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  1. New Word Mark and Team store

    Meh. The font does look a bit tired.
  2. 2017-18 Season

    I agree with Dane Pound..this thread is absolutely insane. First..if you watched UMBC's upset Friday night and thought anything other than "this is f*****g awesome!" then there's a problem. Unless you're a Virginia fan..of course. Do I wish that was UAlbany instead of UMBC..yes! Does that make it any less amazing and exciting..no! Am I especially proud it was an America East team..yes! Second..our team had a very good season. 22 wins is something a lot of programs only dream of. Was it a great season..no. Especially compared to the justifiably high expectations we had. And was it more up and down than we're used to from UAlbany teams..yes. Starting off with a great OOC..then a good AE season..and a quarterfinal loss..is more deflating then the other way around. But it doesn't change the fact that this was another very good season. Third..Nichols had a good season. Great? No. Especially compared to the lofty expectations following his sophomore year..which was one of the best individual offensive seasons in UAlbany DI history. When he played well..we often won. We he played poorly..we often loss. Considering the team won nearly 70% of their games this year..that we seem to be a pretty decent result. Fourth..any souring on Coach Brown despite his team's production on and off the court year in and year out is completely bonkers. Unless he starts putting up losing records multiple years in a row..he's earned the right to stay here as long as he wants. And I hope he's here a long long time!
  3. I don't think it takes too much reading into the statement from the university to understand it was cost. Also fits the MO from the Athletics Department in recent years..good or bad. Not sure what UTRGV's record has to do with UAlbany not playing in the postseason..but I agree with you. One of the good things..in my opinion..about the CIT is that you can't be below .500. CBI allows sub .500 teams..like UTRGV this year and Siena a few years ago. Also happen to believe that teams with losing conference records shouldn't be eligible for the NCAA Tournament at-large bids. But that's a discussion for another thread!
  4. Agree on all points! Still disappointed men not going to 6 STRAIGHT TOURNAMENTS! Still feel in a one bid conference any tournament is a REWARD. Still feel by declining you are telling recruits, get to the ncaa or you are garbage {maybe a bit too strong, but I still do not like the message declining a tournament represents.} Would've been 7 for the men as well. CIT, NCAA, NCAA, NCAA, CBI, CIT..then decline for cost. Does make it a bit odd that they're highlighting the now 7 straight trips for the women..when put in that context.
  5. Recruiting - 2017

    Isnt he originally from the Vegas area? I believe so..yes. And what you're inferring is probably correct..that it played a role. But the University of Wyoming is closer to Kansas City than it is to Vegas. And Laramie, Wyoming isn't exactly Las Vegas.
  6. Recruiting - 2017

    The opportunity to play in the Mountain West was appealing..I'm sure..but I always thought that was an odd place for him to go. Not sure how his health is now..but he could be a dynamic piece for us..if there's still an interest on our part. Since he red-shirted for medical reasons in 17-18..would he have to sit again as a transfer in 18-19?
  7. Recruiting - 2018

    I belive this latest kid is a 3/4 in the mold of Charles. Interesting..thanks. Size wise definitely similar. Listed as a SG. And has 107 3PTA in 33 games. Rebounds the heck out of the ball..9.4rpg. Maybe one of those guys who can fit multiple roles.
  8. Recruiting - 2018

    In some interview..maybe the Basketball Weekly show..Coach Brown mentioned that Lulka has the chance to be that type of player.
  9. Recruiting - 2018

    Big body for a guard. I like it. A bit interesting to see a new offer out to a backcourt guy. With two know scholarships left..figured we'd be exclusively looking at interior players. Perhaps the staff already knows someone is transfering..or they're simply preparing for something that is often inevitable for just about every team each year. Backcourt: Cremo Nichols Campbell (could also be a 4 in a small line-up) Clark Cochran Healy Rizzuto de Sousa Fruscio (wo) Frontcourt: Conway Hank Lulka
  10. Women's Basketball 2017-18

    Was mostly being sarcastic. From the bit of research I did..looks like there are certain reimbursement levels for WNIT travel. If costs/number of travelers exceed their thresholds..then it would seem that the school eats overage.
  11. That makes it wins over the defending national champs in back-to-back seasons. UNC last year and now the Terps.
  12. 2017-18 Season

    If Odom has any interest in moving up..now would be the time. Completely turned the team around in basically just one year..NCAA bid..and graduating Lyles, Maura and Grant. Return some decent pieces..but he's loses a lot of firepower this year. If he wants to stick around..I'm sure he'll be getting a nice extension and raise.
  13. 2017-18 Season

    Interesting. Despite Foster's apparent "let's be real" belief that sitting on the bench for Tech is better..he transferred to Bradley and then UAlbany. Lyles at UMBC turned down high major interest. Hooley turned down grad transfer options. Players routinely decide to get significant minutes at mid-majors instead of being the third or fourth guy off the bench at a high-major school. Thousands of student-athletes play at DII and DIII schools..even though they play in front of just hundreds or *gasp* dozens of fans. Given your posts..it's clear that you don't particularly like rooting for mid-majors..or FCS schools..etc..even when it's your alma mater. There are plenty of "real" programs out there that you can decide to root for. Don't mean to be (too) snarky..but it really confuses me when we have "fans" that are more critical/defeatist of the program than even some of our biggest rivals. What's the point?
  14. Women's Basketball 2017-18

    Wonder if the administration will have the team turn down a WNIT bid..should they get an invite. After winning 6 consecutive AE titles..a WNIT appearance would seem to be a disappointment and a waste of money. Right?
  15. 2017-18 Season

    The budget piece irks me a bit too. It reads like a money-saving decision..as opposed to a 'we can't afford it' thing. If we were the 5 seed in the AE tournament and made it to the title game..we would've been on the road for three games. Pretty sure we wouldn't have declined to play in those games just because they cost money. As it played out..we weren't on the road at all after February 18. Obviously the CIT/CBI aren't as exciting as the NCAA (or NIT)..but it's still a postseason tournament that recognizes regular season success. For mid-majors..the CIT/CBI is the postseason opportunity for a team that had a good season but didn't get the NCAA autobid. For high-major programs..a good season without an NCAA autobid likely still puts you in the NCAA. Many of us fans enjoy seeing the team play in them..though certainly not all fans. The coaches understand that they're helpful in the recruiting process as a symbol of program success. And it's a chance for the seniors to continue playing. With Athletics deciding not to have the team accept a bid..it means Alex Foster never got to play in a postseason tournament despite playing two years in the Big 12 and finishing his career on a 22 win team..for example. Athletics could afford the team playing in the CIT/CBI in previous seasons. Kind of frustrating as a fan to be hit with higher ticket prices, paid parking and nickle and dimed elsewhere..and then be told that the team isn't playing in the postseason because of finances. Especially for what's arguably the school's most popular sport. Money is a means to an end for programs like ours..it's not the goal.