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  1. Well, we did go four wide quite often. So, I can forsee a rotation of: Tyler Odekoven 6' 180- 3 yrs eligibility Jalen Rima 6'1 205 (Northern Iowa)- 1 yr eligibility Chris Potts 6'3 196 (NEO- same school as Nyc Burns) - 2 yrs eligibilty Ricky Johns 6'3 195 (West Virginia)- 3 yrs eligibility Dev Holmes 5'9 160- 3 yrs eligibility Then you have the RS Kids who were highly rated (if they come back):. All four years left Mike Gray Jordan Irizarry Ricky Gamble Quite a competitive bunch...and JUC will have some good / great players to throw to for the next three years.
  2. 63 full rides. Split amongst 85 players but a total of 63 rides. Total team limit for active players, I believe, is 125...travel limited is set by the CAA...think it is in the 50's.
  3. Looks like they had a DB on campus over the weekend. Kid from Bridgeton Academy.
  4. I think we may have picked up West Virginia transfer Ricky Johns. Was a safety out of high school and they moved him to WR. Maybe he goes back. Top 25 kid out of Pennsylvania. Temple, Villanova, and West Virginia were his final three out of high school. Would make sense as a db.
  5. Wow. Damn. Well, if he stays the course, keeps his head in check, holy crap does Albany have a stable of receivers and kick return specialists.
  6. He took his time...good on him...but Chris Potts committed today. Excellent news and with what we have in the stable, Odekoven, the Northern Iowa transfer, and Potts...we have restocked the WR corps.
  7. We can only revisit if he get significant data points to revisit, most considerably consistent playing time. Otherwise it is a moot point. You made a wild statement that a kid isn't DI. You just don't happen to luck into what he did early on in the game at the DI level. Full stop.
  8. Lulka has been the biggest bust of our Aussies, if you are using this as your basis. Seriously...considering the expectations...tell me what he's done. For clarity, I don't think he's a bust either. But I am not so sure about your evaluation of talent.
  9. Completely disagree. Kid has barely played. At best your only response can, and should be, "we don't know what we have with him unless he plays more." He was super athletic, super busy, his D was there...he was a bit sloppy with the ball...but I can't even imagine what kind of talent evaluation, on such a small sample, would leave anyone to state "he is not a Division 1 player".
  10. Singleis quoted Coach as saying the class could balloon to 20 by the Feb signing date with transfers, etc. Makes sense. Some of the JUCOs, even with the qualifier from the NCAA, still have to go through the UA admissions process (or any school, for that matter).
  11. New website is trash. A selling point, facilities, is buried and old photos and write ups. Trash
  12. I just don’t understand how Undercuffler is not a top 6 qb. They picked two for each team.
  13. Two We are noticeably bigger with this group. Much bigger. if we get the NEO group (Nyc Burns JUCO) we will grab some good players including a bigger CB. Looks like the Lackawanna OL had a great visit. Big boy and anchored the line for the National Runner up.
  14. Season reaping big rewards on the recruiting trail. Literally. Max Schumann commits. Transfer. 6’4 315. Purdue offer in hand.
  15. He has familiarity with the system when Davis was there. He redshirted his Senior year. Grad transfer. Frankly, I love what the staff is doing. No disrespect to the young core of wideouts we have...but they are going hard after guys that could play today, knowing what they have with cuff. Same with lineman. Love the approach. It’s what championship teams do.
  16. I don’t want to get too excited but that group looked happy together. If we get that whole group...would be a game changer. this is what Towson did. Pulled off a remarkable year and kept building On it. People forget how long it took Towson to compete in the CAA.
  17. Yep. Agreed. sneaky athletic kid who is wiry. Probably see him pack on 20-25 lbs. can play wideout as well.
  18. I fixed it...see the link above but below my writing. Max Schipani. 6'2 185 lb Safety. Tough and athletic kid. Had offers from MAC schools, Air Force, Ivy's.
  19. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">It has always been my dream to play Divison 1 Football, now it’s a reality.<br>COMMITTED💜💛 <a href="https://t.co/Qkepc81L1D">pic.twitter.com/Qkepc81L1D</a></p>&mdash; 🃏*+Max Schipani+*🃏 (@max_ship01) <a href="https://twitter.com/max_ship01/status/1205638557207060481?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">December 14, 2019</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> The year is turning out to be special. Kid we've been on for a bit...safety had a bunch of good offers, including Air Force. Nice win for the staff. Don't know what happened above...but here's the link. https://twitter.com/max_ship01
  20. One thing that CANNOT be ignored. Coach has stated (the other day) he has closeness with this group of players, a subtle nod to his own look inward to fix some things in the way he coaches. I think that admission, and the work he put in, cannot be ignored. It takes a strong person to make changes for the better. Kudos to him, the staff, the kids, and the support staff.
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