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  1. I did not read the article/link, so probably have no right to comment; nevertheless IMHO: Pay college athletes NO WAY {already pay/give them TOO much}. Profits from power 5 conferences should #1 be paid to the NCAA to supplement athletics and allocated to ALL member schools. #2 After they have "paid" their allocation; all remaining money goes to the schools general fund to be spent as the school wishes. If the power 5 conferences do not wish to support, non-money making conferences or schools {which is most schools}, I say tell the power 5"s to " GO PLAY WITH THEMSELVES." Like
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  2. I got a feeling it will be conference only schedule starting after Christmas and only season ticket holders will be permitted with people being spread around the arena.
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  3. Very very slippery slope. Do I think the ncaa is perfect?... no I dont.... However something that is constantly lost in all this is the fact: THESE GUYS ARE ON A FULL RIDE!!!!! They pay for nothing.... not even books. If I'm the PAC 12 I say HELL NO. Dont play then. I'm sure they will do everything they can to keep the players safe. As for the other stuff ...F@$% Off.
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