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  2. 130,000 dead triggers me, including some close family friends. Ignoring science to own the libs triggers me too.
  3. So you'd take a pedophile pizza restaurant run by Hilary Clinton over say...any potential interference in our elections. Got it. (Everyone else please follow Jimbo's lead and please google Qanon prior to thinking I'm a crazy person. There is a large part of Trump's fanatic base that believe Qanon to be real. That's nuts). Steve Bannon is getting his way. Such severe distrust in the government that nothing gets done.
  4. Probably...or maybe not....I’m just getting tired of everything and talking about everything so I’ll bow out and think good thoughts to keep the BP in check and the stomach acid at manageable levels. I can confirm though that Eli is a relative youngster compared to geezers like me, so he’s probably way more plugged in to the kiddos. When you see some of the videos of man on the street or girl on the beach and they are asking the most basic questions about America and politics and they get blank stares and laughter. I have to agree. Lots of complete dummies out there who can tell you the name of every pop culture person, but couldn’t identify the first President if you spotted them George and a W. Scary that they can vote. I’d believe Qanon before Schiff or Pelosi since you brought it up, but I did have to google qanon.
  5. Leaders lead. If you don't think that him wearing a mask would have influenced the governors of certain states to strongly suggest mask wearing (Florida, Texas, Arizona) and shown more caution during the holiday weekends then you don't understand how politics works in 2020. You go against Trump, you don't last long without facing the ire of the base. The same base that put most of those people in office. And... show me a list of these "thinking people" that have bonafides in political theory and criticism, heck, I'll even take a non-bias journalist, or even a traditional conservative like George Will. And leftist? What do you think Social Security is? Or the fact that we all went to a STATE university? And I would actually like to see these accomplishments. Saying "you won't agree with them" shouldn't make them any less significant if they are legitimate. But if you're only bar is "he's against the leftists" I'm not sure that makes your argument much better than say..Qanon.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I agree with you but I still think we give young people too much credit. I mean, they did just vandalize a Frederick Douglas statue and burn a statue of an Elk (because that's somehow oppressive) recently. Not to brag (lol?) but I'm probably closer to my 'younger' years than many of you and that being said, my interaction with people 5-10 years younger than me results in me having the opinion that many young people are borderline dumb. Even if Trump did wear a mask every briefing, you'd still get a lot of them that wouldn't cause of peer pressure (something that is irrelevant once you get older or at least it is to me - I generally couldn't care less what strangers think of me), it being uncool or unfashionable, etc. Remember, these are the kids who eat tide pods and cinnamon by the spoonful and then post about it on Facebook for the world to see 🤣. Many young people today not only lack knowledge of history (US or world) but also the common sense to make sound decisions.
  8. I continue my daily routine of good thoughts, wishes and even a prayer, in hopes that conditions improve so that when September arrives that there will be a full fall sports schedule 📅. Until then, I will continue the steps that has kept my family safe.
  9. It's a fair point that young people are gonna do what they do...but if you think the notion "even Trump says it's BS" doesn't have some effect on young people, but also on their parents, grandparents, and tons of others who can safely say "if the president doesn't do it, why should I," then you are basically saying the president is a meaningless figure. And we know from polling that many folks take their cue from him. Regardless of mistakes, Fauci corrected any question about masks around Memorial Day. When the numbers were still moving in a decent direction. I truly hope no one you know dies from this. I have known several, including two guys (fathers) in their early 50s, with no underlying conditions. I'd rather have not one more person die and you can tell me I was wrong about Trump and masks and everything else months down the road. And I'll buy you a beer as an apology.
  10. You conveniently forget that none other than the great Dr Fauci expressly told people at the start of this epidemic that they should not wear masks and only a couple weeks ago came clean and admitted he intentionally misled the public. What about Fauci? Alabama beach anecdotal evidence regarding masks? When Fauci told people not to wear them? Young people are not following any rules because they are young people and believe they are invincible. Young people use condoms, don’t binge drink, don’t drive drunk, don’t party all night, don’t take illegal drugs because somebody told them not to do it? OMG...do you honestly believe they take their behavioral cues from authority figures? I don’t know how old you are, but you must have been young at some point.
  11. This conversation is a vicious cycle, but fwiw, absolutely Trump influenced folks when he continued for months to say that masks were unnecessary. There was a news report at a beach in Alabama where numerous young people interviewed said they're skipping the mask because "even Trump" knows it's BS." Several of those college students then got the virus not long after. And how many passed it on to their parents or grandparents? Now multiply that by many thousands across the country who just needed the smallest reason-—let alone a constant one from the leader of the free world and his VP--to decide a mask was silly. Alternatively, if he did have zero effect on the American public by continuously flouting the advice of every health professional in the world, what does that say about his chops as a leader?
  12. We're just bored, tired, irritated, etc. Nothing of sports substance to discuss...let people blow off some steam.
  13. Last week
  14. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪.
  15. I thought this thread was "2020 A Look Ahead"---not a thread for political loonies!!
  16. Aren’t you the guy who thinks that Trump not wearing a mask has some sort of measurable impact on whether or not the masses wear a mask? If all he has to do is wear a mask and the masses will follow, that makes him a heck of a leader. I get it, you don’t like him....but you live on the LEFT coast and that makes you ordinary in terms of views for your community. There are a lot of thinking people that see that the relentless media criticism, endless baseless lawsuits, endless baseless investigations and the like have certainly had an impact as to how he reacts and is quick to strike back. I won’t list accomplishments because that would be boring and anyway you probably think they establish his fascist CV for all time. There’s a lot of folks, me included, who really don’t like him personally and wish there was an alternative. But that’s the problem. Right now there isn’t. Since the other side is no longer liberal, but has gone flat out leftist, that makes it a simple binary choice for like minded people. I may think he’s an egotistical jerk with a short fuse and questionable morals, but if he’s manning the wall against the left he’s MY egotistical jerk with questionable morals. And that’s the bottom line for me.
  17. Many do not agree with, that may be true, but i'd love to see anyone with any authority, knowledge or savvy disagree and please support your argument.
  18. As a lawyer, and constitutional history buff, but typing in a forum with simplistic readers, we can believe whatever we like.
  19. I sort of think the CAA proposal makes the most sense. I posted the proposal before, but will recap. All CAA teams (football excluded), will play a regional ONLY schedule. Some teams may play only in conference teams, some may play only out-of conference teams and others may play a mix. ALL teams no matter who or what mix they play will qualify for the CAA conference tournament, so ALL CAA athletes ultimately have a chance to play for an NCAA championship. The locations for the CAA/NCAA qualifying tournaments will be worked out at a later date, when regional or one location covid options are better understood. By letting each team originally stay regional/close to home playing all or NO conference opponents, with still having NCAA possibilities may give the CAA a fair chance of getting a good portion of their teams the most amount of play?
  20. Interesting enough, the MAAC announced their teams are resuming play after September, 12, 2020. I do not see any fall sports, winter sports have just little more time. Interesting, Rick Pitino, the new Iona basketball coach, stated he would go along with a conference only schedule.
  21. Any Huchthausen, AS Commissioner, made a brief appearance on the CBS Sunday News program, this morning. She stated she is unable to state whether or not it the America East Conference will resume sports in the fall. She further stated the situation is fluid.
  22. It's rather simple...I don't worship at the altar of the orange one.
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