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  1. DP, i think you hit it on the head regarding the public v. private school journey. I too would like to see the answer to this question. I do know this, as for football, UNION was definately our local rival. A loss to Union was something we couldnt stand. Unfortunately it came with an disturbing regularity.
  2. LOL....ummm I only wish. I am not to those guys levels...though I did coach against Osinski in high school. I was very suprised to see the level he got to by his senior year. DI is a big step up from the days of powerfull DIII. I am sure Coach has a few exhibitions lined up..they are usually announced a few days ahead of scheduled dates.
  3. Wow....that is all I can say. These are huge recruits for us. Lillis is going to be a steal for us down the line...mark my words. Wilson comes from a solid program...just take a check a these rules his teammates must follow. I particularly notice the no headband and sock rule. WE NEED DISCIPLINED KIDS LIKE THIS. http://www.prairiepride.org/activities_ath...all/bbphste.pdf Do you guys realize how deep we are for 04-05 and 05-06? Center- Zoellner 7'1 Jr Hughes 6'8 Sr (w/ another year) Forward- Martin 6'7 Soph Levine 6'6 Jr Knotts 6'6 Jr Wilson 6'8 Fr Wyatt 6'6 Sr Hillaire 6'6 Sr Lillis 6'5 Fr Open- Forward 6'8 Guard- Iati 5'9 Soph Wilson 6'1 Jr Jordan 6'2 Jr Bauman 6'2 Soph Cheese 6'0 Jr Johnson 6'0 Soph We would only be losing Hillaire and Wyatt for O5-06' That is outstanding. Who would have thought that Brown could possibly be facing issues on player minute management. NOW THIS IS D1 hoops! That is a very, very deep squad. I would imagine that if there is an odd man out....it would be Cheese (I cannot see this team carrying 16 guys). EVEN BETTER...this team will not get pounded on the boards by SIENA...way too tall for that. What do you guys think of all this?
  4. I did some research. Professor do you know which guard? There are three WG listed...6'4, 6'5, 6'6. With all the bull about changing peoples heights, I was wondering which of the three was correct. This team absolutely smoked people in the Chicago tourney.
  5. I agree with both posts. As for the shows, most schools usually air those on a thursday or friday. There is obvious syndication issues/programming, but there has to be a way to get it on at some point during the week. I also think we need to get the high schools involved...get the kids to the games...free tix and all...its not like we would be losing money to those who pay for tickets (ie. we are not selling out). School band...even dinky ass schools like Northeastern has one. We have a school of 17000 students. We have a very accomplished music dept (###### I almost failed my frosh music class, but that was probably cause of all those nites at the Lampost). This brings out a more big time feel for us. GET THE FRATS INVOLVED! I know this sounds ridiculous, but the school used to allow alcohol. The oldtimers on this board (no offense guys) probably know what I am talking about. I heard stories of kegs on the hills on the small stands sides etc. Why they may be exaggerated, we are NOT A DRY CAMPUS...if i remember correctly a of age student could keep up to two cases of beer in the dorm. So...why not get tailgating action in the parking lot or on the grassy areas off to the side. ITS RIDICULOUS....I mean really...half the people who go to big time games are going for the atmosphere as well as the game. There has to be someway to control the use of beverages while giving the frats and sororities a chance to hang out and go nuts. MAKE THIS ALBANY's team. Have players go to schools (I know they already do)...make a presence. Make the surrounding towns WANT to come to games. ######....after I get my law degree and if McElroy ever left...i would love to take his job. Its not all about fundraising...its about PRESENCE!!!!!! I would even hire the PROFESSOR!!!!!
  6. IThat would be a fun bus trip. I will be going to the game w/ a few buddies that played football at UMASS. They actually think this can be a close game as LAPPAS has yet to turn it around. U guys will get to watch Anthony Anderson....the kid is nasty. I played in a tournament two summers ago (after his frosh season) in Boston's N. End. Real good players in the tourney (Dontae Bright was ihis small forward on his team). He lit it up...canning threes from everywhere. He hit three in a row from well outside the three point arc for the NBA. It will be interesting to see the Iati or Wilson/Anderson matchup. He is real powerful for a little guy.
  7. You guys are going to die...check this out...absolutely hillarious. I particularly would love to see his mom's reaction when she sees his picture on the female thong. Those quirky brits!!!! http://www.cafeshops.com/pumas/168666
  8. Danefan2k3, I signed up way back...just like your wife said, on the website. I never got a newsletter....they have half-assed it a bit.
  9. It is always good to have "friends" visit the school. This would be a major coup and give us depth and size. If Brown could pull this off, i would be very, very happy. The last true 6'5 gunner this school has seen was way back in my day...JASON GRABER...yeah, yeah, he was DIII, but that was because he was slower and less atheltic...but he was big and could shoot. This would be a great duo w/ Bauman. In essence, this kid would be levine's replacement and backup!
  10. Who's cheese? Am i missing something?
  11. Our Qb situation is awful; Delgado is terrible and Sciarra not much better. I cannot fathom how the big schools were after Sciarra. He must have really had a good junior year. I hope the recruits will pick it up at QB for us next year. Elliot lost his position to Chobrak who looked good in the second half vs. NU. Campbell, I suspect, has a little worse knee than the bruise they list him at. He is our best pure football player. Hopefully...he gets healthy soon. Albany 24- SHU 10
  12. I think UA needs to hire DP to do some work for them...GREAT JOB.
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