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  1. UMBC

    Going back to the UVA postgame - was I seeing things, or was former head coach Randy Monroe in attendance and hugging folks after the game?
  2. Butts in the Seats 2018 edition

    Yes, one just picked up where the last one left off.
  3. Please no Agreed. Im not going to even think about thinking about watching any nonsense that prolongs this season. Thanks but no thanks and see you next year...I was actually hoping we would lose once it was evident that we didnt show up for the second half. TGIO
  4. 2017-18 Season

    Ha! Ive lived in both places. While the significance of the I-40 exit was obvious, the I-90 thing never occurred to me in 8 years in the Capital District.
  5. Dont look now, but UMBC is in 2nd place with a 7-2 conference record.
  6. And probably better bathroom lighting. I havent been since Hooleys shot - do we still have the darkest mens room in the America East?
  7. We've certainly struggled recently..but Dougherty didn't need to give us one more loss than we actually have..14-6 vs. 13-7. I think Brown's comments are right on. Historically..his teams have let defense and rebounding lead to enough offense. Now..we seem to be stronger (on paper) offensively..but are letting our struggles there affect our already mediocre defense. Can't always control when shots are falling..but you can always control commitment to defense. +1 googolplex - you can always try on defense. Its a decision driven by desire. On a related topic, Im curious as to what our captains and senior leaders have done so far to right the ship. Its not solely the coaches responsibility.
  8. AE & ESPN3

    They would need the express written consent of Major League Baseball.
  9. Does a close loss do anything for RPI, or a loss is a loss?
  10. Terrible America East!

    SLU should be ineligible based on their being located nowhere near the Atlantic.
  11. I wanted us to get a signature win as much as anyone else and thought we had a good chance of doing so, but I do look at this as a good learning experience: 1) Seemed like Memphis played a lot of full and half court pressure D, with which we have struggled in the past. Good test for the guys. 2) Experienced the consequences of being careless with the ball, as well as heaving up bad shots. 3) Some confidence built from the comeback to tie up the game despite being down by double digits and not playing well. I feel like this might make the most valuable game film of the season and hopefully helps the team learn and improve as they head into AE play.
  12. This should be a winnable game for us. Memphis needed OT to beat Mercer, and they beat Bryant by a similar margin to us. Im working in Memphis these days, and one of the locals I work with is convinced that well beat them - not sure how much he knows about the America Least ha ha. I think they had around 4,400 in attendance against Bryant, so there should be plenty of tickets at the FedEx Forum for Dane fans to snap up!
  13. Setting up our new cellphones?? Come on, thats the modern day equivalent of Darning my socks, ha ha.
  14. My finest moment at 1:14 when they showed my Purple Craze sign and Mrs. S$ had her Weve got Will power sign.