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  1. Minimum of a .500 season. If we get OL play and QB play, 7-4. I'd be ecstatic with anything more, outright overachieving if making the playoffs. This team is edging closer to relevance.
  2. Would be a blow if Solt was not on the roster. According to Renninger's twitter page, he's still coming to UA. Retweeted the equipment room delivery video. Some notes: Julian Desire is a former walk-on (who red-shirted) player at Pittsburgh. He's a DL w/ three years of eligibility. Probably more of an end or OLB. Kareem Gibson is the DB transfer from UVA. Played some significant minutes in 2016. Think he was hurt in 2017. Elijah Haynes is a 6'2 210 DE/OLB who was in the Top 100 Virginia list. We added TWO Temple transfers: Julian Conover- a walkon who has three years left. Played at Don Bosco in HS. 6'3 220 OLB. We added, as noted a few days ago, Benson Israel. Jaymare Fleming was a late add out of Benedictine Prep, a military academy in Virginia. Produces some great athletes. He's an OL. https://www.benedictinecollegeprep.org/news/post/~post/12-for-12 I don't see Justin Walker on the roster...and I hope that's not the case. He's a Senior and was a highly productive transfer last year. He played in the Spring Game so I hope he's not a casualty, academic or otherwise. QBs- As we know, Joe Davis and Will Fiacchi weren't messing around and he brought in a stable to compete. We have two seniors, Sussman and Testerverde. Since Testerverde didn't just take the job from Brunson in camp, I think it is an open competition including newcomer Nyc Burns...and it would not shock me to see Nyc end up our starter at some point in the season. Jake Thompson, who had three years left, transferred to St John's Fisher and I think that's a great move for him. No doubt WIll Fiacchi helped him get that transfer (he coached there). Going forward, Brunson has two years, Burns has 3 years, Undercuffler and Zenelovic (both big boys) have four years and are likely redshirts. Ta'von Granison is a multi-faceted player and more likely a wildcat and used as a WR/DB (just a guess). Marlon Jett Serbin still has UA on his twitter...and as an athlete even though he played QB. I can see him being a WR/Safety. Kid has a physical body ready to go now. Hopefully we still see him on the completed roster. Running backs- interesting- they have EIH as a Sr. That's why this roster is definitely NOT complete, he's a RS Jr. We look VERY thin at the position. I mean, we do have two studs in Ibitoken and Mofor...but not much after that for depth (two guys).
  3. Video for season tix on Twitter. Gattuso talked about how we should be great on the line.
  4. Besides getting highly touted Kessy Desir back from injury, Albany landed Temple transfer Benjamin Israel. 6’1 316 OG. TWO YEARS eligibility
  5. 2019 Danes

    Could care less. Kid has no backbone. Whatever. Program existed before and after him
  6. Recruiting - 2018

    Let’s not presume anything. His coming puts us at 15 guys, which I believe is the limit (and includes Fruscio) Also, it’s for 1 year so doesn’t mean much to the newcomers. His coming is great for maturity and leadership. Miller is an outstanding kid. I also would not put huge stock in positions Many teams are going to a hybrid 3-4 guard line up
  7. 2018-19

    Yes, Rayshawn Miller. Great local kid from here in Boston.
  8. Jimbo, I’ve been to that campus probably over 80 times. It’s in the middle of nowhere. DAVIS medical is actually in Sacramento. Davis law is not a great school. And, demographically speaking, Davis kids don’t frequent Sacramento even with the 18 mile difference. Sacramento, a city I work in for about a month a year, is sleepy.
  9. Recruiting - 2018

    I know Ray from around Boston. Great, Great kid if this is true. Truly smart, mature kid.
  10. 2019 Danes

    Correct. Agree 100% Plus, we don't want to lose the Victor pipeline.,
  11. He seems to be a good "marketer" per se, but terrible administrator. And the Commissioner Cups? If he takes credit for that...it's like Trumpf taking credit for the economy (or any President in their first term, for that matter).
  12. It should have ZERO to do with putting tix up for sale. Period. I've had fans from other schools (Delaware and others) asking when the game times would be announced so they could buy tix. Nada to give them. We should be trying to get sales as quickly as possible. Ticketing, as Sarge points out, has been abysmal under Benson (for all the good he may have done so far).
  13. 2019 Danes

    He's a champ. Put it this way...he KNEW...KNEW he was playing on a torn ACL for two years. Still put a max effort now. I'm not going to comment on TD right now...but let's just say, he should look at Connor.
  14. 2019 Danes

    Rumor mill points TO Cornell as the source of the potential incoming Albany recruit. Jeff Teat. TD is rumored to be going anywhere from Cornell to UVA. Clearly, I hope TD stays. Forget lax...he should only move if he strongly wants to play with his brother and he thinks a Cornell degree is a must have. Otherwise, as focused as he is...save the cash and go to grad school.