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  1. Any word on what will happen with the rest of their sports teams? I'd love to see them join the America East. Saves URI travel money and allows them to play their neighbors (UVM, UNH and Vermont). It also upgrades the overall profile of the America East. I'm crossing my fingers.
  2. Albany @ DePaul

    If you would of asked me a few months or even weeks ago I would of been excited about Raffa, Ambrose and Hastings starting in the 1-3 spots. Doesn't look that way but that could still change after we play the next few games with more reasonable and beatable opponents. I wonder what our record is in games where Gifford and Covington combine for 8+ points. I'm guessing pretty good. If they could combine to average 10 a game we would be set.
  3. Wow that is a very promising clip. I can only imanage the prep year will help him tremendously considering the talent level there.
  4. That is a pretty rough first four games. Who do folks think is the most vulnerable? I was at the upset at Delaware two years ago and hope to be there this year as well. Find an easy game for the final OOC game. It would nice to set a series with Georgetown, a game that in most cases we should win and would give us some visability in the DC area (lot of good players come out of suburban maryland).
  5. UMBC Postgame

    Despite getting down in the first half it was a good overall game. Can't really complain with four players in double figures (plus Iati with 9). I thought Hastings played a really good game. I'd take 10 points and 6 boards from Jerel anytime. UMBC is going to be tough. I was also really impressed by Turley....and all this playing time he is getting this year will help the team out so much next year when we need to replace the points lillis,Brent and Iati bring. Let's just hope UMBC gets knocked off in the tournament (although living in DC it would be is to see the championship game there).
  6. Contract negotiations

    It will be sad if they do not renew the contract with Siena. I think its a great game for the local community (who we need to buy tickets to other games). I agree with the other posters how a series with Buffalo would be a prime rivalry to establish (UMASS is a bit of a stretch at this point) and that would draw a good crowd in both locations. While Army has never been a basketball powerhouse they are one of the most recognized schools in the country and is what 80 miles away which makes for a great road trip for fans. Plus there are a ton of UA alums in the Hudson Valley. On a side note, I went to the UMBC game and was impressed by the UA turnout!
  7. Boy that sounds like a rough OOC schedule although I am happy that they will be playing at Delaware (only game within easy distance of DC). It was great being at Delaware two years ago when the Danes pulled off the upset! I wish they would put Georgetown on the schedule (a patriot league opponent who we should under most circumstances beat). I know Stony Brook had a series with them. Or maybe Towson although that would be a tougher match up most years.
  8. guard wise

    It is always great to see UAlbany on national tv. I agree that smaller line up features our five best players but how would we then compare to the size of the rest of the AE? 6'8, 6'8, 6'5 across the front court still sounds pretty good for our league i would think?
  9. Anyone know of a good source for getting 2 tickets to the Delaware game. Looking to make the drive from DC. I can't buy single game tickets on the delaware site and no tickets are on Delaware's craiglist. Would our athletic office have any/many tickets for this?
  10. Is tonight's game no longer at 7pm? I'm not getting the game on Fox or WCDB.
  11. Final Bracketbuster Predictions

    Living in DC I sure hope you are right about George Mason. It will be a tough game though.
  12. Harvard Win

    Great win. I will take any win on the road. Overall a very solid game with good three point shooting and hard work on the offensive boards. Our three leading scorers had great game and connolly and gifford had solid efforts down low. Bring on the Bonnies!
  13. Game Thread: Brown

    A big win today. I was happy to see that Brent Wilson had a strong game and that Connolly continues to improve. How was attendance today? On the ESPN boxscore is had it at just under 1900. If we can beat Harvard this week back to .500 and in good shape come conference play!
  14. Vermont

    Great win by UVM and for the America East. Extra sweet it was against Boston College. As a big east fan (Syracuse) it was nice to see the chip knocked off BC!
  15. Tonights Game

    I couldn't get the game on fox and had to go the kids on 90.9 as well. Sounded like a really good crowd that was into the game. Siggers and Lillis had great games and the big guys did well on defense and rebounding. I was really worried coming into the game that bucknell was going to keep pounding the ball into their center. Luckily, that didn't happen. It is hard to tell from listening to the game but I was wondering how our guys matched up physically when you looked at both teams in person? It seemed that lillis, siggers and jamar all held up in that department. Overall great home win! Bring on the Blue Hens.