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  1. I believe yes. We also have a lot freshman who are studs in the wings.
  2. I think this is a fair statement. The issue is that the ADept hasn't brought much good will for situations like this with some serious gaffes. As for this game, I haven't even gotten full information on how to purchase game tickets...and I am a season ticket holder. That said, let's move this thread BACK to the game.
  3. Let's not kid ourselves. CCSU is very good, and this will be a tough one. Two huge story lines: Former Rival who likely feels slighted at 11-1 having to come to the CAA stadium; and Ryan McCarthy who was not given the job that Gattusso was named as Ford's successor. One game at a time...and we need to be focused.
  4. I don’t disagree. I just wouldn’t be shocked if he bought it. And if he really is as big of a football guy as he says, he should buy it
  5. My guess is if Benson really wants to promo football, he will pay the 30k and get the game. If so, we are likely getting CCSU, Holy Cross, or Monmouth. I think AT&T gets in from MEAC but will stay south. I could also see some bull$iena like us going to a Kennesaw...and that's a long trip. You never know.
  6. Loooks like he has a bad left knee. That's a problem. But honestly, the receivers haven't done a great job in the 2nd half...and Green has had a stinker. Let's just hope Jeff is fine for next week.
  7. Irrespective...if we win, we are in. No way they leave out an 8-4; 6-2 CAA team. If they did, it would be a sham.
  8. If there is one thing that Benson pimps hard, it's football. It would not shock me to see him pay for a home game. In reality, a playoff game COULD...if he markets it correctly, draw the community and get you 6k fans at 20 bucks a pop. That's a $120k and after expenses, could net the school a 100% ROI. Quality of facility is there; revenue potential is there; attendance history hurts; performance is there; and we likely would get a regional game (CCSU, Lafayette/Holy Cross)
  9. Stop stealing my lines when you are pissed at that horrid performance on the hardwood. 🤣
  10. Probably 11 teams fighting for the 24th playoff slot right now. All could be with 4 or 5 losses. We are one. we win out and we may catch a home game in round one. All losses looking somewhat decent. Wacky year in fcs.
  11. Yep, I love the sound of a line up that has two athletic guys like Hansen and deSouza...with Lulka/Lauderdale manning the middle...and a monster group of Healy, Clark, Rizzutto, Anderson (when healthy) rounding that group out. The shooting of Healy, Rizzuto, and sometimes Hansen will allow Lulka to post up...creates space for DeSouza / Hansen (when not shooting) to split the gaps and slash. In instances when you have Clark and or Anderson with Hansen and DeSouza on the floor you have three or four VERY athletic guys.
  12. Just so stupid. Keep your you know what behind the zipped up door. I am not in that relationship but as a coach, you are under the microscope. This is some self-inflicted stupidity at its finest.
  13. We played Ga Southern. I was there. Almost won the game. Think we lost by a FG. We received 45k, I think. We were In FCS.
  14. Montana paid us, I believe 90k. Stephen F. Austin paid a small guarantee.
  15. This is a game we lose every single time the last three years. This was a gut check and a passing one at that. great job. Now take the week to get healthy.
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