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Yesterday, 07:57 PM

My son said it was boring watching the first half because they are so dominant but had a lot of fun watching the second with the subs playing!

Funny, I thought the opposite.

In Topic: Drexel

Yesterday, 07:55 PM

Fun game to watch. I wish UA would get some students or something to do the play by play of the game. Glad Marr pulled the first team players and let the younger guys get some playing time.  

If not,the score would have been ugly

In Topic: Drexel

Yesterday, 12:35 PM

Was that a cheap shot? I have never liked Drexel they have always been dirty

In Topic: Drexel

Yesterday, 12:12 PM

Just the background announcer and crowd noise.

Might turn out to be the most lopsided score in the history of lacrosse

In Topic: [MBB] Game #30: 2/24/18 - 7:00pm - vs Maine

21 February 2018 - 03:10 PM

And funny how two seasons ago, I thought we'd never lose a conference championship every again.