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Today, 08:00 PM


Winning the conference tournament and going to the NCAA tournament is definitely not a waste, but if we want to win a game there one day you have to win more than 9/10 games during the regular season.

The point is devaluing the importance of the regular season and just going with three games in March is all that matters just isnt the approach Id want the team to take anymore.


I don't think anyone on the staff cavalierly dismisses the regular season as if it didn't matter. Truth be told it appears some of the kids that were recruited and the coaching staff needs to take a look in the mirror...didn't or will not pan out. That has led to almost no depth, and tired legs for starters etc.



I was thinking about this the other night.. the recruiting side of things. I'm going through the hiring process now at work and thought about how it related to basketball.


Sorry if this seems like a jumble of thoughts..


So the coaches go out and recruit kids based on their talent against teams they have played against. Most will have no D1 experience..so the coaches really have no idea how they will perform once given D1 scouts, asked to play D, or asked to ride the bench until needed (things these high school stars likely aren't asked to do much of). These are things all coaches have to deal with..


Now the kid may come in, you may teach them everything they need to know, give them all the tools and they still may not be able to do perform at the level you need them to on the court. They may not be able to grasp the scout..they may not be not pick up the plays you're asking them to memorize, and they may not be able to pick up how to play D or they may not be able to hit the shots they did in highschool as the D1 guys they are playing against are much bigger.


Now if this was someone I hired.. and I gave them all the tools and they didn't work out, I could fire them...and not waste a spot in my office. I mean I don't need someone who can't do the job I hired them for. But in the interview, the resume, the references I really thought they would do well. I thought they would fit into the office with what we're looking to do. I mean why would I hire someone who I thought would suck?


Bring this back to basketball.. so the coaches now have people they brought on the team, gave a scholarship to, gave tools to and some can't seem to perform. Some of those butts are taking up scholarships and seats on the bench. And well these are student-athletes not employees..so we can't fire them.


I say this not because I think we should be able to kick someone off the team for not performing because.. they are students first... but that I think at least myself...I sometimes think recruiting/putting a team together should be more obvious. And then I realize (like I am now while hiring) most the time it's a complete crap shoot with what you're going to get...and imagine if you can't get rid of people when you find out they're not good...or can't move them to another unit, etc. And imagine you're hiring someone to be your programmer in your office and they suck and you can't get rid of them.. but no one else on your team can program.. because well you have limited spots to hire people. What do you do? Just let them sit there and ask someone else to try and learn to program.  For basketball what do you do...you can't ask a PG you recruited to be a center.. etc. (And we're in the AE so we're not going to have access to people who are multifaceted)


I'm no coach but I can def see that it's got to be a crazy ass puzzle to put all together.


I think, it seems to me.. this is the worst bench we have had. I can only hope and feel confident that this doesn't seem to be a normal CB/staff move.. we normally don't have a bench this bad. So for me I'm going to put this on the players not the staff recruiting since this is the same staff that got us Sanders, Singletary just a few yrs ago. I trust they know what they are doing. It's just sometimes players/workers don't pan out and they get their seat on the bench/bus regardless. Staff has done their best with what they have.. again we have 20 wins which is great.. but even if you do your best, you're still down a few guys due to the lack of your bench production/not working out..... without some duct-tape, a paperclip and some gum and maybe someone named Macgyver on your staff you're probably not gonna get to the NCAA.


But then again.. we've seen what CB and his staff can do against UVM in a championship game...so maybe one of their middle names is Macgyver, ya never know. ^_^

In Topic: Where are they now?

17 February 2018 - 08:35 PM

Saw it shared on Facebook. Gary Johnson graduated policy academy today and is now in the LAPD.

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16 February 2018 - 09:16 PM

Lamb hopeful he can return for America East playoffs


In Topic: [MBB] Game #28: 2/15/18 - 7PM - @ UMass-Lowell

15 February 2018 - 08:58 PM

Brown on radio:


-got mad at David so he sat him like SB, and then let him play, said David must need to get mad sometimes to do well

-transition defense was horrible

-need to figure out a way to beat umbc, since they are playing well.

-thought about going small but decided not to

-bench gave us good mins. Costa settling in.

-found a way to win the game

In Topic: [MBB] Game #28: 2/15/18 - 7PM - @ UMass-Lowell

15 February 2018 - 08:55 PM

So did Clark piss off Brown? I know he made a comment on the radio that he wasn't working out - but he wasn't wearing a jersey in the last game. I can't tell if he is at the game or not tonight as the video feed is on the wrong side. 


Clark played last game, so he did wear a jersey.