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    Not if you tailgate from 4-7 PM (OK, not to flaunt the Benson rules 4-6:45 PM)
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    I had the chance to check in with Coach Marr before the Hill Academy scrimmage to talk about Fall Ball and more: http://capitaldistrictlax.com/2018/10/11/2018-ualbany-fall-ball-check-in-with-scott-marr/
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    With all our appearances in NCAA MW BB, MW LACROSSE, Volleyball, Golf, Softball, Baseball, Field Hockey and no post season appearances in football how can we be called a "football school"? We have had season tickets for years and support the football program BUT we must support the Stanford model to excel in all sports!!!!!!!!!
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    I’m not saying that the team is as good as all the other CAA teams, just comparing to previous teams, if you accept that the CAA is a higher level of competition, I think we’re better at RB, DL, WR, LB and in the secondary than any previous CAA team that we’ve had. Testaverde is comparable to Fiacchi in his senior year (he probably does have more interceptions). The one area that we’re probably not better is the OL - the 2016 o line was better (in the run game anyway). I remember Coach Gattuso complaining that we didn’t have the CAA players to play man to man in the secondary a few years ago - we still don’t but there’s enough talent to go 6 deep at safety, move a starting corner to safety and have a suitable player replace him. I’d argue that we couldn’t do that in previous years. IMO, the only secondary player from our previous CAA teams that would get significant playing time would be TJ Idowu. Holmes, Reeves and McDonald are the best WR group that we’ve had - and now the other player is playing great (number 4). I’d argue that these players are better than Gontarek, Brad Harris and Cole King a few years ago. yes, Zee Roberson had some good games but he had a lot of drops (as did Cole King as a senior). Linebackers aren’t great but there’s more depth that we’ve had previously. Metheny, Damico, Watson ar turning into a decent group. There were some good linebackers previously but we never had depth. You had Nicastro and a couple other good linebackers but not a really good group. We also had Julian Cox win Rookie of the year and nothing since before leaving the program, the Maryland transfer for a year, the JC transfer last year (gone now). You could argue that Drew Smith, Omar Osbourne, Gary Jones (you can go even back to my days with Chuck Priore and Dave Soldini). They were all great players but that wasn’t in the CAA so I wouldn’t include them. We need to recruit better but IMO, the talent on this team is better than their record. They’re not a playoff team but they shouldn’t be at the bottom of this league either. Injuries, coaching issues...
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    Well, here's my comment on the tweet: 1) If this is the most talented team we've had...we are still not recruiting talented enough kids (I am not so sure this is the case, to be frank). Because our "most talented" CAA team is barely squeaking by bad NEC and MEAC teams. 2) If this is the most talented team we've had...then clearly, it's a coaching problem since the kids aren't getting everything out of their god-given talents. In either event, it is time to move on from this staff.
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    Your LCC symbol looks funny 😋 Right now with the series tied at 1, there is a good chance that I would go to the game either team could win rather than the one your guys predetermined the outcome of
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    So if there is a MLB playoff game that day , I should go to that instead ?
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    Pretty much agree with above; other than I thought at least offensively, Miller was the best player on the court. Agree, Clark much improved and much more in control; but still needs to improve his shooting %age. French though slight of frame was a rebounding machine and nice touch around the basket. Dare I say it: "This team is going to be DEEP"; especially if the some/most of the injured players come back and also are as good as advertised. {heard Rizzuto is almost ready and I overheard Flory tell a fan he is NOT redshirting [unofficial of course]}
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    Was at the practice, and I know some of you wanted an update, so I will give me honest opinion. Thought the team played well. Definitely improved as practice went on. Brown is coaching hard and really trying to teach this team. Rizzuto- did not practice, was in sweats. De Sousa- played well. Needs to get stronger and make better decisions but overall I was impressed. Clark- Much improved. Much more in control. Really looked good and looks like will take a big step forward. Miller- did not stand out. Made a couple of nice defensive plays and always was in the right postion . Brooks- looked good offensively. Defense needs to improve but he is working hard. Hanks- Raw , but I think showed promise. Working hard to improve. Healy- LOVED what I saw out of him . The redshirt year did wonders for his body. Hit several 3's . Worked in control with and without the ball. Campbell- well he was campbell. Nothing more or less. U guys decide on that. Lulka- again LOVED his play. Under control. Hit a couple of 3's. Looking great. Jerotic - looked a little behind but could develop into a nice player. French - hit a couple of open shots. Had a couple of nice post moved that did not go in but ultimately can def help the team. Lauderdale- was impressed. But seemed out of gas a couple of times. Out of control a little as well at times, but overall looked like a men among boys. Fruscio- played hard as always. Vocal.
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    Count me in. That was deplorable. Penalties and all. To think I watched this $iena show on my vacation in San Fran / Napa. Eff this staff.
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    It sucks that college isn't like the NFL...there is no consolation in losing (higher draft pick). Losing in college just plain sucks.
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    This board has become terrible. I'm done. I'll be back for basketball season. Hopefully the childish behavior from grown men will have worn off by then. Bye.
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    Going to send this to Gattuso, just to help out.
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    Speaking of Adding insult to injury. I think the following is an absolute disgrace. Hosting a NATIONAL Lacrosse Tournament and Charity Event and NOT putting your best foot forward: from UAlbanySports.com: ALBANY, N.Y. – The University at Albany men’s lacrosse program will be hosting the HEADstrong Foundation’s Nick Colleluori Men’s Lacrosse Albany Classic on Saturday, Oct. 13, on the grass fields adjacent to Tom & Mary Casey Stadium. "In addition to the Great Danes, the four-team tournament includes Johns Hopkins, Vermont and Army. UAlbany will face Johns Hopkins at 11 a.m. and Army at 1 p.m. In other games, Army faces Vermont at 11 a.m., and John Hopkins faces Vermont at 1 p.m. In lieu of admission, a suggested donation of $5 to the HEADstrong Foundation will be requested at the gate. Parking is available in the Dutch Lot for $10." This seems to say that neither Casey (Bob Ford Field) nor Fallon Fields will be used. I think if true, it puts UA in a BAD light in our first time HOSTING a "HeadStong Tournament." I know there is a "minor league" football game @ Casey @7pm. There is plenty of time after the lacrosse tournament to get Casey ready for foosb@ll. I am not sure where Fallon is with rehab and do not know if it is playable; but THERE IS NO EXCUSE not to use Bob Ford Field for lacrosse tournament & CHARITY EVENT. Add me firmly behind BENSON MUST GO!
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    Brief report on Hill game. For anyone thinking UA was playing a high school team; Hill is a top notch prep school, probably the best in Canada for lacrosse. It's coach Brodie Merrill is a legend in lacrosse & I believe a former Tewarton winner. Some of the players are high school age; but most are post high school and equivalent to college freshman. Scott Marr's son who we will see Saturday with John Hopkins played a year @ Hill. Anyhow, I though UA pretty much out played Hill in every facet last night. I had the score something like 16/17 to 8. UA played pretty much everyone and rotated and mixed lines both offensively and defensively pretty much every series. Last years returnees played the least (many hardly at all) as freshman and sophomores got most of the minutes; especially on attack and midfield. With so much rotation it was hard to tell if the lines were fixed and who were paired with who. UA's passing at times was sloppy maybe because players were not always paired with familiar lines and UA was NOT very good with ground balls. Most of Hill's scores were a result of these issues in my thoughts; and UA would have even scored more with a little better passing and doing a better job of picking ground balls. But overall I was very impressed with UA's performance. #9(McComber), #25 (???????), #22 (????????) were freshman offensively who stood out; and #43(Tanner Hay) played good D and got some minutes @ LSM on the face-off wing. Many of the sophomores who saw limited action last year also stood out; and #8 (McGrath) and #12 (Brown) a JR. & SR. with limited minutes in the past look awfully GOOD to me. It will be interesting to see how this group does against Hopkins and Army this weekend.
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    Semantics... Not sure which is worse the fact that he has a walk-on who as you said he didn't recruit starting or the fact that in year 5 the kid that dragged/invited himself to the team is starting. What does it say about gattusos recruiting? Don't answer... We all know! We watch it (this team) flop around like a dead fish every Saturday for 3 hours. Not only does this team overall have poor talent which is a direct reflection of the $ienaty recruiter Gattuso and his staff are but apparently they are also poorly coached that in week 5 they are pulling up the rear in penalties. It's a mess... Everywhere and at every level. #patsoswithafootball
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    I made a rather insensitive comment on the AE board about not caring about any sports other than Basketball, LAX, and football because those are the ones that will gain national attention and increase the value of a UA degree, but I agree with Oldtimer, please dont call us a football school. Unless we are fully committed to becoming a FBS power, instead of being a FCS loser, we cant be a football school. Put money and resources into the programs that can and do win.
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    My boycott started last week...I will absolutely not be there.
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    What if we just stay home and avoid the massacre?
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    It's still just a rumor, but created a pretty long discussion in the group.
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    My selfban hasnt started yet lol. There is no apathy. I care deeply for the program, and I dont want to give up. I just dont feel qualified to comment on if a coach should be fired. Typing stuff on social media is pretty much out there forever. While its anonymous, it's not hard to figure out who is who. I'll root for the team, but I'll leave my negativity to the conversations at the bar instead of a public forum.
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    I'm planning on bowing out of the conversation in the football forum altogether. Going with the "if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all" bit. I've probably shared too much as it is. I wish the team luck for the rest of the season. I'll still go to the games I can make it to, but I won't plan my weekends around it. I normally try to give my tix away to people who have never attended a game during weeks I cant make it. My intention was always to help create new fans with my good seats to help improve attendance in the future. Not so sure that's a strategy I want to employ this year. Might end up scaring people away. Hopefully the team turns a corner.
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    I'll just leave this here...got bored today. 2013 = First year in CAA (expected to be bad) 2016 = Some of Fords kids are now matured (our best year under Dumbtusso) 2018 = No more Ford kids Note: Middle column should say '2016'...copy and paste went poorly lol.
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    My few novice observations... Miller looked good, calm and in control, knocked down a number of shots; French was much more physical underneath than I was expecting; Lulka can really spread the floor, shot well from three and had some nice moves down low; Brooks is quick and a great passer, mainly looked to distribute instead of attempting to show off his reported deep range, but had a couple nice mid-range/floater shots; Lauderdale is a load; Malachi looked like a very talented freshman, a bit unsure at times and not always great decision making, but big enough to fight underneath and athletic enough to operate on the perimeter, he was mostly at the 3 but played some time at the 2 during the scrimmage; Healy was very involved and knocked down some outside shots. I think there could be 10 guys averaging at least 5-8mpg. Clark and Brooks at PG.. Healy and Miller at SG.. Campbell and de Sousa at SF.. Lulka, Lauderdale, French and Hank in the front court. I will assume Flory's out for the year..don't have any specific knowledge, just a better safe than sorry guess. I will assume Rizzuto is low guard on the totem pole based on injury and experience..maybe RS option. And I will assume Jerotic is also not seeing much action this year..looked furthest behind in the scrimmage..maybe another RS option.
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    Apparently I timed my return to the CR perfectly this morning. I got to miss yet another knife in the heart from Richmond in football but still caught the open practice/scrimmage. First, for the format. Obviously there are people on the board who don't like the open practice. I actually really enjoyed watching the staff work with the players, etc. After the practice they played 4 eight minute scrimmage periods. My two cent takeaways: Clark - He drives me a little crazy with shot selection sometimes but he can be as good as any guard in the conference. He has ever tool in the bag - speed, shooting, handle. I just wish he would be a little more patient with the offense and consistent. Hopefully that will come. Brooks - Really liked him. Seemed intent on running the offense and worked hard to get his teammates shots. Someone else mentioned his defense and I agree it will have to improve. I feel like Healy - Really skilled, really competes and I really liked him. I always think his shots are going in. Miller - I thought he was really polished. The most experienced guard we have and it showed. Didn't force anything. Devonte - You can say what you want about Devonte but he works and works. Good to see him knock down some shots. Admittedly, I watched the new guys more. De Sousa - Smooth. Knocked down some outside shots and if he gets into the lane he's tough. Made some nice passes as well. Jerotic - Nice looking player but as others said he looks a little behind where everyone else is. Lulka - Hit some outside shots, made some post moves. Nice. Lauderdale - I liked him. Banged and hit some jumpers in the Travis Charles area. He and Lulka were a nice combo on their team. Lulka's man had to honor him out to the three point line which allowed some space for Lauderdale to operate. French - Probably one of the bigger surprises to me. For a guy his size he moved well, is skilled and played smart. Hank - Didn't see a ton of him offensively but he took ownership of the paint and looked to dunk just about everything he got near the hoop. My starting five: Brooks Clark Devonte Lulka Lauderdale Not sure how you narrow it down to a playing group. At this point, the only guy I saw who I wouldn't put in the playing group is Jerotic. There are going to be some tough choices this fall but it's a good problem to have.
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    I was most impressed with the improvement and movement of Brent Hank. He just seemed so much more comfortable. Healy might be my pick for AEROY. DeSousa has some major ups. He had a few powerful dunks in the practice period. Brooks impressed me for a little guy. I didn't notice Miller much until the scrimmage period. He will end up a leader on the team. Campbell looked good defensively, and while he hit a few 3s and a few mid range jumpers, his shot looked the same. It seemed to be all in his release. The team is as advertised. Lots of talent, but still raw and Will have growing pains. I expect Brown to have them going strong by the second half of the conference schedule.
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    Since Hasbro probably does not want bad publicity from being thrown under the bus after a loss, they likely wouldn't be supplying said Nerf footballs....
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    I was going to write something a bit more negative until I remembered how it felt down in Baltimore last fall with similar results, and at least on paper a better team and it all worked out pretty well in the end which is why I looking at the glass half full. I know Coach Marr keeps things positive, and like you, feel there was a bit more spin in his response than usual to keep things positive, but I truly believe he and the other coaches couldn't have cared less about the score, and everyone was very positive at the post game tailgate. No question we will not have the same depth as last year, and it will be very difficult to overcome injuries this year. As I said before with Tehoka out it moved the chairs around in a way where we can't just next man up and everything is more or less ok as it was when Connor and Justin were out last year. It was a totally new attack with Patterson, Diamond, and Cavallo starting, and Justin barely played last year and then Casey filled in. Those two threesomes had never worked together against real competition before, and then that probably weakened us a bit at the 4th attackmen coming out of the box. I do agree with Marr's cautious or tentative comment. I don't know if they were playing tight or what, but we were asking guys to do things they really hadn't been called upon to do before. Davis has played X before, but this is just my hunch, none of them had really ever had to be the guy with either Tehoka, Justin, or Connor to lean on in a clutch moment. To compliment a very strong attack group we have had an Osika, McClancy who could get their own shot when they had too, and I am not sure we have that guy on the roster right now from the midfield. That to me is the most troubling thing coming out of the fall. I think the coaches were giving the younger middies a chance to prove something and midfield shooting has to improve. We couldn't hit the broad side of a barn yesterday. Assuming Tehoka is OK health wise, that moves one of the other attack guys to the offensive midfield, and one of the freshmen who I heard was having a nice fall got hurt right before the Alumni game so he was out. The positives I took away were that both FOGO's more than held their own, with Gleason and Hay at LSM we may or may not have the offensive punch we had with Troy, but we are bigger and longer. Athletically we didn't have guys blowing by us which was positive as well on defense. The defense is going to need the ability to push out and pressure and I think we have 6 plus guys who can play that way. I really think if the coaches had been trying to win you would have seen a lot fewer guys play and especially against Army mostly the young guys played.
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    Not much of a report on this end; fan2018 pretty much has it right-on. If anything, I would be less positive than fan2018. After seeing the first two scrimmages, which were obviously at a different level than yesterday, I was surprised just how poorly UA played Saturday. After seeing them twice in the previous week and being VERY impressed, I expected a better performance Saturday. I arrived near the end of the first half of the Hopkins game and was about three deep. Viewing from field level is NOT ideal as is (you already know my feelings about not having the event @ Casey & Fallon); so my report & assessments may be more flawed than usual: At these events no one keeps score, because it is "not about winning or losing" {cliche´}. Which is utter nonsense IMHO. The game is all about scoring goals and preventing the other team from doing so. When I got there late, I asked around about the "score". The consensus was it was close at the time with Hopkins up by perhaps one or two. Going with that I would estimate the final as Hop13/12 to UA 8. In stretches, I thought UA looked pretty good; but overall Hop was just superior. I was particularly impressed with hop's D. They are usually noted more for their offense, but they are going to be top 5 or higher if their D plays in the spring like yesterday. But overall I thought UA competed well. Now, the negative and where I disagree with Scott (see inside lacrosse link above). Against Army we pretty much stunk up the joint. I had the final score at 12-6 and someone commented, it was more like 16/15-6. He could very well be right, but who is keeping score, right? I am certainly NO ONE to contradict coach Marr, but I thought where we at least competed in the hop game, from my {poor} vantage point; in the Army game we were totally lost. Other thoughts/opinions/assessments; as always totally welcomed! The Good News Is, a lot of time until Spring to get everyone back and healthy.
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    Now let's assume that players talk to players...who is going to come play for this guy? That's why I said a few days or weeks ago that the problems are just starting. This will get worse as our recruiting gets even worse due to said word of mouth. We are going to be bottom of the barrel for a while folks until we hire someone who is respected and can rebuild properly. Poor Ford. Left the program on the cusp of something spectacular only for someone else to smash it to pieces.
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    $iena offensive line... BTW... If Benson gave him self an escape hatch in contract fire Gattuso. If no escape hatch fire Benson... One of these two clown needs to make like a tree and leave.
  36. 1 point
    Hide the women and children... This may set records.
  37. 1 point
    10 penalties for 122 yards... Man this is wild. You can lack talent, size, speed depth but to be dumb to boot... That's quite an accomplishment. 6 game of the season and they are making more and more mistakes. Just forfeit thr rest of the year. What a disgraceful shame.
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    On the Comcast HS Game of the Week broadcast last night, it was mentioned (multiple times) that the Burnt Hills QB, LaPietro, will be playing lax at UAlbany next year.
  39. 1 point
    I can’t recall being less fired up about going to a football game.
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    I believe the communication between the dedicated fan base has gone awray. Plenty of announcements of upcoming events however caring about the dedicated fan has gone south. Feely, feely times are on hold. Whether it's someone from Sports Administration or Sports Development, you feel that you are $ sign. Fall Ball Lacrosse: Sounds like a cool idea. Throw back event.
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    You'll have your break from smiling tomorrow between 7-10pm...;)
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    Agree. GREAT article. Wish we had more earlier but better late than never I guess!
  43. 1 point
    I think I'm in-love... "One area the Great Danes have already built successfully is their ability to pressure the ball on defense. Brown sees that quality as one of this season’s top strengths for UAlbany . . . and another reason the team’s opening practices have been rough."
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    Definitely stings, I was looking forward to "do more". May not be the worst thing, especially if he can get a red shirt. Will open up some more PT at the guard slot which seems like a packed house already. (Based solely on reports of talent obviously, as we haven't seen anyone play yet)
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    Besides being disgraceful and bush league; I am wondering how are you going to protect fans from flying lacrosse balls. You are encouraging people to attend and CONTRIBUTE to this charity event?? are you not?? Do you think practice fields in the shadow of Casey stadium are a good incentive for teams like John Hopkins Institute and The United States Military Academy at West Point, to come to Albany for a regular season game or even for another charitable event? Considering the teams and talent in this tournament, I am sure "Inside Lacrosse" and other national media outlets will be present. What a great presentation UAlbany is putting on to the lacrosse world and the HeadStrong foundation. Feel free to share my concerns with other members of the Athletic Department and Dr. Havidan if you are so inclined. Above is the second email I sent to Peter Iorizzo [Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations (Football, Golf, Men's Lacrosse)]. The first email was basically a reprint of my post above, less the "firing part." Whether you are a lacrosse fan or NOT, or even a sports fan or not {I assume if you read this blog, you are at least a sports fan}; should be incensed by this POOR showing and embarrassing action at the University at Albany.
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    In defense of Fiacchi, each coach is assigned a territory for recruiting. The recruiting coordinator is usually responsible for tracking available scholarships, coordinating visits, expense reports, admissions requirements, working with compliance...
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    DON'T call me Dude!! I have tried to summit reasonable observations - you can't, All you do is attack Gatusso - Say something creative!!!!!
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    Speaking of this weekend; from UAlbanySports.com: ALBANY, N.Y. – The University at Albany men’s lacrosse program will be hosting the HEADstrong Foundation’s Nick Colleluori Men’s Lacrosse Albany Classic on Saturday, Oct. 13, on the grass fields adjacent to Tom & Mary Casey Stadium. "In addition to the Great Danes, the four-team tournament includes Johns Hopkins, Vermont and Army. UAlbany will face Johns Hopkins at 11 a.m. and Army at 1 p.m. In other games, Army faces Vermont at 11 a.m., and John Hopkins faces Vermont at 1 p.m. In lieu of admission, a suggested donation of $5 to the HEADstrong Foundation will be requested at the gate. Parking is available in the Dutch Lot for $10." This seems to say that neither Casey (Bob Ford Field) nor Fallon Fields will be used. I think if true, it puts UA in a BAD light in our first time HOSTING a "HeadStong Tournament." I know there is a "minor league" football game @ Casey @7pm. There is plenty of time after the lacrosse tournament to get Casey ready for foosb@ll. I am not sure where Fallon is with rehab and do not know if it is playable; but THERE IS NO EXCUSE not to use Bob Ford Field for lacrosse tournament & CHARITY EVENT.
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    Massey predicts Richmond 31-28 (45% , our best chance left for a win), Sagarin favors UR by about 1 1/2 points, RealtimeRPI Gamer says UR 27 UA 26 (46%)
  50. 1 point
    The Admin can promote UA being a football school but the reality is that has meant resources ($) taken away from other programs to support a flailing one, because we're a football school now... 🙄 I do agree though this is a bball thread.. 😁 so back to bball....can't wait!