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  1. Now we are working them with Frosh and Soph, with a smattering of Juniors and Seniors. Yikes. And the Frosh FO guy is killing UVM.
  2. My word. Who is that Albany player who just took a full shot to his chest from about 10 yards...on the 25 yard line. Ball never even made it to Colarusso.
  3. I'm listening to Lyles and Odom on CBS. Good interview.
  4. Welp. Dreams of a shutout are gone. Only took 28:34 (and a man-up) to give up a goal.
  5. How much do you all want to bet that Scottie had a "talk" with the team about letdowns and "any given game, any given result" based on the UMBC win last night.
  6. UVM is being simpy outclassed...and they aren't playing terrible defense. Scary thing is, I still don't believe we've played particularly well...careless with the ball, not moving, tough forced passes, etc.
  7. Lower bowl seats about 2000. Upperdeck (from the angle) seems to have at least 1/4 full out of the 2500 it sits. Could be more but the angle was odd. So, there is at least 2500 there...probably more.
  8. Tehoka looks like he's having his first real adversity (last few games) with the size and speed. He's not a one man show anymore, but I think he will adjust. He's just a freshman...and will be fine.
  9. Our man-up is truly garbage...and will come back to bite us one day. Every team has it's flaw...this is ours, and the staff needs to work on it, ASAP.
  10. jeesh. This no sound is killing me. I want game sound...not announcer sound. I want to see us pour it on to rest the starters and get the bench experience in the 2nd.
  11. Is Will Brown done for?

    I don't want to pick on UA 08 (he gets upset when I do that, so i will keep it to scrabble- Troll, hater of Brown, and delusional with his logic.