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  1. New Starting Five?

    Yep, I think you have it.
  2. Very athletic for that position. I'd be happy. Get him to 245.
  3. Nice pickup. Looks VERY athletic for his position. He's not that fast though...runs a 4.7 and is now 220. https://www.easternpafootball.com/news/player-previews-in-100-days-day-30-jared-verse-central-columbia/
  4. Doubt he is sucking up to Rodger...Will doesn't suck up to anyone. More likely a great big dose of Long Island sarcasm and ribbing.
  5. Slightly disagree. Colgate is a solid, PL team. Very solid Northeast team. By no means are they great. There are many teams that can compete with NDSU. Moreover, Colgate lost that game because--and as I stated the week before on AGS--their QB play is worse than ours. Kid can run and doesn't turn it over...but he can't toss the ball more than 10 yards without having air under it. He has a noodle arm. NDSU loaded the box...and any yards that 'Gate got were hard earned rumbles. If 'Gate had a QB that was even mediocre in the passing game, that is a MUCH closer game. The score was not indicative of how "Gate played on D. Problem was...they were on the field all day.
  6. Cuz Rodger is the ultimate follower... He's a tool.
  7. They don't have 14 Division 1 titles. But point understood.
  8. I'd be excited if we got this kid. Super raw...but he has offers from Kentucky, EKU, Minnesota, Rutgers, Maryland, others.
  9. I mentioned to Clack that they all look like "Stone Hands Jefferson" from Necessary Roughness. Bust out those rolls of toilet paper. The bigs will be fine in the AE, really good if they learn how to catch.
  10. I am beyond puzzled by this post. Even if half of it is T.I.C., are you really watching the players off the ball? Brooks is BY FAR the worst "regular" player we have. By LIGHT YEARS. Not even good defense. Really agree with you on French...but Lauderdale is actually playing somewhat well. Remember he's a JUCO big. I am quite happy with Lauderdale, Lulka, and French's development. Hanks is basically non-existent right now. He's a big dude...it may take him a bit longer to get it. Miller is more influential than you think. He's never been known as a shooter...but plays pretty good D. I actually wonder if he was hurt (he came up lame yesterday), which affected his PT time today.
  11. Commissioner's Cup 2018-19

    That, frankly, will be the difference in winning this thing...me thinks.
  12. Didn't have to watch more than a minute. Like the kid...precisely because he takes the initial hit well, and keeps moving forward. Tough kid.
  13. Say what you want about what some think about our recruiting...but we got a VERY good one today. Larry Walker Jr, a DB/WR from Aliquippa...just committed. For a bit of background, Aliquippa is the HS equivalent of any Blue Blood College football program. They have something like 5-7 Seniors with FBS / FCS offers...and is a traditional MAJOR power on a national level. Larry had bonafide offers from Army and Navy. 5'10 and 175.
  14. Terrible America East!

    If he worked at UA, they'd lock him up to a 5 year extension.
  15. Flagrant 1? Are they joking Our cuts are getting killed and they call that. Crap
  16. Healy is by far playing the best ball of any rookie in this league.
  17. They are so tall and athletic. They have 7 guys over 6’7. Roy is insanely athletic.
  18. I am in Milwaukee often for work and have been to a few games. They have MASSIVE attendance issues. The arena is not close to campus.
  19. Guy is a tool and lucky the Danes are not in a higher league or he;d be toast.
  20. lord, i like watching this team. Literally growing in front of our eyes. Sometimes I have to remember, especially for the bigs, these guys have never done anything at the college level. They are noobs. The bigs are starting to come around...albeit slowly.
  21. Whoops, sorry I didn’t see you added him on Thanksgiving