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  1. Agreed. Sadly, right now the crisis is worsening not even remotely getting better. I live in one of the few states that is handling this very well...yet we expect to see an uptick based on what’s going on nationally. Statistically and logically it will happen. We are still in wave 1.
  2. So, I never got my renewal form. Sigh. I don’t think I should have to chase the school down.
  3. I stand corrected. They did everything the AE asked. They were at 4. Added women’s sports. Updating facilities. Just spoke to a friend that is close to the program. I am now flipped and think this is a welcome addition.
  4. The entire SEC and much of the ACC reporting players with positive tests. Many, thankfully, are asymptotic.
  5. They have three sports (maybe 4) for women. Hard pass.
  6. There is absolutely NO CURRENT benefit. In fact, the only thing I'd like to see is a travel partner of some sort for UMBC. Otherwise, a 9 team league gives you 16 games plus the ability to play 10-12 OOC. I would prefer to see a DIII ban. We are going to see a ton of cost cutting in sports, and this will bring the world of the NCAA much closer to the 80's and 90's. We are blessed to live in an area where 12 hours in many directions can bring on a ton of great DI games. If the AE grows, i'd much prefer to see it woo back former members or some sort of scheduling merger with the northern CAA. It would not shock me at all to see this happening.
  7. We shall see. Every single state that has had athletes return are reporting players testing positive. So, if it is contained...it should be good. If it turns into an outbreak, may be a concern. Of course, we want everyone to be happy and healthy, playing ball and returning to class. So let's see. We can sure use the outlet.
  8. RMU is looking to make a move (long rumored) out of the NEC. Targets and target of both the Horizon League and the MAAC. Based on what was done with Monmouth, I can't see the NEC allowing BOBBY MO to stay as an affiliate member. Options: 1. Full Scholarship Big South. Would have the second worst facilities and travel costs; 2. MEAC- If the MEAC regains their football playoff spot, this could be an option. 3. MFVC or OVC- Not happening, they don't have the funds to handle a full jump to either conference and be anywhere near competitive. 4. Drop the program. Lot's of budget cuts will happen in ADepts. They have hockey, and that's expensive. Problem is they have the NCAA minimum of 6 men's teams right now...so they'd have to add another, less expensive male sport. Tough situation for our former Dane Coaching staff.
  9. Amir Shields just committed for 2020 yesterday. Quick athlete. https://twitter.com/mirshields
  10. Like I said. If online gives us anything, we will be insane offensively. Same with dline
  11. Kid is as big time as it gets. Was on track to be a star at Nebraska until a major knee injury. His brother was on the Saints, I think. Not sure if he got a Med waiver and we have him for three years or we get him for two. if he’s half the player he was pre injury we have a stud at safety. this year’s transfer pickups are very much like what JMU does each year. Gotta sag, Gattuso has this train on the track.
  12. If the offensive line (patched together with young kids and transfers and a few holdovers that are solid) gives us anything, then the offense will be even more prolific than last season. if we have a season...
  13. Honestly, they all do based on special teams. But if I had to guess, Juwan.
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