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    I expect CF to get the start. I can't say I have inside information....but maybe I do..... or maybe I am hoping my fellow West Genny Alum Chemotti sees this and forms his game plan around it. Either way, Albany is going to win 80% of the face-offs, and when they do, I hope they run the offense I called for (and got) in the most recent games. The dodge down the alley, pass to the 4 man, set a (moving) screen is a deadly play and we see it work 2-4 times a game for goals. Not to look to next season, but how amazing would it be in Tehoka undergoes a body transformation ala Miles and develops that little extra quickness to get out of the instant double he faces. My prediction for the near term: CF starts and has 4-5 points in a 13-6 Albany win vs the Spiders. ND dispatches a Denver team who isn't playing their best ball right now. CF's knee gets the medical attention needed to play 1 game at 90% (there are medical treatments that allow for this from talking to my brother who is an orthopedist) SUNY makes their first final four in a suprsingly defensive battle vd ND -- 9-7.
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    If it were me, I would be pushing for Flory and a Big. I'm a little concerned the Flory would end up being Xavier Cochran. Extremely talented and athletic that lost it because of injury, but at the same time - we do not have that many opportunities to add a body that had formerly committed to Marquette, and played at Seton Hall. Kid had a 4 star rating on ESPN recruiting when in high school. He could end up being a major stud. If he never fully recovers from the injuries, he could still bring a lot to the team and would definitely be worth the gamble. He still doesn't have any other offers on Verbal Commits, which might mean something is known about health that we do not know, but I would still go after him hard. Only 4 bigs on the roster now, so another big body - even if it is just a bench player for practice would be a help. Can never have too much size, but you can certainly not have enough.
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    4,081 tickets sold so far
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