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  1. OT: UMKC

    Not so off topic. Do they have a point guard?
  2. Benson's Contract

    whoa. please share.
  3. Cremo nichols leave...

    I just officially declared myself old. Had no idea what that meant...like my mom struggling to learn how to stream Amazon through her "smart tv".
  4. Benson's Contract

    Exactly. If they can, and they can if there is money, there is NO doubt that with the amenities upgrade (e.g. firecode and bathroom codes), that building can go to 6500, and that is perfect IMHO.
  5. Benson's Contract

    Well, if that's what it takes...so be it. In the end, this guy could be the all-time undercover athletics mastermind.
  6. Benson's Contract

    Burns Arena- Dixie State (where Matt Conway plays). 4800 seats. PERFECT. Monmouth- 4100 seats- Perfect setup, I'd like a few more seats. Lincoln Memorial University- Tex Turner Arena- 5100 Seats- PERFECT
  7. Benson's Contract

    We are (were). Benson (allegedly) told some on this board something to the effect of "yeah, right" and referred to money. A new Field House is going to be a minimum of $15 million. Again, my biggest gripe with the front office is where is the push to say "hey folks, we want to build X, Y, and Z, would you consider donating."
  8. Benson's Contract

    If he somehow got a new building, I would take it all back. All of it. Go look at ODU’s building.
  9. Benson's Contract

    This is very clear. It’s a statement of qualifications request from architectural and engineering firms. Key words: varsity athletics and fan experience. Unless they are fast tracking this, I would presume all official drawings, permitting, environmental, etc have to be completed by the 2021 date. Also coincides with when the phys ed building is completed with upgrades. Have to think phys ed building is temporary home since it seats 2400 or so. Likely some games at TUC. IF....big IF, this goes to plan...2023 new digs.
  10. No. But he was an FBS player. Coastal moved up. He is eligible immediately.
  11. He transferred from Wagner last year. Had to sit out. This was an announced transfer at some point. HOF posted it a year ago Posted March 29, 2018 (edited) New player Jevontae Leslie, CB, SB 5' 10" 175 lbs, Irondequoit Varsity Football Rochester, NY https://twitter.com/j_leslie6 https://www.hudl.com/profile/6114388/Jevontae-Leslie Was at Wagner last year Edited April 5, 2018 by HOF2013
  12. Nik Rango QB (Pawling, NY) and HVCC (RS Fr this year). I believe he is now in the program? Just saw a cryptic tweet about doing work. Interesting...had big numbers at HVCC, have to think he's here for depth.
  13. Benson's Contract

    Someone go find that thread (I am terrible at that stuff).
  14. He transferred out in January, I think...but who knows. Curiously, Ebi Hanks hasn't found a home yet. I hope his "handlers" didn't ruin his chances. I wish him the best of luck.
  15. Benson's Contract

    I'm telling you, as an attorney who works SOLELY on public projects, including MANY in New York state (including with Albany)...what I stated is a fact about sole sourcing.
  16. Benson's Contract

    From what I have been told, politics and lack of foresight by our leadership.
  17. Benson's Contract

    You are not exactly correct with what you just stated. You can sole source with a firm that you have done work with and the work is in a similar vein, without going out to bid. I would not be surprised if HEERY had something for us. I saw the Casey Stadium designs WAY before they went public. WAY BEFORE...even before people knew a company designed them. In fact, I saw two different designs (I think i have the original somewhere...but that ultimately made it to public). From at least FIVE people I trust, I've been told there is a prelim conceptual design.
  18. He's really quick. Great combo with Mofor.
  19. Benson's Contract

    what if i told you the preliminary designs have been completed. At least a year ago.
  20. Benson's Contract

  21. Recruiting - 2019

    Southern Alabama Iowa UNI UNI (football) Ohio State Albany (Two others likely to go high D-2). That's the company that Trey is in on the first team. "Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Good" (Larry David).
  22. I believe he accepted? He has Great Danes on his twitter by his name/bio. Big pickup for the Danes as it will allow us to RS some of the frosh RBs. He was a player at Coastal, and part of a slew of players who transferred with Moglia's resignation. https://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/sports/college/sun-belt/coastal-carolina-university/article225065775.html Will be a nice 1-2 punch with Mofor.
  23. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    Some have...just saying. There is money in a pot, that was not secured by Benson, from my understanding. And it 'aint a small pot. We are talking multiple millions.
  24. Hanks will be a great role player for us. Mark it now: Mitch Doherty is going to eat minutes. Kid is the real deal. Lulka to the 5, Doherty to the four...eventually. Can pass very, very well for a big man.