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#99723 Recruiting - 2017

Posted by Dane96 on 24 April 2017 - 11:20 PM

I suspect some kids are leaving.  It's the trend...not one I like...but its the trend throughout college basketball

#99583 2018 Football Recruiting Offers

Posted by Dane96 on 17 April 2017 - 03:12 PM

Not really.  These kids would enroll in 2018.  QB's take at least 2 years to develop.  


Sussman is heading into his Jr. year, while Brunson is heading into his RS Soph year.  They are the presumptive backup and starter, respectively.   Jake Thompson is a RS Frosh in 2017-18, and the new recruit is likely to RS unless he is switching positions.  I think Ryan O'Malley was a walk-on. 


So, this level of recruiting is appropriate and necessary. 


Nick Patti holds offers from a slew of FCS and FBS schools, though we offered early.  Will Levis has a bunch of IVY offers...and could receive FBS offers shortly (if he hasn't already).  I think Maurice Bellan is more likely an "Athlete", and has FBS offers from Army and Navy.  He's likely to play WR or DB at either FCS or FBS...though he is listed as a combo qb  and WR.  


Braeden Zenelovic is an interesting one.  In some ways, he reminds me a little bit of our current QB coach, Will Fiacchi, purely from the arm and running perspectives.  Comes from an unheralded school in Upstate NY.  He has some serious size at 6'4 190.  I think if Syracuse offered him...he'd be there in a second.  But, he could have a standout career at the FCS level.  He could be a diamond in the rough.  The level of competition is the thing that makes you wonder how could he is/could be.  Fiacchi had serious talents and was a very smart qb...but more than a simple game manager.  That, to me, was the difference between him and Shane Sweeney...another upstate QB from an unheralded h.s. program.

Braeden Zenelovic

So, this is about accurate.

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#99478 2018 Football Recruiting Offers

Posted by Dane96 on 10 April 2017 - 02:31 AM

It's starting to ramp up...let's keep a running list here:


Nick Patti QB 6'3 185 Montvale, NJ

Braeden Zenelovic QB 6'4 190 Ontario Center, NY

Will Levis QB 6'4 222 Middletown, CT

Maurice Bellan QB/WR 5'11 Washington, D.C.



Jasiah Provillon, WR 6'2 177 Irvington, NJ

Lucas Nunez WR 5'8 170 Bronx, NY

Dylan Drummond, WR 6'0 180 Cuyahoga Heights, OH

Daishawn Brimage WR 6'1 190 East Akron, OH

Charles Briscoe III WR 6'0 174 Washington, D.C.



Khalil Weathers, CB 6' 0.5" 190 Pittsburgh, PA 

Divaad Wilson CB  5'11 172, Miami, FL

Robert Kennedy CB / SB 5'11 175 Jeannette, PA



Caleb Okechukwu OLB 6'4 252 Washington, D.C.

Noah Plack-Tallerico LB / WR 6'1 200 South Fayette, PA



Ray Eldridge DE / T 6'4 250 South Fayette, PA



Frederick Scruggs OG 6'3 270 Erie, PA



John Harper RB / FS 6'0 180 McKeesport, PA


#99430 2017 Big Purple Fam - Bracket Challange

Posted by Dane96 on 03 April 2017 - 11:00 PM

These refs need to choke on their whistles. WOW. 11 whistles in the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half. GIVE IT A REST! Unless it's an absolutely blatant egregious foul...shove that thing up your anus. Can not stand refs like this.




Grab a beer...and prepare to laugh your arse off.


BTW...they missed that game changing out of bounds call....jeesh.

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#99388 MLax 2017

Posted by Dane96 on 01 April 2017 - 06:55 PM

Albany cruising.  12-3 over the Sea Puppies.


Man, I really am buying into other's thoughts on this board that if TD played with the Thompson's, we'd be possibly talking about, "Remember when we won the National Title?!"   


Kid is so dominant.  

#99233 Coach Brown

Posted by Dane96 on 21 March 2017 - 09:19 PM

We are absolutely, without question, factually based, looking into a full gut renovation of SEFCU.  They are in the process of fundraising.  Many rumors/discussions on what the gut will look like, including flipping the court direction.


Add in the new scoreboard for next year...and its slowly but surely for this program. It may take 2 years...or 5 years...but there will be a change.  And when that happens, look out.  Albany is a very easy place to recruit kids, and he's a phenomenal coach.  Much like Bob Ford...(well, Coach Ford had it much worse with University Field), Coach Brown does a whole lot with so-so facilities.  When he gets those improvements, we will be beyond solid.

#99191 Spring football practice begins 3/21

Posted by Dane96 on 20 March 2017 - 10:56 PM



The practices are not open to the public. If you try to stop by and watch Gattuso will chase you away. He yelled and screamed at me last year. He is a real jerk ab

 I am serious he started yelling and screaming  then sent one of his underlings to chase me away. He is a real bully. sent email to benson about it and was ignored



It's actually quite normal these days with the ability to film practices.


I was harassed at Dartmouth until I spoke to the Head Coach and told him who I was; in no uncertain terms, he told me my phone needs to stay in my pocket.


My phone was never out of my pocket, nor did I ever intend to take it out.  Coaches are super paranoid, as well the should be.

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#99041 Post-Season CIT: St. Peter's @ UA Thursday at 7pm

Posted by Dane96 on 16 March 2017 - 06:18 PM

Can't see it.


This is amateur hour from the athletic department.

#98542 @ Vermont - AE Tourney 2017 Championship - 3/11 - 11AM on ESPN2

Posted by Dane96 on 07 March 2017 - 10:28 AM

Honestly, don't care.  Just win.  That's all that matters.  Don't care if we are in the PIG.  People (cough, Siena fans) parse words: THE PIG is an NCAA sponsored March Madness event.  In any strict review, it's a tournament game.

#98484 @ Stony Brook - AE Tourney Round 2 - 3/6 - 7:30PM

Posted by Dane96 on 06 March 2017 - 09:48 PM

Looks like, if we hit our FT's, we're advancing. Never would have thought it after losing Hooley, Singletary and Sanders. But good job by Brown getting these kids to play together for most of the year and that nice start at the beginning of the year.

We're going to get smoked by Vermont though until they forget how to play basketball.


And Lands.  And Andrews. And Cochran.


Lost three rotation guys...before the season even really got going.


Add in that we lost Hooley, Singletary and Sanders who were hearts and souls...


Man, what an amazing season. Truly.  20 D-1 wins again.  And sure, we threw away about 3 games...but look at all I wrote before hand.  20-23 wins (factoring in the bad losses and the player injuries) in what was truly a "rebuilding" year.  Great job by Will Brown, his staff...and most importantly, the kids.


And you know that in that lockerroom, the team (coaches on down to players) is not thinking about what they accomplished...but what they still need to accomplish.  Knowing this program, they celebrated for 30 seconds...and got right to the mental business at hand.  


That's what winning programs do!

#98225 @ Stony Brook - AE Tourney Round 2 - 3/6 - 7:30PM

Posted by Dane96 on 02 March 2017 - 12:56 PM

Watcha talking 'bout Willis.  We have 20 wins (Tsk Tsk...you aren't counting Oneonta).

#97984 vs Hartford - 2/25 - 7PM

Posted by Dane96 on 25 February 2017 - 10:13 AM

Exactly my point.  Unless you are the player and the coach, no one has an inkling (with 100% certainty) of what was said.  And this latest "Brown blame" is a nonsense thread-within-a-thread post from a poster who is what, 30 posts in their posting on this board.


Bunch of things worth mentioning:


1. Players are always promised things when recruited; it's a two way street however.  

2. Players are promised playing time if things work out (e.g. they play hard).

3. DI Players at the end of the bench were probably stars in high school...and things often don't translate to D1 (heck, same at any college level).  So I understand if they thought they would play, and are unhappy because they are not.

4. Scholarship fact: YOU WILL BE RECRUITED OVER.  It's a business, no doubt...a business of educating kids, teaching life lessons, and winning ball games.

5. Transfers, at ALL D1 schools, have reached an all-time high.  The advent of using JUCO players are at all time high.  

6. Will Brown has always liked four year players.  There was this little issue in the last two seasons called "non-extension of a Contract".  If you don't think the lack of contract certainty did not play into not being able to recruit the caliber of kid we are used to--who is a four year player--was not a handcuff, well...that would be a shame. It most certainly did have an affect on our recruiting.


So, I say again to Bhill....cut the nonsense out...there is NO reason to be picking a bone right now, other than to have a personal bone to pick.


We are on-pace to have a 20-win season after losing Andrews, Lands, and Cochran for all but 5 games this year.  All three of those guys were projected rotation impact players.  


Anyone bitching and moaning now is a person full of sour-grapes. 

#97675 Recruiting - 2017

Posted by Dane96 on 14 February 2017 - 06:03 PM

You guys are talking some serious nonsense.



#97665 Mike Black - David Nichols

Posted by Dane96 on 13 February 2017 - 11:02 PM

OMG.  I had no idea how incredible David's numbers were this season.  He's going to be a load the next two seasons.  I think the game is really going to slow down for him next year and he will be a Top 3 player in this league.

#97309 2017 Football Recruits/Commits

Posted by Dane96 on 01 February 2017 - 02:11 PM

Did you guys see the Mich State recruit who couldn't send in his LOI today because he committed armed (gun) burglary and was in prison and couldn't get to the fax machine.



MSU will not be accepting him (tough choice, I'm sure).

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