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#104238 [MBB] Game #11 12/09/17 7:37 vs Siena at TUC

Posted by jimbo on 11 December 2017 - 07:16 AM

So the UA LCC week of love/hate should be drawing to a close. My final say on the matter is this: I’d rather root for a winning program that plays in a 4500 seat gym in front of enthusiastic supporters with a terrific coach and 7 posters on their board than root for a losing program with an arm flapping buffoon of a coach that plays in an oversized and overpriced barn supported by a 100 perpetually depressed posters on their board any day of the week.

AND I would like to take a bow for the longest run on sentence since the Gettysburg Address.

#100652 Happy 4th

Posted by Clickclack on 04 July 2017 - 09:58 AM

This is my adopted country but today let us all rejoice in what an awesome country it is.

Happy birthday America, you've given much to many, even those who came with nothing.

#98510 @ Stony Brook - AE Tourney Round 2 - 3/6 - 7:30PM

Posted by olddog71 on 06 March 2017 - 10:33 PM

The following excerpt is from the Long Island Newsday on tonight's game: "Consider this the official rite of passage for all of Stony Brook’s new players and coaching staff. You’re not really one of the Seawolves until Albany breaks your heart, or at least your stride."


I love it!

#99967 Danes vs UNC

Posted by madDOG on 08 May 2017 - 08:49 AM

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that **North Carolina** is travelling to UAlbany to play in the first round of an NCAA tournament??!! If you told me this 20 years ago (when I graduated) I would have thought you were out of your g-damn mind.

#99016 @ Vermont - AE Tourney 2017 Championship - 3/11 - 11AM on ESPN2

Posted by godanesgo99 on 16 March 2017 - 12:27 PM

Interesting that "not listening to the message boards" was mentioned.

David, if you do ever read this, please stop. Don't mind us armchair quarterbacks. Listen to your coaches, your teammates, and yourself. As Brown stated, the team doesn't get where it did without you. Us fans care about the team and you. All of us have opinions that aren't worth squat.

Keep on being the man. We can't wait to see you continue to improve and continue to be the man!

#96025 UAlbany Flag

Posted by Michigan_Dane on 28 November 2016 - 09:07 PM

I have so much UA crap it's unbelievable. Just in flags I have 3x5 horizontal and vertical. I also have multiple garden flags.

Amazon, Football Fanatics and the UA bookstore all sell them.

I'm screwed if UA ever changes their name. Christmas ornaments, corn hole games, scarves, Fatheads, car plates and hundreds of other items get tossed. I had my eye on a UA chef apron. I'm determined to keep up with my Michigan and Michigan State neighbors.

#95812 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Posted by haggyland on 24 November 2016 - 10:48 AM

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.


I have had the honor of watching my alma mater succeed in unimaginable ways over the years at the D1 level, and I am pleased that I have been able to share a lot of it with many of you.  Sure there have been disagreements over the years but if we are going to be a part of what has been termed "The Big Purple Family" then internal squabbles should be expected...on my end I will just try to be less of the crazy uncle!


So, safe travels if you are travelling, best wishes to all, and on Sunday let's finish off this extended holiday weekend with two wins against the other D1 team in town.


Go Great Danes!


...and now on to the festivities!


#105076 [MBB] Game #16: 1/3/18 - 7:00pm - vs Hartford

Posted by Patch on 05 January 2018 - 12:01 PM

To me it appears we really don't have that strong personality which could be this teams achilles heel. I'm am not sure if that can be developed. We definitely don't have a get in your face type guy, everyone in the rotation seemingly doesn't want to rock the boat. Where is Levi Levine type guy who demanded effort by his teammates?????


Effort is what is missing, the talent is there.

#105075 [MBB] Game #16: 1/3/18 - 7:00pm - vs Hartford

Posted by UA'08 on 05 January 2018 - 11:45 AM

We need someone who will deliver that a hard foul, get in someones face and show some fire. An attitude where we wont back down from anyone. Maybe its just the players coach recruits. Hes always said his players are the nicest guys on the court and they need to be mean at times.

#104875 [MBB] Game #15: 12/28/17 - 7:00pm - vs Kent State

Posted by bob87 on 29 December 2017 - 10:17 PM

A couple of things about last night:
-Kent State might not be great, but look like a solid MAC team. I also doubt the attendance numbers but in any event, it was a nice crowd. If the students were around that would have been a terrific atmosphere for college basketball.
-Loved when Ahmad Clark was open in the corner and he slowly took that one dribble to make sure he was behind the line and then knocked down the three. 
-Foster! I worry sometimes when a guy was a big time recruit like he was that he won't buy in to what we're doing but that hasn't seemed to be the case with him at all. He plays hard, seems coachable and is fiery. His career seemed to have a bunch of strange turns with coaches being fired and not really getting a chance to play at his previous schools. He seems to really be making the most of his time here.
-Joe Cremo is going to do something ridiculous in just about every game but it's not going to be the same thing every game. Sometimes it's rebounding, sometimes it's scoring, last night it was assists.
-The out of town scores on the scoreboard are nice. It would be even better if they could be localized to a preference to schools in our conference or our region.

And the out of town scoreboard should never show the LCC score unless they are losing. That shouldn't be much of an issue this season but that "rule" should always apply :)

#104202 [MBB] Game #11 12/09/17 7:37 vs Siena at TUC

Posted by Eli on 10 December 2017 - 01:20 PM

Man I love reading their board. It's great material.

Can they talk about a winning program? Nope.
Can they talk about a great coach? Nope.
Can they talk about winning a rivalry game most years? Nope.
Can they talk about any of their other sports being nationally recognized or consistent tough outs? Nope.


Can they talk about a $iena-for-brains coach? Yep.
Can they talk about another fan base or lack there of? Yep.
Can they talk about their supposed palace being better than some other arena? Yep.
Can they talk about their supposed supremacy in forum traffic? Yep.

That is LITERALLY the epitome of a bunch of losers. All they can do is throw shade at inconsequential things in the hopes of elevating themselves on miniscule levels.

What a riot.

Keep sucking, $iena. 😂😂😂😂😂

Edit: I can't wait to read their board after Vermont destroys them. Sky is always falling over there.

#104161 [MBB] Game #11 12/09/17 7:37 vs Siena at TUC

Posted by MRSGDG on 09 December 2017 - 10:58 PM

David's father.....


 @CoachDonNichols 7m7 minutes ago


My son once said he is so angry after losses because his team is always the most prepared to win. After sitting directly behind the bench tonight I see what he means. Takes an awful lot to impress me with game plan and x’s and o’s. Impressed!

#98788 @ Vermont - AE Tourney 2017 Championship - 3/11 - 11AM on ESPN2

Posted by jimbo on 11 March 2017 - 01:50 PM

We have to beat Vermont next year. Absolutely at any cost.
Will Brown's clock has reached midnight. He is now merely mortal.


The carriage has turned into a pumpkin. This loss is as bad as UVA in 2007.

Huh? Against a 28-5 team, riding a 20 game win streak, 16-0 in the conference, 9pt road dogs...and they get to the last minute before losing. That's what qualifies as a bad loss?... I'll take this one any day over the home tourney hairball they coughed up against Hartford last year.

#92350 Jamar Wilson

Posted by Patch on 11 May 2016 - 08:23 AM

Congrats to Jamar on the birth of his son Sebastian Augustus Elias Wilson a whopping 10.3lbs and 22". Mom and son are both doing well!!!

#104837 Title IX violations

Posted by UAalum72 on 28 December 2017 - 10:29 PM

This thread wins a Major Award for most embedded quotes per post



#104272 [MBB] Game #11 12/09/17 7:37 vs Siena at TUC

Posted by statefan on 11 December 2017 - 05:02 PM

I hate to be at odds with many of my friends here, but, this deal was known from Day 1.  It was a 3 year contract, first year a Siena home game, second year a UAlbany home game, third year a tournament game at TUC, not to be included in either team's season ticket package and to be Siena's home game within the three mid-major roundrobin which guaranteed each of the three one home game.  Ours vs Bryant.  Siena's vs us and Bryant's vs Siena.


None of this is news.  And, to be fair to Benson, as opposed to all prior years and contracts, he came away with a home game and another game in which our fans got equal access to seats, which was a major complaint at the time.  Let's not revise history.

#104218 [MBB] Game #11 12/09/17 7:37 vs Siena at TUC

Posted by ZLK on 10 December 2017 - 06:59 PM

I have been going to Albany-Siena games for 60 years.  The first four as a player(2 wins,2 losses) and the remainder as a spectator.  This is an important event in the Capital District.  This year was an excellent option.  UA got great seats.  The games were great.

Concessions are over priced!  I would favor this years set up with the game being out of season packages and being split until UA can update SEFCU to 6000+ seats.  Then Home and Home makes sense!!  


I'm all for the TUC being the neutral site for this game, as soon as Siena decides they don't want to play their actual home games there. As long as they play their home games there you can paint the whole thing purple and it's not a neutral site.

#103785 [MBB] Game #7: 11/27/17 - 7pm - @ Monmouth

Posted by uofalbany on 28 November 2017 - 09:56 AM

No need to get paranoid about this team.  There was bound to be a clunker sooner or later.

And there we had it.   And we had the opportunity to win this game.   It's not like the undefeated Georgia football team,

where they got blown out and embarrassed themselves against Auburn.


Regroup and get ready to fight once again.  Let's crush some skulls. 

#103026 MBB Game #1: 11/10/17, 7:00pm - vs. Iona (0-0 MAAC) @ SEFCU

Posted by Patch on 11 November 2017 - 12:24 PM

From my perspective the faster the pace became the better Iona played ( look at early in the second half). If keeping Iona out of their rhythm was what CB wanted I think it worked decently.


Nice to beat Iona with Cremo and Nichols just being decent, Charles struggling with turnovers, Devonte not having a good offensive game and Foster, Conway and Clark learning to fit in and play at a more deliberate pace then they are probably use too.


A lot to work on but a winn over the MAAC preseason favorite is always good!!!!

#101519 Title IX violations

Posted by kikuria on 19 September 2017 - 12:09 PM

Th above is likely on the money.


And I will echo others who said that Title IX wasn't ever supposed to be athletics. However, I don't mind its application so long as they make the correct decision that is long over-due: exempt football from the process.   It's just never going to be an apples-to-apples comparison.  They should add dance teams and cheerleading to the application as well, not because it is a weasel way to achieve compliance but because those teams work hard and practice hard for a sporting related on-campus activity.


Also, i think someone else may have mentioned this...but Title IX is NOT solely about scholarship-scholarship. It's about facilities, expenditures, and access as well.  In my opinion, and this all depends on cash...once the decision is made to go all-in on the SEFCU renovation (and after both teams use the Old Gym--presumably during the re-build)...we renovate the old gym and we make that a volleyball centric facility dedicated to that team.  Also, renovate the old pool and bring back swimming and diving...which would allow more scholarship opportunities and, if its a woman only sport (meaning don't bring back men's swimming) then that facility would be dedicated to the ladies, helping reach the goal. 


Another easy (but more expensive way to do this) is elevating women's crew.  The expensive part is the shells which, from my understanding, can be upwards of 50-75k per boat.


I'm normally just an observer but this is a topic I actually know something about.

The issue according to the findings it about proportional opportunities. But the languate used in the resolution agreement made it clear that OCR didn't want to see UAlbany eliminating opportunities for men.
With that as background, the only way to meaningful resolve this is Crew.  There's no other sport that can close that gap. 100+ D1 schools figured this out long ago - if you want anything that resembles "real" D1 football, you had better plan on having Crew.
Other background information - I speak to this as a former rower, someone currently coaching the sport, and a former collegiate coach (different college folks.)
Dane96 - I understand why you cite those numbers. It's such a common misconception that it's become fact. Seriously, you could fleet out an entire program for those kinds of numbers. 
It's simple not true that the start up costs for Crew are as big as people let on. And ongoing costs are in line with cross country - you know, those budget killing runners are always sucking up resources.
When people cite cost as a barrier, they're inflating the prices because they are trying to kill the idea or otherwise don't find it appealing.  When someone thinks it's a good idea, they talk about creative ways to bring that idea to fruition.  Both have to address the financial piece but arrive at different outcomes because of different starting points.
Dane96 - The only programs that I know that have EVER spent that kind of $$$ for a start up program were in the Big 12 and had to have immediate offsets due to football. But even they weren't spending $50k+ on a boat.
If the school wanted Crew they could start it for well under under $20k. 
Every D1 program in our region (D2 and D3 for that matter) spread start up capital expenses over multiple years and then made incremental improvements (e.g. Buy or rent relatively inexpensive, used pieces of equipment; build roster numbers; sell said equipment and roll $$ into an upgrade;  repeat as needed and add donor $$$ as desired.)
Want to make sure it's a success and lower the costs even further? Work with the students and the club where those students currently row (not affiliated with university.)  
It's a small community so I just took the liberty of reaching out to get info from the coach that runs the program  (I didn't mention this post but probably should have in retrospect.) They had  more than 100+ women interested this season but had to limit it to 40 students because of staff size. And that's with ZERO off-campus recruiting.
I have to image that members of the Athletic Department read this stuff.  So let me conclude by saying:
UAlbany Athletic Department - You truly have a plug and play solution that would quickly solve the current Title IX issue.  If you are willing to make it work that is.  I'd even be willing to facilitate making the connection although I'm sure you can figure out how to get in contact with the right people.  Private message me if that's an option.