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  1. UMBC

    This is a rolling in the mud dog fight. What defense. And what lousy shooting.
  2. Is Will Brown done for?

    I was referring to a specific game with the “care” comment. Probably it’s better to say “if you aren’t upset, I’m not going to be upset.” I’m sure he cares, he just didn’t care to get upset if they were not.
  3. Is Will Brown done for?

    I got the feeling from listening to WB and watching his body language that he was exasperated with the team, the lack of fire and the lack of leadership. And I don’t blame it on him. There’s only so much a coach can do if players are unwilling to pick it up and run with it. Maybe this group was unreachable. There was one game where we were getting taken to the woodshed in the first half and he went in at halftime expecting to see chairs flying and players screaming at each other and ...... nothing. He pulls out a chair and sits down, crosses his legs and doesn’t say a thing. Basically if you don’t care I don’t care. People always talk about coaches losing teams, in this case I think the team lost the coach. Cremo was the only player out on the floor with any fire and emotion. Nichols was in a funk all season. Stire gave his all every night but was robotic and emotionless. Same with Charles. Nobody getting pumped up, getting in other players faces, nobody screaming in the huddle, nothing.
  4. Actually most of their highlights were UA scores.
  5. Not to be negative, but UVM has highlights and a recap up already and we’ve got crickets chirping.
  6. If you are really bored and going nuts due to the quiet, on YouTube there's a Stadium Crowd Sound Effects audio......even has BS cheers :-)
  7. Ughhh. Another toss away on a man up. Getting sloppy.
  8. Nope. No sound. Competition has picked up a bit today, eh Vermont?
  9. I was planning on coming, but just too sick to sit outside on this lovely day. So I’ll be cheering on the boys from home and hope you all have a great time and yell loud!!
  10. Is Will Brown done for?

    They make medications that can ease the pain. Seek help. Unless this a Russian troll trying to sow discord amongst Big Purple Fans...but if that’s the case we’ve REALLY hit the big time. Will Brown will stay as long as Will Brown wants to stay unless he strings together 2-3 losing seasons or there’s a scandal. Don’t see that happening. Best thing for DP to do is just delete this thread and send this troll packing.