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  2. University release says this was the SIXTH-largest crowd at Casey Stadium, not second. Most homecomings have been near sellouts until last year. The missed XP was, again, a low snap. I guess he doesn’t adjust well. The other kicks were solid The URI QB didn’t impress me much, a lot of his yards from throwing high and let the 6’3” WR jump for it.
  3. Another good win . Team has exceeded expectations for many of us. Hopefully finish the season out strong, continue to develop our QB, and maybe have a couple of good seasons over the next few years.
  4. They gotta call more plays for LJ. The amount of times he was open in the middle of the field was crazy. And they almost missed him on that wide open one but finally Thundercuffler saw him at the last second. I seriously don't understand our teams aversion to using the middle of the field. It's obviously a philosophy as I've been harping on it for 6 years. It goes counter to everything most of the NFL is doing which is becoming more and more of a TE league. Can someone explain why we only use that part of the field maybe 10-15% of the time in the passing game (lets say there is 30 passes, we might throw 3-4 over the middle). Everything is either in the flat, to the outside/sideline or deep. It's crazy. I don't get it...is there a damn good reason for this?
  5. Awesome in the second half. JU definitely had an off day (can you have an off day with 4 TDS?) but some butter fingers by the receivers too. Mofor is developing a real beast mode...me likes. D stepped up big time when needed. Wisnewski was open so much he could have had some more catches. Way too many yards given up, but the only number that counted is 35-28. 😄
  6. Tough, gutsy win. Again JU throws TD passes when needed and does not throw to the other team. Tied for 2nd in CAA but that was the easier part of schedule. Rest up.
  7. Maine is currently getting their clock absolutely CLEANED by Liberty University, down 45-17 with 10 minutes left in the 3rd.
  8. Last Up: W (35-28) vs Rhode Island Next Up: vs Maine (2-5, 0-3 CAA - only 1 game was 'close') Time/Date: 11/2/19 @ 3:30PM EST TV/Streaming: FloSports ($7.99/mo) Local Radio: TBD Albany came out flat against Rhode Island and was down 14-6 at the half but, as has been the case most games this season, came out much better in the 2nd half on their way to a 35-28 victory. Offense was a bit shaky but made enough plays to help seal the win and the defense did their part causing turnovers and even scoring. Special teams also got involved. Kudos to the staff for fixing whatever ailed them in the 1st half and for the players reacting. Pats on the back all around.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Not well... Ub very good.
  11. Looking forward to hearing about how the "secret" scrimmage went today....
  12. Exactly what we thought. They always seem to play better in the second half [except last week -they played pretty good the entire game]. Don't know if it the game plan at the beginning OR if the coach gets on their asses during 1/2 time.
  13. We win again... Today not very sharp but key plays in key spots. Found a way, they don't ask how you won but if. Need this bye week badly... Lots of injuries. Congrats to team and coaching staff. Having themselves a season now. Let's keep going. Tough stretch to close out season.
  14. Agree. Excellent in after coming out flat. Cuff had a rough day but made some throws when it counted! Good stuff!
  15. This is a game we lose every single time the last three years. This was a gut check and a passing one at that. great job. Now take the week to get healthy.
  16. Definitely was. If you add to the berm the amount of fans that are ok visitors side you definitely have around 3000
  17. They said Benson would be joining to discuss. Nothing yet on the broacast
  18. Big announcement was us becoming an Under Armour school. New jerseys. I like the bball one but that was a lame announcement. Big announcement = a SEFCU reno or donation or something. Laaaammeeee
  19. Lj wide open. Throw deep ball. God I hate that we ignore the middle of the field 80% of the time.
  20. I'm waiting for the TE sneak out play. They just ran it and he was wide open but instead Cuff went for the fly down the sideline.
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