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  1. What is there to say. And, he's doing a fabulous job on the topic. Google Benson and Doc for a youtube video. He's on the ball..
  2. Last I looked, the school isn’t in the business of “adulting”. It’s clear a structured life (what athletics brings) isn’t stopping them from not “adulting”. So at that point, the schools job is to keep the greater community of Ualbany safe, on campus. What they do off campus is up to them. And if anyone thinks Benson made this call on his own, I have a bridge to sell you.
  3. There were 40 cases among athletes in 1 day. 1 day. From zero cases. And most were in the Pine Hills off campus houses. In short, when 11% of your athletes test positive less than a week after practices begin, and most of those kids live off campus where they can infect others, including locals, then I’ve got zero issue if the department decided to shut it down.
  4. Anyone blaming Benson (and I often blame him for things) simply is not understanding the background to the decision. This time, he should not shoulder the blame...rather, commended for protecting the kids and staff.
  5. We aren’t going to have a season. School just put out an announcement of the students don’t get their $iena together the campus is effectively closed. Called out: athlete cluster of Covid cases in pine hills. The kids who should be super safe because they have a ton riding on it (seasons$ are acting the stupidest right now.
  6. That's not what the article indicates. It just means those tourneys will be played in a bubble, if agreed. It would be just that our tourney and Siena's tourney would be in the same bubble.
  7. Give it a rest. All of you. Bigger problems facing all of us. I don’t want to come here and read two people over the age of 40 squabbling over bull$iena.
  8. Juwan Green was signed by the Falcons to the practice squad. Jarren Williams was signed by the Giants for their practice squad. Great job by them, and good luck to each.
  9. Looks like Jarren was cut. I’d expect him to be picked up to the practice squad. Lot of big name db cuts on other teams likely impacted the decision.
  10. Dane Pound. Please edit the title. Autocorrect on my phone made it jarred instead of jarren. No disrespect to the man.
  11. I’ve been following this for a couple of weeks now. Been cautiously optimistic. Mencer, unfortunately was injured late last week and was cut Juwan Green was just got by the Falcons, yet reports were that he was on the bubble. With 16 practice squad players this year, he may be picked up by someone or called back by the Falcons. Jarren Williams has had an insane camp after being cut before training camp by the Cardinals. He got picked up by the Giants for the full camp and if he doesn’t make the practice squad it would be an upset. As of 10 minutes ago, it looks like he has a shot to make the final 53 based on the cuts made. There have been some notable failures from other teams that could be called in to take a DB spot, so it’s fluid right now, however Jarren could be our first opening day 53 man squad guy.
  12. Ncaa can’t shut everything down for fall, meaning football is its own thing. Only the schools can shut down FBS football.
  13. JMU finally suspended their season. Less than 50% of FCS teams remain. The FCS, by their laws, will have to cancel the football playoffs/season.
  14. Pioneer League is done. FCS football is done for the fall (likely).
  15. Big Sky has cancelled football. Missouri Valley likely up next. Spring is the target date for games.
  16. How does one become a "member of the Ualbany Football community"? I would think season ticket holders should have been invited to this, no?
  17. With due respect, this is NOT accurate. The latest data does not support it. The average age of infected parties is actually lower these days
  18. I’ll put all college sports resumption at zero percent chance.
  19. Agreed. Sadly, right now the crisis is worsening not even remotely getting better. I live in one of the few states that is handling this very well...yet we expect to see an uptick based on what’s going on nationally. Statistically and logically it will happen. We are still in wave 1.
  20. So, I never got my renewal form. Sigh. I don’t think I should have to chase the school down.
  21. I stand corrected. They did everything the AE asked. They were at 4. Added women’s sports. Updating facilities. Just spoke to a friend that is close to the program. I am now flipped and think this is a welcome addition.
  22. The entire SEC and much of the ACC reporting players with positive tests. Many, thankfully, are asymptotic.
  23. They have three sports (maybe 4) for women. Hard pass.
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