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  1. Doesn't bother me in the slightest!!!
  2. He said a couple of times that we could not get anyone to play us!! Not good I agree.
  3. Absolutely! What I was saying is that who ever is keeping our stats needs a review of the rules I think!!
  4. RANK NAME TEAM CL POSITION GAMES FOS WON FOS LOST FOS TAKEN TM FOT PCT. 38 Brett Dattilo UMass Lowell So. 8 65 61 126 200 .51
  5. Boy that was quick GreatDane06. I was going to enjoy the win and do it today!!!. I am still pissed at the statistician from yesterday's game not giving TD only one loss that I posted the 2018 Stat Rules for faceoffs under the Bring On Canisius thread. Check it out! I think he is being screwed by OUR stats person. Specifically this section: A.R. 1. Player A1 faces off for his team. He has clear possession of the ball in the faceoff situation, but the ball is immediately checked away. Opponent B1 picks up the ground ball, and his team maintains possession of the ball. Credit the faceoff to Team A because A1 established possession of the faceoff.
  6. 2018 MEN’S LACROSSE STATISTICIANS’ MANUAL SECTION 6—FACEOFFS Philosophy. Since many faceoff men must depend on the statistics of faceoffs to provide an evaluation of their value, statisticians must be consistent in their assessment of faceoffs. Since the standard in faceoff stats is to award to the faceoff man the faceoff, whether he actually obtained possession or not, care should be taken to credit faceoffs properly. Additionally, ground balls should be credited in faceoff play (there can be more than one) as indicated in Section 5. Every faceoff has to end with players being credited and charged with a faceoff win and loss, unless the quarter ends before possession is established. Unlike women’s lacrosse, the two players who participate in the faceoff are the only players who can be credited and charged with a faceoff win and loss. Article 1. A faceoff win is determined by clear possession of the ball, not by the subsequent offensive opportunity. A standard alternative to that definition is to credit and charge the faceoff when one team is declared to have possession of the ball, and wing area players are released. This is not really a viable definition since a team may never have a chance to do anything with the ball. Article 2. Credit the faceoff to the team that gains clear possession of the ball and can perform the normal functions of the possession, not based on the possession that is called by the referee. The referee’s signal of possession has no influence on the statistical determination of faceoff wins and losses. The referee’s signal frequently precedes the statistical definition of possession. A.R. 1. Player A1 faces off for his team. He has clear possession of the ball in the faceoff situation, but the ball is immediately checked away. Opponent B1 picks up the ground ball, and his team maintains possession of the ball. Credit the faceoff to Team A because A1 established possession of the faceoff. A.R. 2. The ball goes out of bounds on the faceoff before a team gains possession of the ball. Credit the faceoff to the team that is awarded the ball on the out-of-bounds play. If neither team is credited with the ball out of bounds, delay the crediting of the faceoff until the subsequent reface is concluded. A.R. 3. Before either team can obtain the faceoff, a player on either team is charged with a foul or violation. Credit the offended team with the faceoff, if one team gets the ball. In the case of a double foul, or any other violation requiring a reface of the ball, wait to credit the faceoff until the play is complete. A.R. 4. A goal is scored near the end of a period. If there is no faceoff, no faceoff shall be credited statistically. If the faceoff occurs, credit and charge the faceoff as judgment allows by determining possession (or something very close to it) when the period is ended. No faceoff shall be credited when the quarter expires before one player gains clear pos-session. A.R. 5. If a period ends in an uneven situation, such that there will be no faceoff to start the next period, no faceoff statistics should be recorded. A.R. 6. If there should be an extra faceoff during a period for any reason, credit and charge the faceoff according to the above rules. A.R. 7. Player A1 wins the faceoff, retreats to the defensive end and turns the ball over. Credit A1 with a faceoff win. A.R. 8. If player A1 and opponent B1 face off, and A1 wins the faceoff and picks up the ball, credit A1 with a faceoff win and a ground ball. A.R. 9. If player A1 and opponent B1 face off, and team-mate A2 is the first player to get clear possession, credit A1 with a faceoff win and A2 with a ground ball. SO TD should have several more wins - especially in the game yesterday. I only saw ONE time where he did not have possession.
  7. That is exactly what they do when neither FO man gets clear possession. I only saw one time when TD lost the faceoff. There were a couple when he had possession briefly but then was pushed from behind and went down to the ground and lost the ball. In my mind that is a win. Not sure how whomever is recording these figures it.
  8. Marr was not happy at all about the refs - he mentioned in an interview that we get a LOT of penalties against us by other teams - trying to take out # 1 I guess. The refs were non-existent yesterday. When the have very sketchy calls - at least three "in the crease calls" against us when our kids were clearly pushed into the crease and to the ground - from behind OR 'back-up" calls where we clearly should maintain possession - that emboldens other team's players and it continues. . Coach is trying to protect our players. I was watching ND v Denver the other day and that stuff was NOT allowed. Very tightly called.
  9. I heard Coach Marr yell at the ref too - he was right. Like I said above - Not sure what they were there for - that happened at least 3 times that I saw. Also there were NO calls for push from behind and it happened a lot - several times on TD.. We got called three times when our defenders were pushed [ and knocked off their feet] into the crease, and called for being in the crease.
  10. Not sure who keeps stats on FO. No way TD lost 4 today. I saw one. There were a couple where he had control and got knocked down from behind and lost the ball - NOT a lost face off - thus my previous comment. Refs were lousy today. FINALLY called a couple of pushes at the end of the game!!
  11. I hope the refs didn't get paid today!!!!
  12. Missed this one too: John Harper Positions: RB, FS 6'0" 180lbs was offered some time ago by UA and about 8 other schools. Has not signed with any school yet though https://twitter.com/Harpo_Numba5 https://www.hudl.com/profile/6170080/John-Harper