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Yesterday, 11:22 AM

Not to mention I'm not sure when we've gotten "smoked" in the tourney (other than Virginia). We've had some crap matchups and they've played out just how our games would play out against any top 25 team. I'm down with being pissed off about losing to bad teams in the league. Thinking we should be winning tourney games or making tourney run's is Vermont fan level delusional. Only way you're winning one out of this league is by stealing a game from a damn good team. There's a reason people remember when low/mid's do it.


We always do 'well'.........for the first 25-30 minutes. Then we got our doors blown off when the other guys go on a 15-2 run or something because our athletes are gassed compared to theirs when they have 13 guys who'd start on our team and we only have maybe 1 or 2 that would start on theirs or even get serious minutes (that's just how the cookie crumbles for our tier of D1 hoops). The final score might not be us getting beat by 50, but we sure as hell can't compete for 40 minutes with those teams. That's just how it is.


I'm tired of just doing 'well'. Either we need to focus on having a FULL SEASON of dominance and stop just waiting for the 'new season in March'...or we need to get the hell out of the AE. We have 5 titles and we're still bumbling along the high end of the low majors with Vermont who has had their own share of continued success.


That's why getting a seed in the low teens is vital. Facing #1's and #2's every time we make the dance is doing nothing for us. Just adding L's. Playing a #5 is a much better proposition for anyone at our level. There is a reason why there pretty much a yearly upset of a #5 by a #12 for example. When's the last time a #1 or #2 lost in the first round? #1 never, #2 only 8 times in the history of the dance:




The list gets WAY longer the closer you get to #12, #13, etc. although it's still not a given you'll win that game.

In Topic: [MBB] Game #30: 2/24/18 - 7:00pm - vs Maine

Yesterday, 09:44 AM

Disagree. So we win the tournament this year and get a 16 or if lucky a 15 seed and then get smoked, all should be forgotten about the disappointing regular season? The difference between a 14/13/12 and a 16/15 is huge. I wont forget WB said after the Oklahoma game UA will win a game one day. You have to give yourself a better chance at that by taking care of business during the regular season. The idea that the regular season doesnt matter is the wrong approach for the team.

It was awesome 14 years ago just seeing UAs name on selection Sunday. I think we are passed that.


Agreed. See below. Didn't realize you posted this as I only noticed B9's post this morning...


Fans we have won as a 4 seed before. Yes I know we hosted back then, but I think the best thing to happen to this team will be to start a new season in the tournament.


I don't know. Might be rambling a bit here as this is a bit of a long post but my thoughts this AM...


TL;DR/Short version: I'm not content with bumbling through season after season even if we do win the title. It leads to nothing. We need successive years similar to what Vermont has done these past two. Winning titles with years like THAT is how you set yourself up for the CHANCE to make national noise. Winning 10 titles with a barely 20 win team and a seemingly yearly conference record of ~9-7 leads to nothing great. In my opinion.


At this point, winning the AE title is just good for those fuzzy feelings of superiority over the rest of the conference. Getting smoked in the NCAA's quickly destroys those fuzzy feelings, at least for me.




I might be in the absolute minority (of 1) but I think winning the AE as a lower seed and not a #1 or #2 AND having a 'so-so' conference record is pointless. Sure, we get another banner. Cool. Bragging rights amongst AE teams. Cool. We could have 10 titles and also have 10 first round NCAA losses to go with them. At some point kids will say, "why go there? Even if we make it, due to being in the AE and always bumbling through the conference expecting to get hot in the tournamet, we'll be overmatched and lose in the first round".


At what point do we start caring about doing things to attain higher seeds in the dance than simply winning the AE at any cost? By that I mean develop the bench more during OOC so come conference time we aren't playing only 6-7 deep with a completely useless bench and thus losing games we're supposed to win when ONE of our main guys (there is 3 of them at this time) has a bad game. We can beat anyone...if all our guys are 'on'...we can lose to everyone...if one of our guys isn't on.

We need more years of 12-13 conference wins with a title in succession than winning titles with 9-7 conference records and as the #4, #5 seed.


Winning 3 titles with 12-13 conference wins in close succession will lead to better NCAA seeds than winning 5 titles with 9-7 conference records in close succession. IMO.


For an AE team to have a shot at a higher seed and thus a more likely chance at an upset, the team needs to win 24-25 games a year AND win the conference title as one of the top 2 seeds REGULARLY. Anything else happens (9-7 conference record), even with a title, and the selection committee will set us up to fail. Getting the #16 seed because we were the number #4 team in the AE is just ensuring we meet a buzzsaw in the first round.




IMO, Vermont will win the AE title this year. They were the #13 last year. After going almost perfect in the AE again, I honestly think they can get a #12 or #13 again...pretty sure they won't be a #15 or #16 like we always seem to be and then promptly get shallacked by the Duke's and Kansas's of the world. No offense to Louisville, but they ain't that type of program anymore...at least not right now. That was a good game against them but we'd get blown out by a true #1/#2 team in the NCAA's.


Callin it how I see it. What's the point of gathering AE titles only to get obliterated later. This isn't our first AE title...we've been champions. Multiple times. Time to start aiming for bigger things. NCAA wins.

For that we need to put more pressure on winning 75% of our AE games AND the title. If we continue to only care about the 'new season in March'...we'll never get anywhere. With or without titles in that 'new season'.

Let's not Jimmy Patsos ourselves and try to sell ourselves on just performing in March.

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19 February 2018 - 10:20 PM



Anyone care to delete their vote and re-vote?


No...I picked 17-20 and Championship...they will surpass the win total but not sure about championship. They have the talent to make a run as a 4 seed. 




I just voted for the first time because my account wasn't set up but I originally was going with 21+ wins and damn you Vermont. Damn you Vermont doesn't specify what round so I got more bang for my buck with that selection. At that point in time, I did think they were the only ones who could beat us. 


Like click said, I think Albany can make a run, especially if someone (not Albany) gets taken out early and there is some reseeding. I really hope they make a run, its always nice to hang onto 1 or 2 more weeks of hoop season.



The order of the 2nd pole (last 3 options) is:

Damn you Vermont - lose in AE title game



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19 February 2018 - 09:21 AM

I'm fatigued from a fan perspective as well. This season has definitely been unlike any others for me where I've missed multiple games, didn't hurry home to watch them on replay immediately after (I took a 4hr nap yesterday before I even though about watching the game lol)...the roller coaster has not been fun. As Click said, we can (probably) beat anyone...but we can (likely) lose to anyone. On any given day. That's the unfortunate truth.

In Topic: Re-calibrating expectations on the season...

18 February 2018 - 11:17 PM

Anyone care to delete their vote and re-vote?