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In Topic: Stuyvesant Plaza

Today, 09:50 PM

Man, that thing is BEAUTIFUL. And looks like we got rid of those nasty yellow spotlights for some proper white ones. Good looks!

In Topic: Oct 22 - MBB & WBB Meet and Greet

Today, 07:33 PM

I think that was my first game. Or maybe 2nd (might have went to one at the beginning of conference play). We sat down on like the 2nd row in the corner where the opposing team comes out of the tunnel. I waved that towel so hard my shoulder hurt for like 4 days after. It was nuts.

In Topic: Recruiting - 2018

Today, 02:38 PM

Updated as of today.

Looks like the following recruits accepted Verbal's elsewhere...see list below for where.


Josh Jefferson
Adrian Nelson
Fletcher Tynen
Riley Abercrombie
Peter 'P.J.' Byrd
UAlbany Men's Roster 2018-2019					
Name			Position	Height	Weight	Year		Status
Brent Hank		C		6'10"	245	So.		Returning
Adam Lulka		PF		6'8"	240	So.		Returning
Devonte Campbell	SF		6'6"	225	Sr.		Returning
Matt Conway		SF		6'7"	200	Jr. (JUCO)	Returning
Joe Cremo		SG		6'4"	190	Sr.		Returning
Xavier Cochran		SG		6'6"	195	RJr.		Returning
David Nichols		PG		6'1"	185	Sr.		Returning
Cam Healey		PG		6'2"	185	So.		Returning
Ahmad Clark		PG		6'1"	170	Jr. (JUCO)	Returning
Antonio Rizzuto**	PG		6'3"	180	Fr.		Incoming
Malachi de Sousa**	SF		6'5"	200	Fr.		Incoming
Free Scholarship					
Free Scholarship					
Nick Fruscio		PG		5'10"	155	Jr.		Returning
Possible Signings	Position	Height	Weight	Year		Status
Rashad Williams**	PG		6'3"	185	HS2018		Offered
Greg Dolan**		PG		6'3"	170	HS2018		Offered
Antonio Rizzuto**	PG		6'3"	180	HS2018		Verbal
Calvin Wishart**	PG		6'1"	175	HS2018		Offered
Quinlan Bennett**	SG		6'3"	175	HS2018		Offered
Harrison Butler***	SF		6'5"	205	HS2018		Offered
Malachi de Sousa**	SF		6'5"	200	HS2018		Verbal
Jordan Starr**		SF		6'6"	170	HS2018		Offered
Tayler Mattos**		PF		6'9"	230	HS2018		Offered
Jaalam Hill**		PF		6'7"	220	Jr. (JUCO)	Offered
Cedric Roland**		PF		6'7"	220	Jr. (JUCO)	Offered
Carlos Dotson**		C		6'7"	285	So. (JUCO)	Offered
Antun Maricevic**	C		6'10"	234	Jr. (JUCO)	Offered
Michael Steadman**	C		6'10"	215	Jr. (JUCO)	Offered
Josh Jefferson**	PG		6'2"	173	Jr. (JUCO)	Cal State Northridge
Adrian Nelson**		SF		6'6"	185	HS2018		Detroit
Fletcher Tynen**	SF		6'5"	190	HS2018		Boston Univ.
Riley Abercrombie**	PF		6'8"	205	HS2018		Boise State
Peter 'P.J.' Byrd**	PG		6'1"	169	HS2018		VCU
Melik Martin**		PF		6'6"	200	HS2018		Monmouth
Darrell Bowman**	PF		6'8"	270	Jr. (JUCO)	Miami (OH)
Kenechukwu Chukwuka**	PF		6'8"	215	Jr. (JUCO)	Pitt
James Sosinski**	PF		6'8"	240	Jr. (JUCO)	FB at Kansas
Kabir Mohammed**	SF		6'5"	220	Jr. (JUCO)	Missouri State
Possible Departures	Reason				
Departures	Reason				
Greig Stire	Graduated				
Travis Charles	Graduated				
Alex Foster	Graduated				
Costa Anderson	Graduated				

In Topic: Stuyvesant Plaza

Yesterday, 10:08 PM

My thinking is the score will be on the scrolling/round banner on the bottom and/or the square banner on top. The big screens will be used for replays, crowd pump ups, showing the game (if it's a TV feed, etc.).

That being said, just watched the video thanking SP.


The Hooley shot will never get old. It might never be topped on my list of all-time best sports moments. And I watch a lot of sports, many leagues, many disciplines ranging from racing (F1 and MotoGP) to all the major sports we think of, etc.

In Topic: [FB] Game 7 - vs Maine - 10/21 - 3:30PM

15 October 2017 - 08:29 PM

This week Maine trailed Rhode Island 14-7 after one, but ended winning 51-27. Over 530 yards total offense

Hopefully our amazing D can keep that to about 250-300 for the game.