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    Just can't keep reading this stuff. If TD leaves it is devastating to the program, especially since we have come so far over the last 10 years and FO was basically the last link in the chain. I love Connor Fields BUT good or great teams have to overcome graduations. We have some good ones coming in. I think if TD leaves it is just more devastating than losing Connor and the other seniors to graduation.
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    I do not have any inside information; but I find it hard to believe that TD would leave because some kids are having fun. TD came to UA for a reason and Coach Marr and his philosophy were certainly a part of that reason. TD may be as intense as everyone says; but I do not think he goes 70-80% without having fun doing so. When all is said and done it is still just a game and a college game that will not get anyone rich (unlike some other sports.) If he is not having any fun PLAYING this sport/game @ UA, I do not think he will find it any where else. If all he cares about is winning a national championship and has NO fun in doing so, I kind of feel sorry for him. That being said: I still doubt that he is leaving and if he does leave, IMHO it would be for some reason other than UA, its coach and players are "TOO LOOSE." Makes absolutely no sense to me.
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    Just look at TD’s headshot on UA’s site compared to everyone else. He looks like he’s ready to audit you.
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    These #s are all eye opening to me. TD was amazing this year, but we played some pretty bad teams in the America east. No one is going to go 80% against another solid FO guy which you will see in the quarterfinals on. TD went 50% against Baptiste and I think about even against Mackie with a bum wrist.
  5. 1 point
    Fair enough, and probably a great decision to keep it separate.
  6. 1 point
    Stop being so negative.
  7. 1 point
    Yale won it all with winning 60% of faceoffs. As long as we have someone good, I think we can still win. Does it help, yes and A LOT. IT IS HUGE, I'm not disagreeing with that. But to change the whole program's culture and philosophy for it, I don't agree. Maybe they don't get a Fields or a Nanticoke with a change in philosophy. All everyone talks about is the culture and philosophy of the program and how that has brought the level of players we have to the program and made it successful. I just don't agree with changing that for one player. Also, I just went through the stats for faceoffs for albany since 09. Before TD, we cracked the top 50 in faceoff win percentage twice. With where the program is now, I think Marr and staff and lure a top 10-20 guy who won't be TD and it will HURT but you can win. More stats: Maryland won in 2017 with the 34th ranked face off win percentage (50%) UNC won in 2016 with the 13th ranked face off win percentage (56%) Denver won in 2015 with a 66% win percentage Duke won in 2014 with a 57% win percentage As much as I agree that it is extremely important and TD could be the best EVER, I don't think changing the whole culture and philosophy of the program and risking losing out on other recruits or current players to keep one player is the right decision.
  8. 1 point
    I fully appreciate your stance with your son and the program. I respect that a lot. Well done! There is no coach in the country whose style is going to fit every player. I absolutely think Coach Marr's style can win big games. Yale was the best team in the country this year and they showed it throughout the whole tourney and in the champ game. It has been rare for us to beat the top teams over the years. Seemed we were always close but never could get over the top because of what I think was less athletes and the lack of a solid FOGO but I don't think it was coaching. This year we beat Syracuse and Maryland on the road, last year we beat UNC in the tourney and also beat Denver in the quarterfinals this year to make it to our first final four. Those are four of the biggest wins in program history IMO. So, yes, I think Marr's style can and probably will win a championship if he stays the course. On TD, if he leaves, he leaves but it would be a huge blow to the program. I really think his play put us over the top this season. One last item I forget to mention above. I think without Connor's knee issues we win it all and no one is talking about transfers or Coach Marr's style! I think that now and will continue to think that. He was the heartbeat of this team. Amazing how far they got with him on one leg.
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    We made a deal that this is his journey and I wouldn't ask things. I have seen and heard things some of which I have shared, some I have alluded too, and some I have kept my mouth shut about. I was 99% sure Connor had blown out his knee during the Harvard game, and there are some other things, but I don't like to call out kids on an internet forum so I keep the vast majority of it to myself. I do think there is a bit of a culture clash going on. Kids want to win and I have picked up on there are the guys who want the goofy head shots and the kids that want to work all the time. Not that those two things are mutually exclusive by any means, but I do think it rubs some guys the wrong way. Coach Marr is a great guy and despite any sort of looseness in the program I am very happy that he is the coach or adult who is running the ship in so many ways. Do I wish things were tighter at times sure, but as a parent i will take Coach Marr seven days a week and twice on Sunday. Can his style get the team over the biggest hump of all, I am not sure, but I am OK with that. For example, I know we have a guy transferring out who isn't a player who sees the field very much, but I don't feel it is my position to say anything about it.
  10. 1 point
    As a semi insider, if I had to make the leap I would say you are spot on, and I have said something similar in the past. I can say as a parent who has a kid who is serious and a very good student, the happy band of pirates or misfits is ok if that serves as a source of motivation as the guys who got overlooked, but I don't think in the grand scheme of things it necessarily serves the program well and it certainly isn't representative of the majority of the guys I have met. With a healthy Connor Fields this was clearly the best chance ever of winning a national championship, but I am not sure even with a 100% healthy Connor it would have mattered. No one was a harsher critic of himself than TD. I don't have insights into the execution that the coaching staff puts on the players and things like personal accountability. You don't get to the Final Four, and have several years in a row of high level success with the thing being a circus, but I do think you are far closer to the truth. My impression is that there is a very open line of communications from the players to the coaching staff. I do think there have been "issues" on how certain players ave been handled. Maybe that rubs certain guys the wrong way, but I don't know that to be true. I will say too, that we know kids at a bunch of different programs - some with hard ass coaches and the team is full of derelicts and there are things that go on that the public never hears about.
  11. 1 point
    Let me throw this out there and see if this makes sense. I will assume that it is TD and he was unhappy. I don't know the young man but from what we see on the field he is an intense player, hardworking at his craft. The team is a loose, laid back bunch of guys , who are allowed by coaching staff to goof around in practice, and generally have fun. Now our success has been great over the past decade, so that atmosphere does work, but when it gets to big game, we fall short. Could TD be unhappy about how the team is run, where a more serious attitude at crunch time could put the team over the top? He might prefer the coaching staff to light a fire when team is being outplayed but Marr is too calm. TD is busting his butt winning FO's , being serious and intense, and may feel that others are not held accountable for turnovers, poor defense, ill advised shots, etc . Can't change the young man and Marr won't change so it could be oil and water. Does TD think he can not win a championship here in next 2 years due to this? I could be way off base but I respect the board members thoughts. Let's hope he stays and rumors were just that, rumors.
  12. 1 point
    We will have to agree to disagree... however our support for the team will remain strong