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  1. 2017-18 Season

    Cola was approved for all conferences. The America east has only approved it for hoops. Albany is one of two schools not offering cola. And clack, unless the rules have changed students aren’t cash strapped solely because of time constraints stopping hem from working. There are NCAA rules on what jobs they are allowed to have...pretty restrictive ones to stop booster activities. That part may have changed. I’m not sure. But your point remains. Not having COLA is a joke for UA..
  2. 2017-18 Season

    agree, the article doesn't say much. My comments are based on what i've been told by many close to the ADept and the school. You and I are, I think, on the same page. Lot's of crossed concepts across the board in the many posts but, I'd like to state the following: 1. The fact that our men's and woman's basketball programs have not given out COLA is a joke. Absolute disgrace. Recruits look at the whole package and, frankly, COLA is a part of it. We are talking 60-90k a year...max...combined. It shouldn't come to this...but that's a guarantee game. AD Benson needs to release those funds now because WE ARE falling behind the times. 2. Right now, we are somewhat getting (what I believe to be) a "hometown" discount for our assistant salaries. We have UA Alumni across the board on the men's side. This what makes the COLA situation all the more infuriating to me. Try getting solid assistants on the open market for the pool we have. Even another small increase would be nice. 3. SEFCU was built for DIII basketball. I should know, I was recruited with that building in mind. Is it a dump compared to many low-majors: NO. But with the Cross Center, UMBC's place, UVMs soon to be place (even if 4 years off), SBU's place, etc...we are falling to the back of the back. Sure, the scoreboard was nice...but the arena/lockerrooms need a major gut facelift. 4. Naming rights- LONG OVERDUE for SEFCU 5. Moving to a new conference: Pipe dream right now. We'd have to fly if we moved to the CAA. Heck, people clamor for a MAC move. Our football program is mid-pack in FCS budgets. Yep, 4 million is middle of the pack. Moving up the CAA for all sports moves our budget up at least 30% (to 28 million) if we are slumming it. Moving up to the MAC? Try adding $10 million to be truly competitive. So, in the end...until we see some major donations, including the endowment of scholarships, we are cash strapped. We are at the right level (AE/CAA) but we absolutely need to give more money to basketball and, to some extent, football. Start with COLA for basketball.
  3. 2017-18 Season

    Ironically, this just came out the other day. https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/03/17/local-college-coaches-what-they-make Glad to see Marr is getting paid well.
  4. 2017-18 Season

    This. People are clamoring for us to move into the CAA have absolutely ZERO idea on how tenuous the entire athletic budget is right now. The ADept is bleeding...badly. I'm actually shocked that we still have a baseball program.
  5. 2017-18 Season

    Mmmmm...even with COLA...no way we are in the bottom half. COLA is what, 3k a student? Now, if you are talking salaries of staff...different story. Completely underpaid. Base expenditures, top half of league. I've been completely underwhelmed by the Athletic Department expenditures, particularly on the operations front. Way too much corporate waste that should be spent on the program itself. The ADept needs to stop d@cking around with font changes on jerseys and failed marketing...YES...FAILED. Attendance is a disaster, in general, for all sports but lax. Put the money in the product...not ushers. We need SEFCU fixed...and we need the basketball operations budget juiced up to keep the Danes in the 1-2 spot in the league for per player expenses. So, I don't disagree with your premises...just not that failing to provide COLA has put us in the bottom half of the league. We spend nearly 1.9 million on hoops.
  6. Now we are working them with Frosh and Soph, with a smattering of Juniors and Seniors. Yikes. And the Frosh FO guy is killing UVM.
  7. My word. Who is that Albany player who just took a full shot to his chest from about 10 yards...on the 25 yard line. Ball never even made it to Colarusso.
  8. I'm listening to Lyles and Odom on CBS. Good interview.
  9. Welp. Dreams of a shutout are gone. Only took 28:34 (and a man-up) to give up a goal.
  10. How much do you all want to bet that Scottie had a "talk" with the team about letdowns and "any given game, any given result" based on the UMBC win last night.
  11. UVM is being simpy outclassed...and they aren't playing terrible defense. Scary thing is, I still don't believe we've played particularly well...careless with the ball, not moving, tough forced passes, etc.