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  1. Recruiting - 2019

    Sounds like Gregg Stire, with offensive game. Love it.
  2. According to Committee Chair (Central Ark), SBU wasn’t even among the last three in. In fact, he said the CAA was insanely strong this year and full of parity. CAA six teams in is a record.
  3. 6 CAA teams in. Wow. SBU makes it. Head to SE mIzzu. If they win head to Utah to play Weber
  4. Cremo nichols leave...

    Cremo is beyond just plain vanilla right now. I want him to do well...but he just isn't. If 'Nova wasn't such a hot mess of a team right now, he'd be the 7th or 8th guy...maybe even 9th in the rotation.
  5. Just wrote the same to clack. I was surprised to hear the last play of the game for last 3. This is a mild start...and I want improvement.
  6. Not an excuse...but it was an ABSOLUTE push off by the WR to get the ball. It was the proper coverage...and a blown ref call. There is NO way to say otherwise. Truly.
  7. Gonna disagree. Watched the whole game. BY FAR the best game w'eve played all year. You can't gauge football solely on stats. For the record, this is one of the best teams on both sides of the ball in FCS...and we did very well. Also, TOO many dropped passes by our Wideouts today or Undercuffler would have had a HELL of a game. Only one INT was his fault...he got drilled on the first one. Great game, mixed emotions...but if we play like that next season, I'd be happy. Really love what i saw out of Mofor and Undercuffler. The defense has been lights out today (and that TD was a push off...the one that gave SBU the lead). The most interesting thing was watching Gattuso. Honestly, he looked humble in his interactions with team and staff. Maybe it's a fresh start. I'm not buying yet...but I will listen to offers.
  8. As the players get better with game time, my expectation is he would be the fourth or deeper offensive option if Rizzuto is any good. If we are relying on Clark to lead us offensively, that's a problem.
  9. Shooting 27.6% from the floor and 20% from three just isn't going to cut it. Much worse, the defense. BU shooting 53.8 from the floor and 72.7% from three is just obscene. They will start missing...but we have to work on some things. We are also getting killed on the boards.
  10. What's crowd like. Sounds decent. Ball movement sounds decent as well.
  11. I can use a vpn and watch espn 3 and others. Just not working for plus. Even downloaded opera
  12. I can’t beliebe I’m blocked from watching. In Canada. Wtf. Heck, Davonte grew up 20 min from where I am.
  13. I thought with Comcast, I have every sports channel...it's free. I get ESPN 3 on my tv for free.