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  2. Fort Lauderdale is a tank---more minutes please.
  3. Took the words out of my mouth... We could have been 7-4 is an absolute and complete lie and revisionist history at its finest. They looked like GARBAGE all season... Anyone saying now after a desperation win that they were close this or competitive is an ABSOLUTE LIAR! My tickets will not be renewed. I may go to a game or two early... If they show promise, otherwise I'll save my money. They don't deserve my 4 season tickets and donation on top of that.
  4. Lol... Two year of its not as bad as it seems as they continue to accelerate the losing. So in short he can go winless next year, play close games and it's all good... Just keep collecting the paycheck. It's an absolute lie that they could have easily been 7-4...they were outclassed and were lucky to win the two ooc games. They were aweful and complete trash all season. Top to bottom...
  5. I'm sorry if you took it as a knock on you because it absolutely was not. I just found the situation itself funny. I apologize if you took it any other way.
  6. Today
  7. I will always root for Albany in all sports and hope they win every game. However the state of the football team is abysmal. I hate all these "we lost all these games by 7 points or less OR we could have been 7-4" THAT IS COMPETELY AND UTTERLY BS. A famous coach said "you are what your record says you are". That's the truth and a fact ! Nothing more or less. I am 100 percent cancelling my season tickets and if I feel like it cherry pick a couple of games. I truly dont believe I'm being a fair weather fan. Think about what the atheltic department has done over the years. (Ex , seat cushion..ect) and the terrible management of the program . They dont deserve my money. I would never tell anyone else what to do with their money but if you agree I suggest you cancel your tickets with me.
  8. Now back to recruits. Several lineman have been offered recently. I thought they would offer more toward the end of the season and they are. At least a couple of JUCO guys, just like last year. They also are looking at a few FSB transfers again.
  9. Still gotta be positive. I actually PLAYED at the school and have purple in my blood! It kills me more than most of you when they do poorly. Does no good to just attack the coaches constantly. Especially when you KNOW he will have at least one more year to improve. AND again they easily could have been 7 - 4 this year. I know it is the second year in a row but it is what it is. Things happen that are beyond the control of the coaches or the players. All is not as bad as some of you think it is. Sorry but I will continue to be positive.
  10. What will it take for you to face the music that is Gattuso?
  11. After 48 years of following UAlbany Football, I have taken this season too seriously... so I take your comment with a grain of salt.
  12. I have seen a lot of freshman play the last couple of weeks, Odekoven had a lot of reps at WR, I saw kids on special teams and Joe Casale getting reps, lots of freshmen have gotten game position experience and have also played on special teams - thanks to the new rule - they still all have 4 years left. Undercuffler played well the other day. Burns has not played. I see him likely leaving, who know. If not they could both see time next year. OR they could sign one or mor JUCO QB's and have a competition. I underestimated Undercuffler's speed. Thought he was slow as heck but he showed soemthing yesterday. I will always try to be positive while STILL venting when I see things that I think could be done differently or better. https://wnyt.com/news/week-10---danes-have-bright-future-with-talent-waiting-in-wings/5149291/?cat=13334
  13. Well said. As we all know great QB's make good coaches. We have been looking for a QB for a while. 5 different ones in 5 years - not good.
  14. Time to stop putting words in my mouth. As I have told you here and privately, I prefer to be positive and look for positives.
  15. I liked what I saw from Undercuffler the end of the season. If they can somehow fix the offensive line I could see him excelling but that is a BIG if. It can happen though. Look at the NY Giants, they picked up a new RG and it has changed their whole offensive line play and the last two games Eli has had time, played well, ran the ball well and they won. You never know what can happen next season. Do I trust Gattuso to get it done? Absolutely not but if they improve that line, I think Undercuffler has the skill to be good in this conference. None of the others you've mentioned showed what Undercuffler showed the last several games. He has a good arm and mostly makes good decisions. We will see.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I'm sure you're not... The next savior has arrived. Until he's not... Just like VT, Brunson, Sussman etc. And when this kid fails... In part because gg in year six still can't field a decent oline, you'll peddle the next savior. It's what you do... Move goalposts just like Benson and Gattuso. 5 year plan is now a 7 year plan. Should be upgraded to a 10 year plan next year. Question for you... What do you expect in terms of wins next year? What will it take for you to finally say, not good enough?
  18. Benson has said as much... One more year. Winning record in caa or kick rocks.
  19. It was doubtful any change would be made regardless of the outcome of the game.
  20. Recruiting - 2019

    Sounds like Gregg Stire, with offensive game. Love it.
  21. Recruiting - 2019

    Really appears to be a steal. https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/national-prep-showcase-friday-programs-that-should-feel-good
  22. Guarantee that Benson and Co will use this to not make any changes in the off-season.
  23. According to Committee Chair (Central Ark), SBU wasn’t even among the last three in. In fact, he said the CAA was insanely strong this year and full of parity. CAA six teams in is a record.
  24. 6 CAA teams in. Wow. SBU makes it. Head to SE mIzzu. If they win head to Utah to play Weber
  25. Looks a lot like Cremo & Nichols. Will go far if 1a & 1b can be consistent EVERY game, unlike 1b from past year. Also Campbell showing the O and Lauderdale --mea culpa.
  26. I saw pretty nearly every home game and watched many of the road matches streamed. Brook was by far the best team in the league this year; and the UA ladies played well yesterday; and DESERVE praise for a great effort and and overall excellent season. They are very young and only lose one senior, who will be VERY tough to replace. If coach MJ can find a libero even half as good as Otero, UA should be outstanding next season.
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