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  1. Early weather forecast is rain/snow and mid upper 30s. Maybe they'll move it earlier. Our game against Canisius was supposed to be 7 pm and next week's Harvard game is the same. So apparently it's standard practice for week night games.
  2. Section 6 AR1 states that if the FO man has clear possession before the ball is checked away, he is awarded the face off. It also appears that some like to credit the FO to the team that gains offensive possession, but that is not a viable alternative.
  3. New Word Mark and Team store

    After 35 years of marriage my better half still refers to the place as Albany State so if I could find one of those old gems we’d be golden. But I agree, not exceptional and why bother except to generate more sales?
  4. Canisius coaches must have seen something because their initial trio of goals were basically carbon copies from what I could see. Once UA adjusted and the D began to engage the attacker earlier in their run, it ended. I mentioned the Canisius bench cheers before. One of their coaches would yell “goal on 3!” And immediately “123 GOAL!” By the whole team. It generated some noise from their side. I’ve never heard that before and thought it was good. Their team was whooping it up for a while until the reality of the situation set in and they could not slow down our attack. I didn’t see any chippy play or cheap shots. Everone see that bull rush by Tehoka? He looked like a boulder rolling down hill. Took out a couple of D men and the net.
  5. Just got back from the game. UA started out a step slow and shooting poorly. There was one rebound off the pipe that went past the center line. Coach called a TO and it was all over. They were scoring almost at will. The FO guy that started for Canisius had a good clamp and was a big dude. In the second half there was an out of bounds awarded to us and then the ref reversed it. Marr screamed at the ref and used a bad, but very popular term. Then he ragged on the ref for the rest of the game. He was justified. Not a big crowd...lots of old retired dudes like me. Not terrible weather...hot chocolate tasted great. I was behind the Griffs bench and they had some good cheers going...nice way to stay in the game. They were feeling pretty good up 4-1 and then the roof caved in on them. Could have been a worse butt whooping if Marr wanted it to be. Our #2 goalie does a good impression of a sieve.
  6. UMBC

    This is a rolling in the mud dog fight. What defense. And what lousy shooting.
  7. 2017-18 Season

    I was referring to a specific game with the “care” comment. Probably it’s better to say “if you aren’t upset, I’m not going to be upset.” I’m sure he cares, he just didn’t care to get upset if they were not.
  8. 2017-18 Season

    I got the feeling from listening to WB and watching his body language that he was exasperated with the team, the lack of fire and the lack of leadership. And I don’t blame it on him. There’s only so much a coach can do if players are unwilling to pick it up and run with it. Maybe this group was unreachable. There was one game where we were getting taken to the woodshed in the first half and he went in at halftime expecting to see chairs flying and players screaming at each other and ...... nothing. He pulls out a chair and sits down, crosses his legs and doesn’t say a thing. Basically if you don’t care I don’t care. People always talk about coaches losing teams, in this case I think the team lost the coach. Cremo was the only player out on the floor with any fire and emotion. Nichols was in a funk all season. Stire gave his all every night but was robotic and emotionless. Same with Charles. Nobody getting pumped up, getting in other players faces, nobody screaming in the huddle, nothing.
  9. Actually most of their highlights were UA scores.
  10. Not to be negative, but UVM has highlights and a recap up already and we’ve got crickets chirping.
  11. If you are really bored and going nuts due to the quiet, on YouTube there's a Stadium Crowd Sound Effects audio......even has BS cheers :-)