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  2. They would have to pay me to attend women’s lax.
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  4. Kaloyeros Charged

    He really needs to go away for 5+ years. Probation and fines does nothing.
  5. Average high in Mid-Nov is 46, sunset at 4:30, so with sun tailgating and the first half could be warmer. With clouds/rain the crowd will be hurting
  6. Sunshine 🌞in November with a 330 PM start time is limited product ... Football schedule now has times posted .. Both November home games at 330 PM.... Could be cold that last game
  7. I believe there is a great need to promote attendance at women's lacrosse as well all women's sports.
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  9. 2018-19

    Healy and Clark
  10. 2018-19

    Anyone want to take a guess who the best perimeter shooters will be?
  11. Kaloyeros Charged

    Could be 20 years on each count, served consecutively
  12. Kaloyeros Charged

    Article I read said it was up to 60 years but they never get that. From the NY Post article I read: "Kaloyeros, who looked straight ahead as the verdict was read, faces as much as 60 years in prison when sentenced on Oct. 11." Also, the NY Post has a bunch of articles about Cuomo and the "Buffalo Billions" corruption scandel. https://nypost.com/?s=buffalo+kaloyeros
  13. Last week
  14. Kaloyeros Charged

    Googling federal penalties, it varies widely depending on the amount of fraud and the number of victims. Could be as little as a few months probation or up to $250K fine and 20 years, or more with aggravating circumstances. The false statement charge is up to $25K and five years. That’s why lawyers are negotiating. I wouldn’t expect anywhere near the max
  15. Kaloyeros Charged

    How many years in prison do these convictions carry..?
  16. Kaloyeros Charged

    the defense will be reviewing the trial transcript in order to identify areas that are ripe for appeal and prosecutors will establish their position on the sentences they recommend, which could amount to years in prison. It's possible... that prosecutors will approach Kaloyeros and the other convicted co-conspirators before sentencing to pursue potential cooperation agreements that could significantly reduce their sentences. Person Verdict Count Charge Alain Kaloyeros Guilty Count 1 Conspiracy to commit wire fraud Alain Kaloyeros Guilty Count 2 Wire fraud in connection with the Syracuse RFP Alain Kaloyeros Guilty Count 3 Wire fraud in connection with the Buffalo RFP Joseph Gerardi Guilty Count 1 Conspiracy to commit wire fraud Joseph Gerardi Guilty Count 2 Wire fraud in connection with the Syracuse RFP Joseph Gerardi Guilty Count 4 Making a false statement Louis Ciminelli Guilty Count 1 Conspiracy to commit wire fraud Louis Ciminelli Guilty Count 3 Wire fraud in connection with the Buffalo RFP Steven Aiello Guilty Count 1 Conspiracy to commit wire fraud Steven Aiello Guilty Count 2 Wire fraud in connection with the Syracuse RFP
  17. Kaloyeros Charged

    I think it's all the buildings and technology in those buildings that they built with borrowed money. I have a friend who works in the industry and we chatted about this a while back and he was telling me exactly how much the equipment and buildings and clean rooms cost. It's crazy. I could see how it would be easy to spend that much but very stupid to build so much debt.
  18. Kaloyeros Charged

    When I spoke to our President at the lacrosse finals, the idea of nano coming back was a ship sailed mentality. Maybe he was playing coy. Who knows. But unless the debt is relieved by the State, no rational admin would take that on in a time period where state funding is decreasing. How the hell did nano take on so much debt. Wow, just silly.
  19. Just out of curiosity...I looked and Coach M's personal info is on her official Bio.
  20. Kaloyeros Charged

    I think I read that Poly is carrying $55 million in debt (construction and equipment loans) and if it reverted, Albany would have to pick up that debt.
  21. Kaloyeros Charged

    rational point ... we can hope ... keep the calls, editorials, etc. coming
  22. All the freshman are [or were] on campus and working out!! Those guys are not on the roster. Everyone else now is, including all new comers. All I'm saying.
  23. Kaloyeros Charged

    I wonder if the convictions change anything? If SUNY Poly looks tarnished would they try to get rid of it by rolling it back into the SUNY literally across the street. 20 feet or so away...
  24. Kaloyeros Charged

    Despite that - all interested parties should still make their feelings known to those in senior policy making positions ... same goes for the LCC contract!
  25. Kaloyeros Charged

    agree 100% with everyone about the appropriateness/desire to return Nano to UAlbany ... it makes all the sense in the world/should never have left ... I spoke with Dr. Rodriguez at the pregame party for NCAA Final Four and asked him about a possible return of CNSE to UA and he responded without hesitation, "It will never happen" ... certainly wish the response was different: that there was a chance, early talks with the governor/SUNY central, etc. ... unequivocal no
  26. I got your point and I also know that the school regularly effs up the roster for football for unknown reasons. Maybe take in some air instead of capitalizing words and using punctuation to prove you are right. For the record, camp hasn’t begun Carry on. 🤦‍♂️
  27. The point is that he is NOT on the roster! AND as far as I know ALL of the kids are in camp!
  28. Not sure, but to your point, Serbin is definitely coming based on just watching his feed on Twitter. Posted the CAA best conference ranking and changed his profile from “Ath” to “WR” this week. So, he’s in. I also don’t think it’s a walk on thing with him. This could be a kid who sneaks up on us and becomes a player to watch.
  29. It's different, but it's watchable for me.
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