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  2. 2018-19

    Have to admit, very excited for the season to start, mostly because of the unknown . I will say this, that unless the transfers and upperclassman are wayyyy better , I would start at least 2 freshman if not 3 or 4. If Brooks or Clark does not hit the ground running then I would think Healy has a great shot to run the point . I know it will take shots away from him but we need someone out there and getting a freshman experience can only help later. Lulka looks to be a starter from everything I have heard. De Sousa appears to be a great get by Albany and as long as he adds a little (or a lot) of strength and understands the defensive assignments I would be shocked if he does not see major minutes. Lastly I have seen Rizzuto play and he appears wise beyond his years. I think will be a very good player at Albany and has the skills (to me) to play right away. (If not maybe a redshirt ) If Hanks develops I could see him really helping us down the line. Not sure about Nikola. Was going to be much better school (Conference) and they seemed to be high on him. Maybe he can help right away. I think he will be 20 years old soon so I can't see a redshirt coming his way. Would be curious to see what people think our starting 5 will be out of the gate.
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  4. Recruiting - 2018

    He's here, on campus and with team...
  5. Recruiting - 2018

    Right. Coach Brown said on 104.5 just last week that there would be 6 freshman this year, 3 redshirts from last year,Rissuto , De Sausa , and __________. My guess is that it was Nikola. But maybe this has change once again.
  6. Recruiting - 2018

    Unless something has changed, he is coming to Albany.
  7. Recruiting - 2018

    Maybe I'm rushing things but I'm curious that Nikola Jerotić isn't on the roster. That Verbal Commits post a few weeks ago was the only report of him coming to Albany.
  8. Recruiting - 2019

    We've also offered 6'6 SG/SF Indrek Sunelik. https://future150.com/hs/basketball-profiles/indrek-sunelik-sg-leeds-al-2019
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  10. I haven't heard any specifics about the project (other than something is in the works) so don't know if that just means sprucing up the current locker room or a new facility. Galloway has definitely injected a lot of enthusiasm down there. One of the reasons I keep banging on the we need to more aggressively market this program.
  11. Not all schools are fully funded (i.e 12.6 scholarship level). That is the maximum number a team can extend, but some schools do not have a budget for that many. I recall at one point there was a laxpower thread that listed the believed number of scholarships at each school. Thankfully UA and most schools are fully funded but some of the schools that traditionally have not been very competitive have a lack of scholarships as a very large reason for that. As far as the locker room is concerned, they had a major renovation in 2007 that included very nice wooden lockers for each player, I am kind of suprised they are looking to redo them again, however having been inside the Syracuse facilities I have seen how nice they can be— Cuse even has a custom ventilation system in each locker for the player’s gloves. If UA is going to upgrade, I would prefer them to take their time and do some serious fundraising to build a new facility. Something like Galloway’s got under construction at J’ville would be a definite boost to recruiting. Player’s spend a ton of time in the locker/film room, the quality of them really matters. https://www.bizjournals.com/jacksonville/news/2018/05/16/1-8-million-lacrosse-facility-coming-to.html
  12. Agree completely. ALL schools have the same 12.6 scholarships too. [ I think]
  13. Recruiting - 2020

    Updated: UAlbany Men's Roster 2020-2021 Name Position Height Weight Year Status Brent Hank C 6'10" 245 RJr. Returning Sasha French PF 6'11" 215 RSr. (JUCO) Returning Adam Lulka PF 6'8" 240 RJr. Returning Malachi de Sousa SF 6'5" 200 Jr. Returning Nikola Jerotić SF 6'7" 215 Jr. Returning Cam Healey PG 6'2" 185 RJr. Returning Antonio Rizzuto PG 6'3" 180 Jr. Returning Free Scholarship (Clark) Free Scholarship (Brooks) Free Scholarship (Lauderdale) Free Scholarship Free Scholarship Free Scholarship Possible Signings Position Height Weight Year Status Shane O'Dell** SG 6'4" - Fr. Offered Jayden Stone**** SG 6'3" 175 Fr. Offered Noah Hutchins** PG 6'0" 160 Fr. Offered Possible Departures Reason Departures Reason Ahmad Clark Graduated Nick Fruscio Graduated Reese Brooks Graduated Kendall Lauderdale Graduated
  14. Recruiting - 2019

    Updated: UAlbany Men's Roster 2019-2020 Name Position Height Weight Year Status -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brent Hank C 6'10" 245 RSo. Returning Kendall Lauderdale PF 6'8" 240 RSr. (JUCO) Returning Sasha French PF 6'11" 215 RJr. (JUCO) Returning Adam Lulka PF 6'8" 240 RSo. Returning Malachi de Sousa SF 6'5" 200 So. Returning Nikola Jerotic SF 6'7" 215 So. Returning Phillip Flory SG 6'5" 195 Jr. Returning Ahmad Clark PG 6'1" 170 Sr. (JUCO) Returning Reese Brooks PG 5'9" 170 RSr. (JUCO) Returning Cam Healey PG 6'2" 185 RSo. Returning Antonio Rizzuto PG 6'3" 180 So. Returning Free Scholarship (Campbell) Free Scholarship (Miller) Nick Fruscio PG 5'10" 155 Sr. Returning Possible Signings Position Height Weight Year Status -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isaiah Jones** PF 6'8" 240 Jr. (JUCO) Offered Mitch Doherty** PF 6'7" - Fr. Offered Trey Hutcheson** SF 6'5" - Fr. Offered Sam Baker** SG 6'4" 170 Jr. (JUCO) Offered Marvens Petion** SG 6'6" 200 Fr. Offered Gerald Drumgoole** PG 6'5" 195 Fr. Offered Greg Dolan** PG 6'3" 170 Fr. Offered --------------------------------- Going Elsewhere ------------------------------------ Joseph Girard III** PG 6'1" 170 HS2019 Undecided but we have no shot/not in his top 5 Isaiah Stevens** PG 5'10" N/A HS2019 Colorado State Jarod Lucas** PG 6'3" 170 HS2019 Oregon State August Mahoney** PG 6'2" 165 HS2019 Yale Possible Departures Reason ---------------------- Departures Reason ---------------------- Devonte Campbell Graduated Rayshawn Miller Graduated
  15. Still surprised that the Canadian spigot hasn't been more with Coach Thomson on board.
  16. A few of us heard this too. Evidently he got hurt on that one series where Brunson came in...but he was stinkin up the joint before that so I don't think 'hurt' is the reason why he blew big chunks on saturday...but I'm hoping home game #2 is better for him.
  17. Wait a minute. I thought Lacrosse took in 400K last season!!!!!!!!!
  18. Great post. What concerned me the most with the Morgan State game was the incessant deep throws. Whether any of our QB's throw it in the air for a 60 yd TD or one of our playmakers, which we have a few of, takes a 6 yard slant to the house it still counts as six points. We have playmakers and the aim ought to be to find higher percentage ways to get the ball into their hands, especially when plan A is a total disaster. I am not as familiar as some with the makeup of our roster, but there are definitely some very good players on it so the recruiting definitely hasn't been a disaster.
  19. Heard just some of Gattuso on the radio today, praising Stark's punting and placekicking. Said VT had had a terrific week of practice, and Morgan St should've been vulnerable to the deep pass (single coverage with a big pass rush) but VT just had off day, maybe nerves with a home crowd. He was going to give him a mulligan. Didn't hear him mention defense. He said St Francis has a good defense, their HC Chris Villarial was twice All-Pro Offensive Lineman in eleven seasons with the Bears and Bills Then at 6:30 Wyland said VT was banged up and Brunson was practicing with the first team.
  20. Last week
  21. Damn, some serious lax fundraising needs to be a started ASAP
  22. I’ve got no idea what the situation is, but the young lady has a public Facebook page and gives no indication of being anything other than a UA athlete. There’s a post from yesterday which appears to be on campus. So who knows? I have little confidence in the folks updating the website.
  23. I was talking with one of the starting defenders, and while I am sure you are correct about budget constraints, one of the reasons hiring Maloney was a plus, besides being a former player which has been our M.O., is the MLL experience with the shot clock. My initial hunch was that they would go after Tim Cox, no idea if they did or not, just based upon him being a former player, VA, and his recent DI experience at Robert Morris. Personnel wise, I actually think the defense will be in good shape to handle the rule changes. IMO Stone was one of the most under appreciated poles in the country, but we will have great continuity and even more size with Flip as the starting third pole. We'll lose offensive punch with Troy leaving, but will be bigger with Gleason(assuming he is the front runner) as the LSM. I understand that two of the freshmen have been outstanding on defense so overall this will be the biggest and most athletic defense that I can ever recall in Dane history. Our weakness on defense last year was teams exploiting midfield dodges, and with the new rules I imagine we will see more of that. No clue on how we will attack it, but there will be 4 poles out there all the time who have the athleticism to press out and make it difficult for teams to get quality looks in 60-70 seconds. I think the biggest hole is going to be replacing McClancy and to me the most unsung Dane of last year's team Josh Eagan.
  24. Just a little info on the coaching staff. The biggest reason why we have the staff that we do is the lack of funding for what amounts to the 2nd assistant. I won't get into specifics but you can see what I mean if you look up the salaries on SeeThroughNY. Merrick getting bumped up to what Liam was making essentially made it impossible to attract a seasoned DC. I would have loved to see them get Craig McDonald, who is the current DC at UMass, but I am sure he is making more than 40K which is about all we had to offer. I am very nervous about this team on defense now. I hope Maloney does great things and there are numerous examples of young people doing amazing things in the coaching ranks -- look at OU's football coach Lincoln Riley. However, unless they add to the budget for the assistants we won't be able to attract anyone with a lot of experience.
  25. AWESOME. Once you get a taste of the big stage it is hard to get rid if. Hope this translates to GREAT play and confidence, maybe a chip on the shoulder too!!
  26. Definitely a younger overall staff, and as I would have assumed, it appears as if Coach Marr is more hands on this year. I have had a chance to be around some of the guys, and there definitely is something different this fall.
  27. Well something we can agree on, 205 are the best seats in the place!!
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