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    I think Campbell deserves some recognition he is the only returning starter and a 2 time All AE Defensive team member (as voted by the AE coaches). It seems he AE coaches appreciate him more than most UA fans.
  2. 3 points
    Love this: “I’m looking at the glass half full, not half empty,’’ Brown said. “No excuses. We’ll have different guys on different nights. I like the talent in our program. I’m confident we’ll be good.’’
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    No offense, but these tickets do not fit the Dane Train profile! We sneak bud lights in, crush them in bathroom stalls and sit among the rest of people. Alllllbanyyy
  5. 2 points
    No alumni bus I expect to be driving out both Saturday and Monday
  6. 2 points
    Yeah, until we have the prospect of seeing a ranking like this in any other sport, I think we lead with our strength for now. Hopefully it'll generate belief in other areas.
  7. 2 points
    Don't see any issue with the article, he was just listing people that he spoke with the most to help him make his decision. Hope both players kill it at their new schools. In the end what happened will probably be best for everyone. Both guys gets to finish up at big time programs and Albany gets a little reset. In all honesty if it didn't work last season it probably wasn't going to work this upcoming season. Not like we were close to winning it all, plus we were already looking at a reset at the four and the five. Talented team last season that obviously had issues so instead of worrying about anything lingering the program gets a reset for this year and the players get to show their skills at P6 schools.
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    Massey, who whiffed on Yale but picked the other three semifinalists, gives Albany a 58% chance of winning and Duke 51%, both by 12-11 scores.
  9. 2 points
    Since my connectivity and time to look at stuff online is very limited right now, can you guys post links to any good articles you find this week in the run-up to the game? Quick update: Insurance adjuster coming with week. Neighbors and I cleared a ton of trees past four days. Electric company cleared the streets and put up new poles yesterday. Lines going up today but may be another day or two until we get power back. Family is in good spirits considering the circumstances. Really appreciate all the well wishes and PMs. Thanks!
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    I don't listen to the "talking heads" much. I am usually at the games But the win over Denver yesterday was the 3rd team who won a national championship in the last 3 seasons that Albany beat in the last 13 months North Carolina and Maryland being the other 2 Interesting since we never play anyone according to some. But to be the best you have to beat the best
  11. 2 points
    yep! TD is as good as ANYBODY including Baptiste!! No question!
  12. 2 points
    Hurray! The curse is broken. Hopefully, the last weekend will have good weather, and the team will be healthy.
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  16. 2 points
    Will Brown saw the trend coming ... while others were chasing the easy story ... Will was out.there creating the next UALBANY chapter ..GREAT JOB Will!!
  17. 2 points
    Read this earlier today. Class act. Will only help recruiting. Our program comes off as Champs!
  18. 2 points
    I couldn't disagree more...every program like track and football have gotten new facilities. It's time for MBB/WBB who continue to win despite very little being invested from a facilities standpoint into these programs.. Quite frankly...track pales in comparisons on the importance scale to basketball. As for football, their budget has grown significantly, they have a new stadium...(still losing biggly) they can wait for field house. It's time to take care of MBB/WBB
  19. 1 point
    Just got back from the ticket office. Section 112
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  21. 1 point
    This is of little (or no) interest to anyone, but I flew from Newark to Tampa on JetBlue this past Saturday and watched the entire UA-Denver game on ESPNU.
  22. 1 point
    Just to be clear, I'm not bashing him at all...he's a nice piece on a team that lost a lot. He understands what coaches want and what it will take etc. However, I bristle at placing to high an expectation on him. It's unrealistic considering how bad last year was on the offensive side of the court.
  23. 1 point
    Pretty sure last year the games were on tv on CBS Sports
  24. 1 point
    Team needs Devonte a lot closer to Ray Sanders this upcoming season than what he was last season. Easier said than done since I always thought Ray was the most important piece to that core over his two years here. No point in sitting here bashing him, seems like a really good dude and I doubt he's happy with how last season went. He gets in the gym and gets shots up he can easily be a guy who hits the three in the low to mid 30's, a lot of it is just confidence. If his shot doesn't improve than there's a decision to make, but until then (early next season) there's no reason to harp on what went down last year.
  25. 1 point
    Dane Train is heading to Providence tomorrow.
  26. 1 point
    Ordered my tickets in February. I will be there !
  27. 1 point
    Recently had a conversation with roughly 8 people in the lunch room in my office...all guys...many of them pretty die-hard sports fans pro and some local college hoops. Not a single one of them knew anything about UA Lacrosse which was disappointing. Some of them are Siena season ticket holders etc. Admittedly...probably low IQ bunch but still, point remains. It's a very niche sport.
  28. 1 point
    I don't think that Gillette Stadium will need a recording of "Purple and Gold", as plans are in motion to send the band to the games, if it can be arranged. If it works out, I plan on being there, trumpet in hand. EDIT. No go for Saturday.
  29. 1 point
    Easy there. No need for "flagships". We have outstanding teams all around. We are arguably THE ELITE athletic department in the America East, all around. And, arguably one of the best in the Northeast.
  30. 1 point
    Ridiculous...NO, I didnt get the offer via e-mail, which is insane as I am a donor and (not for lax) a football season ticket holder. Department makes me shake my head at times....
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  32. 1 point
    I think we learned from the last Yale game and will be ready. No question TD will do better. He watched video of every single game tha baptiste played this year. Not sure if he watched others. He will do the same for the Yale FO and will be better. I have no doubt about that. Remember it was 7-5 in the 3rd against Yale last time and we fell apart. Don't expect that this time.
  33. 1 point
    On the other hand, UA practices in cold, rain and crap weather, so when they play in cold, rainy or crappy weather it’s no big deal. Not to say an indoor facility would not be nice.
  34. 1 point
    I loved this quote from a Denver player. “It seemed like they had so many options,” said Denver defenseman Dylan Gaines, whose primary matchup was Nanticoke. “We were trying to stop one, and then the other would just open up. Colin Squires did an unbelievable job on their best player. Even with him doing that job, we still had a lot of trouble stopping other guys because it seems like everybody can light it up and put the ball in the back of the net. That was definitely a struggle to figure out who to stop and how to stop them.”
  35. 1 point
    Yes, I'm a broken record. I have said this 100 times and many times to the athletic department. There is absolutely no reason with today's technology that EVERY men's basketball, football and lax press conferences are not on YouTube or our website. It's pathetic. Siena has a person who takes video on a phone and hits upload to YouTube and every basketball presser is on their YouTube account. It's that friggin easy!!!!!!
  36. 1 point
    Always nice to watch the highlights...when you win ☺ How awesome was the goal when Tehoka smashed into the defender knocking him back a few feet and then firing it into the net? The goal right at the half was pretty sweet as well. The young man really stepped up yesterday.
  37. 1 point
    Wow, what a game. if you had told me the face offs would be 50/50 and Ready would out save JD I would have said we are probably in trouble. I am more in agreement with Steve. Once again the close D played a great game, but the overall D didn’t have the sort of game that raises the trophy on Memorial Day, but in this case I think we played it right by and large in that we didn’t let Walker and French get going. I think middies scored 10/13 goals, and you expect JD to make more of those saves. Other than Connor Kelly there isn’t anyone we may face who can shoot it like Colton Jackson and on a couple of those JD was screened by our defenders. I’m still not a huge fan of how we play the alley dodge, but at least today we played it more straight up.
  38. 1 point
    I always thought the opposite. The media loves the Danes. They just don’t like their conference
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  41. 1 point
    Keep disrespecting us folks!!!!! 3-0 2 minutes in. TD is dominating!!!! Keep it up!
  42. 1 point
    The boys are pretty loose. Seems genuine to me. I say this is going to be less about the FOGO battle, it will be important, but more about how JD and the defense handle long, patient DU offensive possessions and reacting to stretches of the game where DU makes it and takes it. The D can’t over react to the DU dummy dodges and prove that we have to slide, and don’t let DU control the tempo. Make DU uncomfortable with a more uptempo game.
  43. 1 point
    100% agree. Watching all his videos. Think he will be good! I think Coach Gatusso did the right thing hiring Davis as OC and QB coach. He is really going for kids he wants to run the Off. Hey, may not be the popular thing to say BUT it is time they all woke up. The past means nothing, even if we feel bad for the other QB's. We HAVE to get better on Offense. May now drop the Allen kid from Florida I would guess.
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    Good article and Will & UA come off very well; but I have to disagree with the author on the following: " He understands that to pull off consistency, even in a one-bid league is a monster challenge, but no more so than it is for a team from a multiple bid league. Coaches need to develop, coach and retain players. And when they don’t, they just have to regroup and march on." The challenges in multiple bid league are different than in a one bid league but definitely NOT equal. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the richer you are even more so. The ncaa says it is all about the students, but I've seen little or no evidence of this. IMHO their actions are all about helping the power conferences at expense of the smaller and especially hurting the smallest one bid conferences.
  46. 1 point
    Happy to see we've offered another local player. Shane O'Dell from Schalmont has an Albany offer according to twitter. 6'4 guard.
  47. 1 point
    I double down on what I wrote in the PM. Cant believe your house survived! Glad your family is safe.
  48. 1 point
    Dude glad you and yours are safe... Man that's scary. Goos luck...
  49. 1 point
    Yep Trees on their own have to be a rider on the policy. If they damage your house or some other covered item they are covered; otherwise not under most homeowner's policies. We had that happen a few years ago here in Latham when we had a bunch of trees down.
  50. 1 point
    Hi. Sorry to hear about the storm. Obviously, check with your agent or claims person. But, to the best of my knowledge, unless the tree damages something covered under the policy, you are on your own in terms of removal. The town might help and some churches have work crews that will assist. Good luck!