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  1. That was Pete Rossomondo. Not a UA alumni but from the Ford coaching tree. He has mixed results at Central. Then again, he’s got nowhere near the resources of Albany.
  2. It was kc keeler. And believe me, I don’t want and didn’t want any part of him. Sketchy as they come in this business
  3. Recruiting - 2019

    Also had an offer from Elon, I believe.
  4. Recruiting - 2019

    Major land for Coach and the staff. Mitch Doherty just committed. Big time passer and overall big. Had an offer from UMASS and was supposed to be on his offical to Hartford this weekend. Great job
  5. Well, here's my comment on the tweet: 1) If this is the most talented team we've had...we are still not recruiting talented enough kids (I am not so sure this is the case, to be frank). Because our "most talented" CAA team is barely squeaking by bad NEC and MEAC teams. 2) If this is the most talented team we've had...then clearly, it's a coaching problem since the kids aren't getting everything out of their god-given talents. In either event, it is time to move on from this staff.
  6. It’s a bad football team and I have never heard Gattuso once take blame. Not once. I remember when he was hired and I spoke with a few former players about the the hiring. All were not sure he was the right man for the job. They were right. He’s a fraud. We destroyed them when he was at Duquesne. He’s now destroying us. I’ve heard from multiple players families that he has lost the team.
  7. Count me in. That was deplorable. Penalties and all. To think I watched this $iena show on my vacation in San Fran / Napa. Eff this staff.
  8. IUP Head Coach? Totally concur. Keeps the WPIAL connection alive, and the guy is a great defensive coach.
  9. 2018-19

    Yep. In fact, Benson has not brought much in by the way of his great marketing and networking prowess. At least none that I’m aware of.
  10. Honestly, I would have UA's lawyers start looking into ways to terminate this albatross of a contract. It's time to move on.
  11. THREE KEYS: 1- Icing a piss poor kicker at the end of the first, which allowed him to re-kick a FG he missed 2- Pooch kick at end of half that allowed that FG to even happen 3- Completely divergence from the way we played D all game. Sure, Lang got a PF penalty...but we were on heels way before that play. I am tired of the bull$iena excuses.
  12. Eff this team. Truly. That last drive was FLAT OUT COACHING. Completely went away from the game plan.
  13. Agreed. I just told Click that at least the team is playing to the same level of D as the other teams who played W&M,. That gives me hope. The D-Line is holding up much better in the interior, and that has allowed the edge guys to be all over the QB. LB's playing well...but what is a fact that can't be changed, we are down basically EVERY safety. That's going to put a lot of pressure on the LB's when we face a competent offense. That, of course, is nothing about coaching...just a $ienaty fact of life. I really want to like Vince...but he shows why he transferred down. He's missed WIDE OPEN guys...sometimes by a country mile. Strong arm...but completely inconsistent. If he was consistent at all, we win this game by 20.
  14. Well, if we win this game it's a road win. But we have FAR to go. Very far. I said, before the season started, I'd be ok with 5 wins. But if we get 5 wins...the first 3 were garbage, and that's not encouraging.
  15. The defense is playing very well today. If Vinny T hits 50% of his passes...and we don't pooch kick to get the ball back at the end of the half, the game is 20-7 Albany. But not a good 20-7. Two BAD football teams duking it out.
  16. Let me leave this here for you: COLGATE beat this team 23-0. Bucknell BARELY lost. So, we are as good as a bad PL team (Bucknell)
  17. Team is not very good...and a lot is coaching. W&M is just a bad football team. We have a paper schedule...and we are struggling. Albany is NOT a good football team.
  18. Clancy seems to get an AWFUL lot of penalties. Way to kill a drive.
  19. Day made- Stire has played. What a Great Dane. Played two DI sports...and started out with, I believe ZERO scholarship offers but Albany. Talk about making your own path.
  20. Boom? Is my broadcast delayed and I missed something. Kinda like Vince missing wide-open guys?