, Stony Brook is looking to stay with Vermont. I expect "take no prisoner" approach by Stony Brook .
  17. 2019 Danes Part II

    I think it is both, but in our last two NCAA defeats , at least to my semi trained eye, I would say we were physically outmatched at some positions. So iml8e the fact that we are bigger. i will definitely report in from Rutgers. i think they are making a day trip out of it. This will be Rutgers second scrimmage so they should be ahead of us. I know the team practiced inside today so I would expect us to pretty rough on some things, but it will be a good early test.
  18. Cremo nichols leave...

    According to the UMBC announcers they said Brown was 1000% shocked Cremo left. Then went on to throw a little shade and said he could have had his jersey in the rafters if he would have stayed 👍
  19. Cremo nichols leave...

    Honestly I haven't watched them play at all. Have seen Joe for like 3 actual in-game minutes and have seen ZERO Nichols. Just can't be bothered to care, they walked out on UA. I'm to busy breaking down KenPom to see when our first W will come...Hopefully next Wednesday against UNH. LOL...
  20. Cremo nichols leave...

    "Rooting" comes from somewhere inside. For better or worse - when I watch an FSU or Villanova game, I find myself rooting against Nichols and/or Cremo.
  21. I have what is probably a pretty ignorant question: but with the new shot clock aren't quickness and speed and endurance probably more important assets????? I guess if you have an extra 10-20lbs without losing any of the above, best of all? Also, looking/hoping for a report from you from Rutgers!
  22. Noticed on 2020 commits: A long way off; but INTERESTING he is from TD's school and rated 83 and being a 2020, I guess that makes him only a Junior now. Future @ FO looks bright? Regan Endres Victor Senior High School NY FO 2020 83
  23. Cremo nichols leave...

    Ahh, I only used VC as my point of reference which doesn't show when he red shirted at quick glance. And I forgot he had to sit at North Dakota. My mistake.
  24. Cremo nichols leave...

    I already pointed out this mistake earlier in the thread. He had to sit out when he transferred. He would have been a sr. Last year.
  25. Cremo nichols leave...

    Baker did redshirt when he transferred and had to sit. But it's true, he never redshirted at UA so would have not been on this team. Still the most talented freshman I ever saw at UA although Healey is giving him a run for his money.
  26. Cremo nichols leave...

    I went to the BC-FSU Game yesterday (one of the like, 600...man they get no one at Conte Forum). Nichols was being Nichols- no team ball, foul prone....shooting whenever he felt like it. I often forget that Ahmad Clark is basically a bit more than a rookie. While he takes some WILD shots at times...I will take him over Nichols any day of the week; He's a great kid...and a team player.
  27. Cremo nichols leave...

    Baker was on the 14-15 NCAA tournament team as a freshman. Baker Wheeler never red shirted.
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