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  1. What's the over/under on how many 3s we shoot? I could see us chucking 30 three-point shots.
  2. Wins in 2018-19

    Still think around 10 wins or just under is about where we end up. Realtime RPI has us at #347 and finishing at 11-19 (7-9). I'm going 9-21 or 10-18 and somewhere around 6 or 7 wins in league play. http://realtimerpi.com/rpi_100_Men.html
  3. If you consider that we gave up 57 points in the second half, went 6-22 from three-point range, and had 26 turnovers for the game, I think the result of losing by only 3 is pretty impressive.
  4. Exactly! I watch the games on ESPN+ now. Not going to pay $10 to park every game. Too many home games and too many ten spots to park. If they are making money off it, however, great.
  5. I hope he also serves as coordinator of teaching our bigs how to get angry and kick $#ena. No one did it better and with more focus and a straight face than Stire.
  6. I'm worried about our guys having the ball ripped away from them and out muscled. Canisius manhandled our perimeter guys in the second half. As for tonight, 17 turnovers, and we were blocked 6 times. Chalk a bit of that up to our less-than-maximum effort and our youth (both physical youth/development and game experience).
  7. I frankly don't think we are much better than them. Oneonta is good and out hustling us. When we are not hitting 3s, scoring is tough for us. Edit: Ok, 18-point lead. Starting to play like we should. Clark heating up!
  8. I used to think that perhaps our cold weather and facilities put us at some sort of recruiting and/or gameplay disadvantage in the CAA compared to certain CAA peers (or at least compared to a few; e.g., Delaware, Villanova, Richmond, and JMU), but then I see that Maine goes 7-1 in league play this year and wins the CAA. How does that happen??! Can someone please explain Maine?
  9. Fort Lauderdale is a tank---more minutes please.
  10. I like Fort Lauderdale; nice production down low and a solid presence. I think we will see more minutes from him as the year progresses.
  11. Slow and small ... . Healy will have to carry this team. 71-61 final score makes this one seem closer than it was. This team is like Binghamton a few years ago but without Rodriguez. To be fair, our team is loaded with first-year players at the D1 level, and that is hard for most recruits at this level. On the other hand, BU was playing several freshman ... .
  12. Wins in 2018-19

    I voted less than 10. I think we will play smart and hard and will be in a lot of close, low-scoring games. I just don't see where the scoring will come from, especially when our 3s are not falling and when the pressure is on late in games. Beware the second-half scoring droughts. That said, Coach will work his magic, and no one will want to play us in March, regardless of our record. I always enjoy watching our basketball program compete, even when we lose. Football is another story.
  13. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Defense and rebounding was solid. Very concerned that we have no one who can create off the dribble and FINISH. Expect scoring droughts this year. The defense and rebounding will keep us in games, and we will grind out wins. 8-8 or 9-7 (best case scenario, 10-6) in league play, but no better.
  14. I'd also like to have a legit running threat at QB. The RPO is a major part of college football these days and it adds a lot to the offense.
  15. Assuming we let GG go, would DJ Durkin be a possibility as our next HC?
  16. I stayed home. M GO BLUE!! Giving up 38 points in the first half to a FCS school --- at home --- is unacceptable.
  17. Lol, our new fight song? ?
  18. Same here, I feel like we lost last night. Bad football and no hope. Five turnovers to bring them all and in the darkness bind them to winless conference play.
  19. 2018/2019 Schedule

    These are good points, and I can only speculate as to the hype. As with many rivalries in basketball, playing twice a year can also increase the hype (Duke/UNC, Mich/MSU, etc.). As for the Albany Cup, it could be awarded on aggregate score or simply remain with the team who last won. Or simply not bother with the cup. Isn't that something that the city or mayor's office came up with? Only the diehards like us stick around postgame to see the cup being awarded. Or, play a third Albany Cup game (I'm serious, lol). Don't RPI and Union play a home and home and then a third Albany Cup game in January at the TUC? Play once at SEFCU, once at Siena's campus in their new gym (serious), and then once at the TUC as a neutral site game for the community. Ha! I like the option of playing them twice in one year better than three times (a bit excessive), but it's fun to think about such a scenario. Finally, would having this game (temporarily until an agreement is reached longterm) at the civic center in Glens Falls or out in Utica be totally off the table?