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  1. 2018 Bracket Challange

    Go Herd! I never play brackets because it's fun to root for the dogs. Sorry Eli....
  2. Can I assume that the WNIT game will require a subscription and $?. It’s Ivy League Network. If so it’s probably to help out Penn’s nearly $11 billion endowment.
  3. No precip, High now 38, but steady strong winds gusting to around 30. Bring your snuggies!
  4. Upgrade

    Thanks DP. I like the new look. I also have had a terrible time trying to get photos pasted and it looks like there’s a facility for that now.
  5. I’ve got to think that UA and UVM players are used to cold weather lax. There’s a ton of NY and Canadian players too. It may slow things down some. It wasn’t exactly warm for the Drexel game and no sun to boot and the O was red hot from the get go. I think UVM has a fast paced attack as well. So if anything it may serve to slow things down a bit for both squads. If you believe home crowd size is a factor, it also may keep the crowd down. The last forecast I saw was for a high of 31. The bottom line for me is that unless the field is slippery it should not have much of a competitive advantage or effect for either team.
  6. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got nothing against Coach B and he's likely a fine man and good coach, but he was clearly out of his element as OC. Glad to see they could retain him.
  7. I can see this game being similar to the Cornell game. UVM has a good goalie and a stout defense, but UA should have a dominating advantage at the X. Of course the UVM defense and goalie have yet to see Fields, Reh, Patterson, Nanticoke and McClancy at once...or some combination of the same.
  8. The service guy at my Subaru dealer saw the GDAC magnet a few days ago and couldnt stop talking about how much he loves UA sports. He was thinking about driving down to MD but may have watched at the party.
  9. UMBC

    Maybe they need a new acronym instead of PIG.
  10. Marr said after the game that the big difference in the 4th was pace. MD plays much slower than UA and they were getting drawn down to that speed. So the picked up the pace of the attack and it worked.
  11. Terrible America East!

    Files? Malcom? Ray? Men? FL?
  12. UMBC

    Decent chance then for a tourney victory. Some folks look down upon that game, but if the choice is to have a chance at a win in a competitive game or being fed to the lions right off the crack, why not enjoy the experience? The lions will still be there on Thursday-Friday should you win.
  13. It was also nice that the refs let them play, no tricky tacky calls, no cheap shots. Just two terrific teams playing hard-nosed lacrosse. That was refreshing to see.
  14. I have to defer to our more knowledgeable laxperts....did UA make any adjustments to turn things around in the 4th or was it just a case of TD figuring out his opponent, getting hot and the O catching fire as a result? Nanticoke wasn't much of a factor on the stat board, but he did draw attention away from the other attackers. Only three players scored and none were named Tehoka.. So what does an opponent do now? Double all three? Can't do that.