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Today, 08:29 AM

Don't know if this was already covered or not, but how out of whack are we in terms of title IX?


Now, I'm a novice in this argument.... and not sure who is already included in the title ix allocation , but.....


If non-scholarship athletes and walk-ons are included, cheerleaders need to be included as well, if they aren't already.

Being heavily involved in both basketball and football, and other events, they are being given special athletic privilege as well.


From reading the article, it appears roughly 97 woman roster spots. It's significant!

In Topic: 2021 - Syracuse

Yesterday, 12:37 PM

Starting a legal fund now so when we win I spray paint UALBANY in front of all their "New York's College Team" signs.



In Topic: Title IX violations

Yesterday, 12:35 PM


Another easy (but more expensive way to do this) is elevating women's crew.  The expensive part is the shells which, from my understanding, can be upwards of 50-75k per boat.

Being a former rower and swim club founder, I would love to see both come back but rowing is really costly and isn't a spectator sport. Rowing would be a million to start up with boats, trailer, oars, rowing machines, weights, coach boats, also an issue of where to store the equipment which would be interesting and scholorships. Currently the UA rowing team is unaffiliated with the University so I doubt the new athletic team would get any of their equipment.

Swimming would be cheaper and there is already built in seating area in the PE building, although not cheep just add two lanes and diving boards and your set. Although a diving platform would increase insurance costs.


The key to being successful would be a willingness to work with the current team even if it's not affiliated with the University right now.  Also, Crew just isn't as costly as people make it out to be. Especially when comparing it to other sports. Let's help to stop furthering this myth!  As far as spectating goes - when was the last time you were at the Head of the Charles or the Grand Stands of a big regatta? Huge, huge spectating potential - an entire shoreline.  The  $$ come in from sponsorships rather than the gates sales of spectators.



Have you tried to reach out to Mark Benson on this? You clearly have passion for the subject matter at hand and apparently know what you speak of quite eloquently. There may be a real opportunity here to study this subject and perhaps bring it to fruition. I'd love for the University to find whatever funding was needed to not only resolve the Title IX matter but I'd argue more important offer a great opportunity for the young woman who would join the program. 

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Yesterday, 11:11 AM

UAlbany football will receive a $350,000 guarantee for its game at Syracuse in 2021, per a UAlbany spokesman.

In Topic: Title IX violations

18 September 2017 - 10:46 AM

Should anyone wish to read the remediation plan...


http://www.timesunio...n agreement.pdf