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  1. hahaha...true. Damn snow storm got my mind all messed up, hahaha
  2. AE play starts for UA. Lets roll! UMass-Lowell (4-4/1-0) 02/11 @ Quinnipiac W 13-12 02/17 @ Harvard L 9-10 02/24 @ Siena L 13-14 03/03 vs Monmouth L 8-9 03/06 @ Providence W 12-11 03/10 vs Manhattan W 11-9 03/14 vs UMass L 6-13 03/17 @ Binghamton W 14-10 Top Players: (G-A-Pts) Sean Tyrrell 13 21 34 Jon Phillips 16 8 24 Matt Balter 20 1 21 Austin Lane 14 7 21 Sam Klingsporn 13 3 16 Goalies: (Saves-GA-Save %) Hunter Braun 109 81 57% Grant Lardieri 17 17 50%
  3. Athletic Budget

    based on this website, the comparison between Stony Brook and UAlbany in athletics shows an interesting comparison considering we think SB gets more than UA: https://ope.ed.gov/athletics/#/compare/details
  4. Athletic Budget

    what is interesting, and I don't know if it is worrisome, is that ticket sales dropped by from 2015 to 2016. What was interesting was the insane drop from 2009 to 2010. You can clearly see when Casey Stadium overhead kicked in. The facility expenses exploded. Was the profit based off of Tom and Mary Casey gift?
  5. yea, not a game I am worried about, but still a game.
  6. 3-2 Overall Record 02/17 @ Dartmouth L 12-13 02/20 @ Binghamton W 12-10 02/24 @ Furman W 14-13 03/04 vs Cleveland State W 12-11 03/17 @ Colgate L 5-18 Top Players (G-A-Pts) # Player Pos Yr Hometown G A P 92 Connor Kearnan 10 18 28 7 Carter STEFANIAK 11 5 16 9 Ryan Mckee 11 3 14 10 Steven Coss 5 8 13 Goalie (Saves-GA-Save %) 35 Liam Ganzhorn 47 65 42%
  7. I'll say it again...pay for my gas and tolls...$50-$75...I will make the drive from Bayside to do games. I still have the CD tapes to show my skills at calling lacrosse for WCDB.
  8. there is a nice man-up goal...great passing
  9. hahaha...I tried it and it actually makes it more bearable, lol.
  10. from what I see UA is just trying things out on offense at this point. I'm interested to see if UVM actually scores a goal or how long it takes them to score.
  11. this is what I was talking about in my previous post. I think he is so use to just bowling over people in HS and it's not as easy to do in college. I agree, he is a freshman and I think he will adjust.
  12. wondering how the weather is impacting things. Looks windy.
  13. He seems to have these moments when he just looks way out of his elements, but then I realize he is a freshman. I'm gonna chalk it up to that.
  14. I agree...that seems to be the fatal flaw for UA. It's not that big of a deal in a game like this, but vs. teams like Duke, Denver, Yale etc...it can come back and hurt.