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[MBB] Game #22: 1/21/18 - 2:00pm - vs UMBC

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Posted 22 January 2018 - 03:18 PM

I think it was because Costa came out of the game the play before, then the time out, he couldn't go back in until a play had occured. Once you leave the floor you can't come back in until some time had rolled off the clock. 

That's not what I remember but I haven't re-watched the game.
1) Costa checks in
2) One play is ran, Costa is actively in the game
3) Whistle is blown for <some issue>
4) Team comes back out onto the floor, NO SUB CHANGE
5) Costa is told he can't be on the floor, Cochran comes in
Costa never 'came out' until he was forced to come out. As far as I saw from my seat.
It was odd...I was focused on the refs/Brown the whole time it was going on.
Just rewatched it to see of my memory was correct. Anderson and Clark check in with 9 seconds left, hoping to be the one who fouls to not get anyone else in trouble. After the foul, Cremo checks in for Anderson with 6 seconds remaining. UMBC calls time out. After the time out, coach sends Anderson back in for Charles, but no time has come off the clock, so he can't re-enter enter the game until something comes off the clock as he was just taken out of the game. Coach puts in Cochran instead.

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