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In Topic: [FB] Game 7 - vs Maine - 10/21 - 3:30PM

Today, 09:14 AM

I found these quotes interesting.


"My thing is we wanted to be a little more aggressive on first down (vs. Richmond). I thought we were. We were a little more aggressive in the passing game. We had a good week communicating."


"I interject where I want to interject and I probably had a little more influence last game (against Richmond) with some of the things I wanted."


"He was very happy with it, I was happy with it and we thought our communication was better and it was easier for me to be in the flow of the play-calling."


So, Gattuso is getting more involved with play calling and wanted to get more aggressive on first down. Running up the middle on first down almost every time was getting annoying.

In Topic: Fall Ball

15 October 2017 - 10:59 PM

Interesting results today. Hopefully I'll get a debrief and can provide some context.


What were the results?

In Topic: 2017-18 Season

13 October 2017 - 07:29 PM

Thanks for the insight guys. Excited for the season!


Team Gold wins tonight over Team Purple 80-70. Thanks to all our loyal fans for coming out tonight!

In Topic: 2017-18 Season

13 October 2017 - 04:40 PM

Please provide updates on the scrimmage. 

In Topic: [FB] Game 6 - @ Richmond - 10/7 - 3PM

07 October 2017 - 06:52 PM

As I said in a previous post, it's really frustrating. Hold them to 6 last week and lose. Score 38 this week and lose.  It's tough.  There i a reason though that Richmond offense is so highly ranked.  They throw the ball all over everyone it seems.