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  2. Recruiting - 2019

    McCullough committed to Campbell today.
  3. Anthony Enechukwu‏, Lagos, Nigeria, Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep Orchard Lake, MI, QB, WR, DB, 6' 2", 190 lbs. https://twitter.com/acenechukwu https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8441181/5bd77b860428c80d2cda1e2d
  4. They will NOT need to play their best game of the season. VT is awful. Stony Brook won by one goal! Nuff said. Our game against VT was one of the worst games we have played in several years. The game against Yale was probably the best the Defense has played [we allowed them the fewest goals they have scored this year] If we play with that intensity it will not be close. Stony Brook has played one top team - Penn State first game of the year [and they got hammered, just like we did by Syracuse]. Many who post here seem to forget how difficult our non-league schedule is. It is one of the most difficult in the country. If we play a solid game on Offense we will be fine. Our defense, despite all of our complaints [I complain a lot about some players myself] is pretty solid. Intensity and aggressiveness are the keys [and of course cutting down on the unforced errors and winning at least 50% of the faceoffs]. I think the kids will be ready and will play with intensity.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Players leaving for the NBA

    Thank the lord .... He was only reason why I am renewing my basketball 🏀 season tickets.... lol😊
  7. Players leaving for the NBA

    A crack in the UVM armour has appeared.
  8. May be the top sports moment for the 2018 - 2019 sports season
  9. In my lame defense -- I did make a "D" in the only serious math course I had to take decades ago, and that was pretty much a gift from a sympathetic prof. I'm just happy that they won a league championship (even the MAAC) and are on to the NCAA's.
  10. The current edition of Great Dane Lacrosse does not travel well. That said, can Scott inspire the team to play their best game of the season the road.
  11. 17 ahead of Dayton and Q, not 27. http://results.golfstat.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=team&tid=17362&_ga=2.21547067.1689194217.1555714792-924872140.1522449348 The 10 & 12 over Q & Dayton was 2nd round results, which finished this morning after a weather delay. Last week Albany and Siena tied 3-3 in a match play competition.
  12. I see that we won by 10 strokes Quinnipiac, 12 over Dayton, and 31 over Siena.
  13. If I read all the stats correctly, the UAlbany women's golf team won the MAAC championship down in Florida -- 27 strokes ahead of Dayton and Quinnipiac, and 40 strokes ahead of Siena in 4th.
  14. Well Vermont just lost to Stony Brook by one goal! Our future is in our hands. We have to beat Stony Brook next week and we win league!
  15. Yale

    Stony brook just beat Vermont. Maybe we will get home field.
  16. Stony Brook Beats Vermont!
  17. #4 team in the country. And they had their lowest score of the season!!!!!
  18. Oh no - That's terrible. I had the same exact break in January 2018 and 16 months later it is still very much touch and go. Granted, I am pushing 30, but I can say that this is a serious blow. Good luck and I hope for a speedy and full recovery
  19. Yale

    Didn’t enjoy the game? Too funny.
  20. I thought that there was some real tough and spirited defense out there, but when you get no draws they wear down. Still can't understand why, even against the best FO man in the nation, you just concede it and try to knock it out. Big article in the Gazette today with lots of TD quotes. He said he did not enjoy the game for the first time in his life and that he was very emotional afterward. Gave kudos to Barrow for desticking him...they are friends since the age of 5. I'll get the link. https://dailygazette.com/article/2019/04/19/yale-men-s-lacrosse-s-ierlan-wins-in-return-to-ualbany
  21. Yale

    Yes the defense showed up ... Yale scored first goal with about one minute left first period however scored second goal within the first minute of the second period.... downhill after that ... My concern: Can recruitment return the program to its winning ways? We need offense.
  22. Yale

    Completely agree. We had our fair share of good looks despite Yale’s goalie making some great saves. Hard to win when Eccles and Tehoka get shut out. I couldn’t see where that crease violation was that would have made it 6-4. Yale made it 8-3 and there wasn’t enough firepower to rally again,
  23. yale goalie made some great saves early, or this game might have been a lot closer. That being said, UA missed a number of wide open nets. I do not know if they were trying to be too perfect with their shots, because how well the yale goalie was playing. It seemed UA was over faking on shots and when they finally let it go, they just shot it right at the goalie or totally wide. Maybe we just forgot how to shoot?? UA defense played great; IF they played all year like they played yesterday this game "would have" had at large implications. It seems in the games when the offense was clicking the defense was bad and vica-versa. Like Hof said IF IF IF! Looking for brook to take down an overrated vermont team today.
  24. Tyler Padezan, East Allegheny , Pittsburgh, Pa, WR DB 6' 3" , https://twitter.com/TylerPadezan https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8106516/5be193cbb022950f707de4af Blessed to receive an offer from the University at Albany🏈 @CoachByham #DANEger20ne
  25. Ja-lon Perkins,Parkland High School, DE, TE, 6' 2" 259 lbs, https://twitter.com/kobethomas34 After a great talk with @coachbernard11 , I am blessed to announce that i have received an offer from the University of Albany ! #DANEger20ne #Purplefam
  26. Ubayd Steed, RB, FS, 5' 11", 183 lbs, Northeast High School Philadelphia, PA, RB FS, https://twitter.com/UbaydSteed_ https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8217508/5b9af89ee97adf0f4c112de5 Electrified to receive my 13th offer from University at Albany #DANEger20ne @CoachJoeDavis
  27. Outstanding Def, except the same guys a few times. Actually we hit the crossbar several times on O, it is the just terrible pass attempts that killed us on Off. They lose concentration or something. BUT if we play like that against Stony Brook we'll have a win. HOPING that SB beats VT tomorrow. [IF we had played like that against VT no contest]. IF IF IF, I know. The FOGOs we have coming in over the next 2 years have REALLY quick hands. That will help.
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