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    Hopefully with NCAA guidelines now in place... the CAA will announce their plans for the late winter - spring season. I like to see something in early November 2020. With eight games allowed, I see a conference only schedule.
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    BIG MISTAKE IMHO!!!!! FBS football playing coast to coast. Lacrosse NEEDS to get back on the fields facing opponents ASAP. The have already loss nearly a full season. In a separate survey of coaches only moderate optimism about having a SPRING 2021 season. Article did not really identify coaches surveyed; but Duke head coach who did vote positive, said he was not sure why so many were only moderate or below. I also do not understand coaches being so pessimistic? Isn't it a BiG part of their job to build hope, confidence and positive attitudes in players?
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    I suspect Will Brown and Colleen Mullen are working hard to come up with a limited non conference schedule that will test their respective teams prior to the conference games. The questions that I have are: When will the America East announce the conference schedule for men's and women's basketball? (I am hoping prior to Columbus Weekend) When will UAlbany announce the non conference schedule for men's and women's basketball? (I am hoping for early October) When will there be an announcement if fans will be allowed in the stands? Opinion: Currently, I do not feel safe visiting the UAlbany campus for an athletic events however; I believe the UAlbany administration is making every effort to control the COVID-19 spread. I am hoping when 11-25-2020 arrives, the opportunity to attend an athletic event will be there. Questions - concerns - thoughts
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    Agree with everything CW offering. Except, I personally WOULD feel comfortable going to a football game TOMORROW-- with seating spaced out, masks and all social distance guidelines enforced. Numbers across NYstate continue to be excellent and even @ UA covid #s are by no means threatening IMHO. Of Course, what teams we bring in and how to protect UA athletes is another matter; but me personally I'm READY and believe me when I say I have a # of pre-existing conditions and would NOT attend anything I did not feel save at.
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    That’s if King Cuomo allows it. They have the cadets at Michie because King Cuomo has no jurisdiction over federal property. I’ve been thinking that they should have a limited number of fans in stadiums...professional rooters if you will. Equip them with mics and digitally multiply their effect by say 1000. Gotta be doable. That way you could have like 50 home fans and 10 travel fans and it would sound like 60,000.
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    They will be the 23rd last team in the tournament (knocked out in R32) Lamar Stevens will be the 23rd pick in the draft Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
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    Everytime I’m feelin myself a little too much I check the Knicks box score to bring myself back to down to Earth. Or hell. Whatever. Kodi nox
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