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In Topic: Re-calibrating expectations on the season...

Yesterday, 02:26 PM

Campbell last year in conference play, 53% from 2, 32% from 3. This year, 39% and 13%...LOL...his outside jumper looks worse than Stires if he ever tried one...no fluidity, nothing...why does he even bother? Slash/drive or move the ball...no more 3's. 


He's attempted more 3's already this year then all of last year...37 vs 36 last year. He hit 7 all year this year, and only 1 in AE play in 8 attempts. He's actually shooting 58% from inside the arc, mostly on slashes to the rim. DO THAT!!!!!!

In Topic: Re-calibrating expectations on the season...

Yesterday, 12:38 PM

We probably had these same conversations during conference play in each of our conference championship years.


Just finished watching this, if anyone wants to evaluate our play:


Who are these guys...???

In Topic: [MBB] Game #20: 1/15/18 - 7:00pm - @ Binghamton

Yesterday, 10:15 AM

One more observation on Nichols...of his recent 9 out of 10 games where his ORating is under 100, his only game where he wasn't under 100 was....Stonybrook, not surprising Albany smacked Stonybrook up as much as 22.

Maine game was an anomaly, Albany just curb-stomped them out of the gate. He didn't play well and Maine really cut into that lead in the second half. If Maine isn't as inept as they were in the 1st half, there's a pretty solid chance based on how the second half went that Albany loses that game as well.


The more I look at the data, the more it's obvious to me that the engine of this team is David. It's a difficult conclusion for me personally to disprove, perhaps I'm wrong, would like other folks to provide what they see. 

In Topic: [MBB] Game #20: 1/15/18 - 7:00pm - @ Binghamton

Yesterday, 10:10 AM

Nichols shooting 2pt % all of last year in conference play was 50%...this year through 5 games 27%. There's no way this kid all of a sudden forgot how to score the ball...it's not possible!


You get him right, it all slides into place, you don't have to have people who aren't accustomed to picking up his load trying to do to much. 


I don't know what's wrong with David and I certainly as a fan who doesn't talk to him know how to get him going but when he's rolling, they are most likely rolling, only exception really is Maine. 

In Topic: [MBB] Game #20: 1/15/18 - 7:00pm - @ Binghamton

Yesterday, 09:08 AM

Why play Nichols yesterday 36 minutes when he looked horrible and Clark only 10 minutes? Although Clark was sloppy with the ball with 3to's.