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    So 3 guys that are traditional "big" sizes at 6'8" or higher. It doesn't really matter much in the AE, but the non conference and any potential post season could be tough against bigger teams. If healthy, all 3 should get significant time. I am hoping Hank can add a little offensively this season. He has the body. Lulka showed a lot before his injuries, and Doles showed promise in the CAA. I'm already excited for this season, but need to keep expectations low. On paper they have the talent to be the top team in a "Lambless" AE, but with most of the team retooled again it's probably anyone's guess.
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    There’s our big-ish man
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    I am a little surprised at some of the negative comments. Each to their own, but I think NJIT is a good addition and fit. Many on this blog have advocated for years for more of a New York City connection and exposure. They have new facilities [indoor opened in 2017 {seats 3500}; outdoor just opened 2019.] Gives large amounts of NYC and even die hard Long Island alumni a close place to see UA athletes in action. Also, as others mentioned a reasonable drive from Albany [count me in Bob87.] IMHO I see no negatives, am happy and welcome the addition of NJIT. Does anyone know if the fall sports women's volleyball, soccer and cross-country can accommodate schedule changes and additions at such a late date? ps. I know UA already/still has title 9 issues; but men's volleyball is a fast growing and exciting sport. Most high schools in the area offer it now.
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    Seems to follow the accepted idea that young people don't get that sick. Found out my daughter and her boy friend, who live in Brooklyn, both have the antibodies [they are 32 and 37]. He was sick the last week in January when he returned from Milan, Italy - where his company is headquartered; She was sick the first week in February as well BUT felt better and they came up for a birthday party for my wife on Feb 8th - attended by 16 folks, many older with other issues. She got sicker again and was sick for the entire month of February - like a bad cold with coughing for a week or so and just a little off for the rest of the month [her doctor gave her a regular antibiotic]. Turns out that they had the virus! Nobody at the party got the virus or even sick AND there was hugging and kissing etc. I just do not accept much of what has been said about spreading the virus or how deadly it is. As more testing is done the death rate has dropped and is now at or lower than the level of the common flu - which we all know kills 30 - 70,000 people per year in the US. Just an interesting side note, 1968-69 The Hong Kong Flu [yes named for where it came from] Killed over 100,000 Americans and nothing was shut down, just sayin'. Remember woodstock 1969, 400,000-600,000+++++ people....................
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