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  1. Pretty obvious by watching them - Yale may be the only tough team left - I mentioned before that they look off this year BUT they are the top team in the Ivy - beat Cornell the other day. Could be a good game at the right time - near the end of the season getting ready for the tournament
  2. Absolutely - he's holding a little long and allowing a slide to a triple team, Almost impossible to get a pass off then. He is doing fine - Freshman typically against top 'stud' long stick D guy from the other team.
  3. My son was saying how impressed he is watching Nanticoke live again - tremendous stick skills! They slide to double team him and he's holding the ball a little long - then bam they triple him and he's having trouble getting the ball out [ as Fields does too] and anyone with a triple does]. That is causing the turnovers got to learn to get rid of the ball a little quicker. I am certain he has been told to shoot. He is just missing some. He will be fine. When he learns to get rid of it sooner, the doubles and triples will come back to haunt the other teams - and we saw a little of that.
  4. We should run the table for the rest of the season. I don't think Yale is a strong as they have been either - however they beat Cornell yesterday. Bring 'em on.
  5. Now, now!! But yes! We'll be there. Got a friend going with me since my son will be at work!
  6. Okay any predictions on the Canisius score? Could be as bad or worse than today I think!
  7. Okay now bring on Canisius! Oh the horror of it all!!!
  8. It would have been a HUGE crowd. It was a nice crowd.
  9. I only saw him lose one. The other one there was no possession after the scrum and we got control - should be a win. I guess I could be wrong! So the young guys lost 2 of 7 - nice job AND a nice job on Defense.
  10. Well UA'08 Was right, TD lost 2 I[I disagree with one of the losses he got!!] and the 2 Freshman won 5 of 7 too . Patterson 7 goals. They left their starters in the whole game. Their so-called 'stud' #45 had a couple of goals against the kids late. Domination. Marr was pissed about something in the third 1/4 and was starring the VT bench down - their coach looked away and walked away. The kids looked great - pretty good defense against their starters. They got to learn to shoot, they got the 30 sec clock I think 3 times, finally Patterson, who is the QB took the shots and scored!!
  11. I figured it was those but wasn't sure. Actually have several from a couple of those over the next 2 years
  12. Thomas Fleming‏ @Tomfleming77 Jan 25 MoreBlessed and honored to receive a PWO from the University of Albany! #GoGreatDanes #GREAT18 Didn't see this one before. DT - OG 6'2" 285 lbs
  13. Watched the interview with Patterson by the Baltimore Sun. Said the invert was a part of the game plan because of scouting report on Maryland. Makes sense too. Fields moved to out front and Patterson behind the net seems to work. he gets the SSM and Fields and Nanticoke continue to the get long stick. McClancy and Patterson will get the goals against a shorty!