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  1. Thomas Fleming‏ @Tomfleming77 Jan 25 MoreBlessed and honored to receive a PWO from the University of Albany! #GoGreatDanes #GREAT18 Didn't see this one before. DT - OG 6'2" 285 lbs
  2. Watched the interview with Patterson by the Baltimore Sun. Said the invert was a part of the game plan because of scouting report on Maryland. Makes sense too. Fields moved to out front and Patterson behind the net seems to work. he gets the SSM and Fields and Nanticoke continue to the get long stick. McClancy and Patterson will get the goals against a shorty!
  3. Can't dispute that. Spent time last night again looking at the teams they have played and THEIR records and who they have played. Looks like Vermont "'down scheduled" for the games prior to the league schedule. I just can't see it being a loss for us. I just don't want to get ahead of it. Our kids could be down after the huge win. Vermont will come in loaded for bear. HOPEFULLY IF they get down they will not start using dirty crap like U Mass did! Coach Marr has tried to "up-schedule' said he could not get other teams to play Albany. They all see it as a danger to their records I guess. That is what we are up against. needing other top teams on the schedule but them not wanting to play us!!!
  4. Just go to U Albany Sports page and open the Lacrosse link - should be able to access it from there.
  5. https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/03/11/no-1-ualbany-men-s-lacrosse-needs-to-keep-winning Nice read!
  6. Gotta be one of the worst games of the week!!!! What the.................???????????
  7. Nope none - I think there was a feed through ESPN though - at least a couple. Could be wrong but thought they were The cuse game was on ESPN3 but I think that's it. It was through the ACC I think. They must have a contract
  8. The UMass game was telecast through their league - maybe they do.
  9. Nope none - I think there was a feed through ESPN though - at least a couple. Could be wrong but thought they were
  10. Really - no idea at all. He is still listed on the coaching roster- Wrong - he still was a few days ago when I checked. Now he is off the list. Pretty late to be making a change!
  11. Gatusso is not a dummy - he saw the same stuff as we did - remember him getting into it with Bernard on the sideline. Gotta hope the defense is as good as it has been. O will definitely be better this year - a few STUDS redshirted last year AND Hanks is back 100% I do as well...he absolutely undress Barnard on two occasions...it was brutal! I'm a bit surprised it took this long but it's done. They have spring and pre-season to tweak the system where they can in preparation for the season. Maybe dragging in Sussman for a run up the middle for .8 of a yard game after game will be a thing of the past. You know we all get ticked about that BUT if you watch any big 5 school games - they all do the same thing. The West coast stuff - I don't like it but it does work some times
  12. I agree and have said - the boys better come out ready to play! If they are flat it could be a long game!
  13. And - tough couple of weeks coming up and finally another week off > Vermont Sat 17th, Canisius on Tues 20th, UMass Lowell Sat 24th, Harvard Weds 28, Stony Brook Sat 31st - 5 games over 2 weeks - All are home but UMass Lowell
  14. No respect! Don't the America East Broadcasts go through ESPN.
  15. I'm afraid to say that but I am expecting a huge win. They have played nobody at all. Hope our guys are not down or sitting on it like it will be an easy win. They need to go in expecting a tough game and be on their game. Their FO guys is at like 45% or something. I just can not imagine them at anything like Syracuse, Cornell or MD. OF COURSE THAT IS WHAT SYRACUSE AND MARYLAND has been saying abut us for years