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  1. UMBC

    Wow!! More hustle plays by UMBC in that sequence than UA had all year.
  2. UMBC

    13 turnovers for K State but zero points for UMBC off those TOs. That may be the difference.
  3. UMBC

    I saw that. I guess since Under Armor is UMBCs supplier, it didn't violate any NCAA rules.
  4. 2017-18 Season

    I am a Bball junkie when it comes to the first 4 days of NCAA tourney. I have watched at least 30 of the games thru today. Whether its a Power conference team or the mid-majors playing in the tourney, 2 things UA did not have all season are very apparent . I know we have discussed these before but the lack of athleticism and lack of 3 point shooters for UA compared to tourney teams is glaring. We have no big men who can run the floor. High seeds like Loyola- Chicago, Buffalo, even UMBC have them. And so many tourney teams have 4 guys on the floor who can shoot the three. We had Charles and Stire who never shoot any, Campbell who never should have shot any, leaving Cremo and Nichols only. Game is changing so CB has to change his recruiting to match the game. The old grind it out, methodical offense may not work anymore to beat the top teams and quarterfinal AE losses will continue. Just my observation.
  5. UMBC

    Love those "Shock the World" t-shirts UMBC are wearing! May be better than UA's "Why Not Us" tees they had in 2006 vs UConn.
  6. If UVM was the best competition the AE had to offer, I feel bad for the others. Won't be a fair fight.
  7. If we didn't throw the ball away on a bunch of occasions, we would have 15 goals by now. I guess we are expecting perfection every possession. Starters will be sitting by 10 min mark of 3rd I bet.
  8. 5 zip after one quarter. No hangover from the Maryland game.
  9. Thank TD for the Victor guys. Thats his high school.
  10. 2018 Bracket Challange

    Lest I remind you guys that our Danes beat UMBC 83-39 this season lol. Shows you how much thats worth.
  11. 2018 Bracket Challange

    This build up of a lead reminds me of UA/UCONN in 2006 but then we ran out of gas and UConn did have better offense than UVA does so UMBC has a chance. UA was up 12 with 11:20ish to go
  12. 2018 Bracket Challange

    Hate to be a homer, but I have always dreamed of UA being the 1st 16 seed to beat a 1 seed. Would rather not have another AE team do it even though it would give the conference great PR.
  13. 2018 Bracket Challange

    UB taking it to Arizona. They are a 13 seed. People were saying that if Vermont had won AE tourney, they may have been a 13. No way UVM is in same league as UB. UB should have been 11ish.
  14. I agree UA does not get the respect they deserve. We are not a "blue blood program" so people think we are a Loyola from 2012, flash in pan, will settle back to second tier once some solid guys graduate. We have been a solid program since 2007 but it's true we blew some chances in quarterfinal games, lost to Hartford in AE tourney, etc. We don't get the HS all-americans the blue bloods get (we do get top Indian players), so give Marr the credit for teaching these kids how to improve their game. We can shut all the nay-sayers up by winning a title. This is the year, with Fields, JD, Reh, McClancy graduating, we will be ok next year, but probably not championship caliber.