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  2. Siena under investigation..

    Looks like Penn and Horn asked for a release as well.
  3. Spring game starts at 3:30. Women play Stony Brook at home at 12 [parking issues??] and the men's lacrosse game starts at 1. Not gonna get to the Spring game early!! Timing sucks!!
  4. Ierlan learns from rare off day
  5. Yesterday
  6. 18th and last seed in Tallahassee. Top six teams advance. Alabama and Furman are 1-2, host Fl. State is #7 May 7-9, Don Veller Seminole Golf Course & Club Teams: University of Alabama Furman University (Southern Conference) University of Arizona University of Washington Wake Forest University Vanderbilt University Florida State University Clemson University University of Georgia University of Tennessee, Knoxville University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Mountain West Conference) Kennesaw State University (Atlantic Sun Conference) University of Denver Coastal Carolina University (Sun Belt Conference) University of Missouri, Columbia College of Charleston (South Carolina) (Colonial Athletic Association) University of Richmond (Patriot League) University at Albany (Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference) at least there’s no “(NY)” by our name
  7. The system is just not working for some reason. They ARE aware of the issue!
  8. Siena under investigation..

    A few years ago when I frequented the LCC board in anticipation with the UA game, I remember reading Glen's posts. I don't know what that guy is on, but it's not healthy. And speaking of "being on something," after the last few years of miserable seasons, I wonder how much "weeding out" the LCC fanbase will experience this year in terms of season ticket sales.
  9. And yet they created a circus rather than pay the outstanding balance on patsos contact. So it is certainly fair to question their resources
  10. Their MBB budget is significantly higher than UA's as well...hence resources. Our MBB athletic budget is at 1.9million, theirs is at 3.1million. This is the only thing that concerns me.
  11. When asked my handicap, I usually just answer my swing, followed by my age and my golf sense
  12. Only upside I see would be an extra $150K if they bump him enough to keep up with Iona’s salary for Cluess - if they can afford it.
  13. For LCC , Mitch and Patsos both got them back to where they should be
  14. Recruiting - 2019

    Help them out! Submit the tweet. That's mostly how they stay updated.
  15. Groundbreaking

    Send him to GITMO! haha!!............................just kidding.
  16. I hear you. I've simulated a poor golf swing for many years.
  17. Roger seems to think Brown, very interested in $iena job. I can not possibly believe this to be true???? it would be a lateral move @ best. I do not see any upside for Brown. Am I missing something? Is Roger just throwing out "fake news" as some have suggested? Or does Brown really have an interest?????????
  18. Not working for me. Wont let me choose or buy tickets. Just keeps recycling to "my account" Playing phone tag with Nat.
  19. Awesome - thanks! Sadly, even a simulator wouldn't improve my game much if at all.
  20. NCAA selection show today at 5:30, the Golf Channel. Watch Party at Damien's, Campus Center West.
  21. Why is being alive a requirement? Wooden today is a better coach than Patsos and Mitch put together.
  22. That SB womens team is solid. 16-0 and half of the wins were against top 20 ranked teams. They play a tough schedule . Collision course with #2 Boston College (17-0) in NCAA.
  23. It seems like these coaching searches are opportunities for people to throw every name under the sun "into the mix." The Siena search seems like it has had everyone from Rick Pitino to James Naismith involved.
  24. At 12:00 Noon Casey Stadium .... Stony Brook ranked #1....UALBANY has eight game win streak on the line
  25. Times-Union reported on Will Brown's efforts to rebuild the team. Solid story... why is Wyland not focused on this story?
  26. Siena under investigation..

    I’ve heard that there are several high-level donors to Siena athletics that want Brown as their next coach.
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