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  2. Congrats to Devonte and Ray as they walk today, this is why we call them Student/Athletes. #purplefam Congrats to all the Student/Athletes Graduating and to all their fellow students who will be receiving their Diplomas.
  3. Albany Cup

    This thing is more dead then Jimmy Patsos coaching career!
  4. Albany Cup

    Anyone know if talks are happening for the Albany Cup to come back this year? No reason to hurt the RPI, but it is a fun game and environment if LCC will agree to home and home. Same always. H&H or no game. Should be SEFCU this year, TUC next year, then renovated SEFCU the year after.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Early Signing Period

    I thought there was only 1 left...JoJo took one of the two.
  7. Ended yesterday. Just curious since there was no announcement and I believe we have two scholarships open.
  8. Last week
  9. I guess my biggest thought about LIU is who cares!!!
  10. Michael Leone, Hun School, Princeton, NJ, 6' 6" 270 Lbs. https://wwkw.hudl.com/profile/11525024/Mike-Leone
  11. UAlbany/Title IX in USA Today

    I haven't seen any announcements but maybe someone else has.
  12. UAlbany/Title IX in USA Today

    A story on Columbia High athletes signing acceptance letters showed one girl that would "Cheer for UAlbany." Does that mean they're now counting cheerleading as a "sport?" Is that supposed to help?
  13. UAlbany/Title IX in USA Today

    Has UA made any progress at all in leveling the playing field and living up to their voluntary agreement?????? Also, as I recall, the agreement specified 3 years to comply; seems to me 3 years has expired?
  14. Players leaving for the NBA

    Not a player, but it's still someone heading to the big time.
  15. LIU chooses "SHARKS", no design shown yet Long Beach State is also changing their mascot to Sharks
  16. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/politics/albany/2019/05/16/title-ix-how-female-athletes-new-york-colleges-face-inequities/3471574002/
  17. Anybody got any news to report on Recruits? New kids for 2020. Kids who are leaving besides the two that are known??
  18. Jacob Alsadek @jacobalsadek Arizona Football Alumni. May god have mercy on my enemies because I will not. UAlbany Offensive Assistant
  19. Athlon Sports lists "12 FCS vs. FBS Group of 5 Football Matchups That May Be Upsets in 2019". At the top of the list, Your University at Albany Great Danes https://athlonsports.com/college-football/12-fcs-vs-fbs-group-five-football-matchups-upsets-2019
  20. Stony Brook

    The AE Coach of the Year kiss of death
  21. That last line made me LMAO!! We brought the Long Sticks in a lot in the 2nd 4th as I recall!! Jimbo, FB staff bringing in some JUCO players and good transfers. Can only get better. They are being far more aggressive this year.
  22. Stony Brook just fired their coach https://stonybrookathletics.com/news/2019/5/14/stony-brook-athletics-announces-change-in-leadership-of-mens-lacrosse-program.aspx
  23. Looking at this year’s stats, a couple of things jumped out at me. UA basically played even in Q1 and Q3; but were about -19 in 2 and 4. The only severe deficiency was in FO, but it only severe because of the putrid numbers for the LSM FO subs we saw on a regular basis. Which calls into question why in the world were they doing that so much when it hurt the team IMHO? Was the team getting tired in the 2nd and 4th? Was flow disrupted due to the shuffling in and out all the time? Or just coincidence? Who knows? Ok, I’m done with Lax for 2019. Now I’ve gotta decide what to do about my tix for the GG Follies.
  24. 100% accurate. Lots of upsets this year and new teams experiencing success against better schools. I think our league as a whole has to up the competition. That will help for all of the schools to get better recruits.
  25. Jimbo, I agree only to an extent. A number of years back (maybe Lyle's first year,) there was a heated discussion on this blog whether UA could compete with the blue chips in Lax for talent & results. Using 1882's 2014 to present, UA has certainly shown they can compete with the chips with results. The question or discussion whether we are doing it with equal talent or with a few generational pieces only, is probably still up to debate. The discussion at the time was could or can UA become a Lax "destination." IMHO UA definitely HAS, but "maybe" still a notch below the chips [very interested if anyone remembers the discussion & see what they think now and has their opinion changed.] Whether or not you believe UA is now a DESTINATION or not, the problem now has become a little more complicated. With the expansion of LAX in college and high schools over the past few years an interesting conundrum occurs. Talent is simultaneously spread too thin and too concentrated. I think you will find this in all sports, go back and look at the MLB, NFL and maybe most recently NHL. IMHO, while the major talent becomes more spread out when the number of teams grow, the A-, B+ talent grows with more and better feeder programs and with experience. At the same time due to the #s needed to support MORE teams, there will also be players of sub bar talent around. As the talent gets more spread around in a good way and bad, rules changes (i.e. shot clock) are instituted & designed to make the sport more interesting & COMPETITIVE. All this contributes to newbies being able to compete with the chips. IMH and unscientific opinion is where college Lax is now and why there were so many "upsets" this year and why more and more blue chips are being left out of the ncaa's or at least no longer guaranteed a spot. Whether or not you feel this is good for the sport or not and whether or not you feel UA can/is one of the chips or one of the chip breakers is up to each's own opinion.
  26. Tehoka's game absolutely needs to evolve for him to fulfill his ranking and potential as a player. When you are as skilled as he is, and 235lbs in high school you can run over and through everybody and pretty much do whatever you want. In college when you are playing against other men, what you were able to do in high school often won't translate at the collegiate level. Tehoka has the vision and skills that I know he can do that. The days of him just being a bull dodger isn't going to work when teams know they can double or triple him. With Connor last year you didn't dare slide off of him which gave Tehoka a lot more one on one's to do his thing. If you watched the Townson game, Casey could be a Sunday for us. What Sunday does better is use his size. Too often, Casey shoots from the side or three quarter and effectively gives away his height advantage. At 6'4'' if he shoots over the top and gets to 5 and 5 that shot is just about impossible to stop or if he develops a question mark. He could shoot over just about every defender in D1 lacrosse. The big question for me is who can run the offense from X? I haven't seen enough lately of the incoming class to say, but I think right now the leading candidate is Yunker. Laffin and Diamond excel at off ball play, but Davis does have the ability to run at X, and I think he hit the lone question mark dodge I can recall all season against UVM. We seem to have a log jam of off ball guys. I just don't think Jakob is well served by making him the quarterback.
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