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  1. Easy there. No need for "flagships". We have outstanding teams all around. We are arguably THE ELITE athletic department in the America East, all around. And, arguably one of the best in the Northeast.
  2. Ridiculous...NO, I didnt get the offer via e-mail, which is insane as I am a donor and (not for lax) a football season ticket holder. Department makes me shake my head at times....
  3. I called and left a message with Nate. The box office is closed for the summer. Sigh.
  4. Looks to be true... Tripcic is a big loss. https://twitter.com/mackiet00?lang=en
  5. Anyone know what section is a dedicated Albany section at Gillette. Buying tickets
  6. Beyond good. Remember, Testerverde and Sussman graduate. Burns has 3 years left. To me the competition is Burns, Testerverde, and Brunson. Neither Brunson or Testerverde grabbed the position in spring ball. I mean, Coach even alluded to his frustrations that one didn’t go grab it. The two frosh signal callers would have been redshirted no matter what...so this gives us balance. Super excited, and Burns has played games so his biggest challenge will be learning the playbook and jelling with the guys. Frankly, without meeting the kid but going just off social media...I believe he will have zero issues with either task
  7. Grad Transfers - Will Brown

    Read this earlier today. Class act. Will only help recruiting. Our program comes off as Champs!
  8. Nope not him, though from his posts on Twitter he seems to be having a good time. The new recruit is a new adopted great Dane puppy
  9. Groundbreaking

    Please. This is nothing. The football stadium at Jax is a joke and they have zero facilities for Lax. So they are getting offices and lockerrooms? Not earth shattering. Doesnt move the needle at all and we are not getting a box arena. We need SEFCU renovated and an indoor practice facility, followed by the end zone facility for Football, which clears a ton of space to add sq footage for sports like lax. Kids will come to Albany for the tuition, Scott Marr, the style of play, playing in a stadium...and (can’t believe we can say this) playing in front of some of the best and largest fan bases in the nation. Not because of a lax only field house
  10. Siena under investigation..

    Agreed...but bottom line is Siena isn't giving the resources necessary.
  11. Recruiting - 2018

    Indeed. I actually like that someone posted Game tapes...full games. GIves you a better indicator. For example, it's VERY clear (except if you know JUCO's) that Starks played against a much higher level of competition than others. It's abundantly clear. What is also clear: It seems that defense is a lost art at the JUCO level.
  12. No message. Put in wrong spot. It’s in the 2018 thread
  13. Have to love a kid who wants to be here: https://twitter.com/NycholasBurns/status/996158919721570305 He does have an official with UT Martin next week.