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  2. I suspect Will Brown and Colleen Mullen are working hard to come up with a limited non conference schedule that will test their respective teams prior to the conference games. The questions that I have are: When will the America East announce the conference schedule for men's and women's basketball? (I am hoping prior to Columbus Weekend) When will UAlbany announce the non conference schedule for men's and women's basketball? (I am hoping for early October) When will there be an announcement if fans will be allowed in the stands? Opinion: Currently, I do not feel safe visiting the UAlbany campus for an athletic event however; I believe the UAlbany administration is making every effort to control the COVID-19 spread. I am hoping when 11-25-2020, the opportunity to attend an athletic event will be there. Questions - concerns - thoughts
  3. Hopefully with NCAA guidelines now in place... the CAA will announce their plans for the late winter - spring season. I like to see something in early November 2020. With eight games allowed, I see a conference only schedule.
  4. Just to give some context as to how much of an athletic freak he is, when Donald had his combine, Kam Chancellor had just come off an all-pro, superbowl winning season at safety...
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  7. Not sure where to put this, but this could get UVM in SERIOUS hot water. No good.
  8. Jack Nichtern, A/M from Massapequa, recently committed. His brother is the star on Army right now.
  9. Ugh...Knicks haven't played since March? And what does that have to do with UA conference only schedule?
  10. They will be the 23rd last team in the tournament (knocked out in R32) Lamar Stevens will be the 23rd pick in the draft Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  11. Everytime I’m feelin myself a little too much I check the Knicks box score to bring myself back to down to Earth. Or hell. Whatever. Kodi nox
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  13. The problem here is that we are trying to use common sense and logic when it comes to these issues. Common sense and logic have little to do with it when the driving factors are fear, partisan politics and the almighty dollar. Compound that with a healthy dose of CYA, hysteria and misinformation. Basically everyone is making it up as they go along.
  14. Can we open practices NOW? At least for those programs and athletes following all pandemic guidelines. Of the 40 or so {or is it 80 or 120--The county keeps reporting different figures}; I believe only 4 or 6 or other SMALL number are confirmed covid infected athletes. Even if my numbers are wrong {nearly impossible to get anything accurate --"personal privacy issues".}, the %ages of affected cases at UA well below guidelines. The Big Ten having a fall football season; and the numbers in the Midwest FAR exceed New York.
  15. I Googled this and did not find anything UA related? What exactly am I looking for? Someone named Doc Benson involved in a massive opioid scheme?
  16. I hope they do not lose previous commitments, payments, donations and rollover tickets. Also "POINTS" history important for parking and other benefits. Not trying to be negative, but just with so much up-in-the air and unknowns, does not seem a great time to be making changes?
  17. Based on my reading of the NCAA announcement, UAlbany could play 18 game conference schedule (10 teams in AE), 7 game non conference schedule followed by the America East Conference Championship Tournament ....does this sound right? Thoughts....
  18. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/29900866/sources-ncaa-college-basketball-season-start-nov-25
  19. Big 10 reversing course gives me some hope that common sense will start to come back as part of the decision making process.
  20. I heard from Justin Brown that the ticket office is undergoing a software update with a new company.
  21. What is there to say. And, he's doing a fabulous job on the topic. Google Benson and Doc for a youtube video. He's on the ball..
  22. Has Benson suspended this blog also? Nobody has anything to say? Haven't seen a single comment since Sunday.
  23. I agree we should punish the offenders and not all athletes (to bring it back on topic).
  24. My point was not to praise Cuomo. He certainly made his mistakes with the covid crisis. Not to name names or get political; but he handled the crisis far better than the leader/s in the White House and by the looks of things, far better than most other governors across the country. The crisis is/was pretty much un-precedented and everyone stumbled their way through it; including people in power, medicine and the public in general. But I digress: My point is we have learned, data and best practices dictate: masks, social distancing, testing, tracing and isolation are our best defenses until medicine and vaccines catch-up. Some people still seem to doubt these defenses or refuse to follow out of ignorance or personal freedom issues or {readers free to choose a reason for non-compliance}. Many college students think they are invincible, would rather party then get an education or play sports. Maybe they are just being youthful rebels, we've all been there. But society has rules and laws to protect the general public for the good of ALL. Those rebelling or just being stupid or refusing to follow such rules, need to face the consequences. My point in this long winded tirade is, punish the violators NOT EVERYONE. In New York we have reached a point and the data supports this that MOST people ARE following the proper protocols. In NY which UA falls into, MOST have suffered {some more than others} 7+ months of this covid pandemic and have made sacrifices and followed the rules to reach a point where we can/have gotten this thing under control {data proven}. It is NOT OVER, but we certainly reached a point where MOST PEOPLE following the rules, should NOT be punished for the digressions of a few IDIOTS {readers feel free to replace/ignore this adjective.}
  25. Cuomo admittedly did a decent job on the phased reopening (other than being a giant Stony Brook canoe on this advisory - when other states wanted to ban NY'ers he screamed it was unconstitutional but now it's okay for him to do it) but the guy completely dropped the ball in the beginning with his BFF De Trashio and the NYS DOH official who were tweeting and telling people to continue to enjoy themselves, see a broadway show, etc. and then with his handling of the nursing home fiasco (which, IMO, = blood on his hands). Then you have the hospital fiasco in NYC where he needed a large hospital ship and tented hospital built; both of which he barely used (if at all). Oh, and then the whole ventilator thing where he could have bought them years ago, etc. Cuomo is a loser, through and through. Easily the worst governor NY has had in decades (or rather, in my lifetime as an teen/young adult/adult (which is about 20 years). Don't break your arm patting that moron on the back; he doesn't deserve it.
  26. Silly - they can be tested to make sure they do not have the virus, temperatures taken etc etc etc..!
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