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  1. Yesterday
  2. New York athletes look for opportunities outside NY....PA and NJ athletes look for opportunities outside their home states.
  3. Absolutely, in the end, wins matter against quality opponents and avoiding embarrassing losses against "lesser" opponents.
  4. New Hampshire always over-ranked. Don't understand Delaware being ahead of us either. Nova and JMU I can see. BUT I don't think rankings mean much in the over-all scheme of things. We'll have to see what happens when the teams play.
  5. Just a general question in the recruiting line of thought: NY has almost as much population as as NJ and PA combined. Why does NY lag well behind those two states when it comes to D1 football talent?
  6. Has the makings of a great season for watching football 🏈 at Casey Stadium... Keep the fingers crossed!!!
  7. https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2020-preseason-top-25-bzbz as I mentioned in the other thread we play JMU, VU, and UD at home
  8. I’d say it’s about right for us. We lost a lot of productivity and have a lot of unknowns - especially the offensive line and wide receivers. That said: 1. I think Villanova might have the most talent in the conference. I think they return almost all of their starters from last year and JMU lost a lot of key players. 2. In my opinion, UNH is overrated every year but this year they don’t play Villanova or JMU so that might help them. 3. Delaware wasn’t that bad last year but their starting QB missed a lot of games and they lost some close games. They’re building great facilities so they’ll get great players but I don’t remember anything that warrants them being ranked so high. 4. I think we have the potential to be good but with so many unknowns, it’s too hard to say. Also, the schedule will be a challenge with Monmouth, UMASS, JMU and Villanova in consecutive weeks.
  9. "The University at Albany football 🏈 program was ranked 24th in the HERO Sports 2020 Pre-season FCS Top 25 poll announced Wednesday." Other CAA schools were ranked higher Nova, Delaware and New Hamphsire. James Madison was ranked 5th in the poll. Thoughts and concerns.
  10. 2020 Hero sports preseason top 25 ranks Albany #24. Three Missouri Valley teams on top. James Madison #5, Villanova #8, Delaware #15, New Hampshire #17. We play the first three of those at home. https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2020-preseason-top-25-bzbz
  11. Hey Ref! Your mother wears an army issue face mask! (Youngsters won’t get this one) Hey ref! Did that swab you had shoved up your nose hit your brain?!?! Come on ref! Fifteen yards for a high five?? Hey ref!! The coach was yelling for a sanitizer break before the clock hit zero!! Ilegal motion?? Cmon Ref! The nose tackle sneezed!!
  12. I'm diggin the last two. I'll definitely be using these! hahahaha Here's some others: Hey Ref! You're makin up calls like Cuomo makes up COVID numbers! Hey Ref! You're blowin calls like Cuomo blew the ventilator purchase! Hey Ref! You're balancing the fouls as well as Cuomo balances the budget! Okay, I'm done making it political again lol.
  13. "Hey Ref Fix your facemask, your missing a great game" "Hey Ref: Go back to quarantine!" That wasn't a foul, he was perfectly social distanced! I am sure you all can come up with some much better ones than me!
  14. Last week
  15. Ryan Mosesso, Noble And Greenough School, Dedham, MA, TE, 6' 5" 250 lbs. May NOT be an actual offer. Just interest. https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/ryan-mosesso/E6fV6ddeEemAzfp8ouYFiw/videos.htm
  16. “Coronavirus Forces 100K NY Small Businesses To Close Permanently” Small businesses, jobs, livelihoods, even nursing home residents... all non essential. How about we end the bull$iena so we all can enjoy some UA football this fall, with fans rocking the stadium. http://news.yahoo.com/coronavirus-forces-100k-ny-small-192934579.html?soc_src=community&soc_trk=ma
  17. Another great transfer -Thanks for posting. I was looking at him just yesterday saw that several coaches and our top two QB's were following him and he was following them. Mohamed Jabbie, 5' 11", 196 lbs., 40 between 4.4 and 4.5. Career at Rutgers - 2017 played 11 games, started 6 at WR; 2018 Played 6 games, three starts at WR; Played in 10 games, three starts at WR. All-Big Ten academic 2017 and 2018. How many WR we gonna have?? Got JUCO transfers. and I wonder how it will affect guys like Oedekoven who came on very strong the last 5 games last year? BUT giving Jeff some targets for sure.
  18. I'm okay with that. Refs better not screw it up or I will let em have it! lol jk. Maybe.
  19. I concur with your suggestion; based on Roger's comments last week, Mark Benson is waiting on further direction from the governor's office. I do not see any clarification until mid-June to the first of July for college sports, pro sports sooner. Everything is baby steps.
  20. Cuomo announces NY teams can start their training camps etc it appears in preparation for some kind of season. I got a feeling this upcoming year will be held but only with season ticket holders in attendance spaced out all over the gym and stadium.
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