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  1. Definitely was. If you add to the berm the amount of fans that are ok visitors side you definitely have around 3000
  2. Yep. He had high octane offenses at both Fordham and UNI. URI is better than their record. It’s a big time trap game. We win that bad boy and it’s one step at a time. I hate to play the what if game...but we are 6 points and two missed FGs from a chance to win 2 more and 6-1. That stings.
  3. it's flo. EVERYONE is complaining. The school provides the video feed...but the problems are flo related.
  4. Four things that are facts: 1. The ball went 10 yards 2. The kicking team did not touch it until 10.3-10.5 yards; WOW...that's bang, bang and frankly, kudos. 3. Would have been very hard for our guys to go aggressively at it...but I can see why people would think so. I mean, that was truly unreal. 4. Nah...I will leave this one alone...but some posters can use their imagination on what I would have written.
  5. Good thing you missed him; he's a Yale commit. Been that way for a bit.
  6. Zach Verdi was at Trinity College, CT where he was a thrower on track and field.
  7. Pretty much a perfect post. Though I disagree a bit on the OLINE and their run-blocking. They are not bad, just inconsistent. Granted...some of the teams we played have a focus on stopping the run. I think the emergence of Cuff will force teams to defend against the air, which will help the O-Line. Presumably, of course.
  8. Read what I just wrote-- it will summarize it for you. This staff is flat out overmatched. There are NO more excuses. None. That said, they truly found something with Undercuffler. I can't wait to see his growth next season.
  9. Garbage play calling in OT. Defense played well considering the turnovers. Offensive line can't run block for sh!t. Undercuffler still with growing pains but he's going to be very good. All WR other than Juwan Green should go look at themselves in the mirror. Yeah, Reeves made a hell of a catch but he was poor throughout...as was Holmes, again. Route running was garbage and they can't get separation. Mofor has had fumbilitis of late. Penalties are just terrible. Overall, I personally think this staff has got to go. Truly has to go. I am sorry, I am a football guy...played and coached it...but they just don't have the in-game chops and it doesn't take 6 years to find an offensive line. This was an embarrassing game and there are ZERO excuses. Zero.
  10. This is the offense I know Coach Davis runs. Folks, Cuff will be very good. He's 6 games into his career. Sure, he will make mistakes...but he is managing the game well and frankly, should have 3 TD's and 14-20 with an INT for 240 yards in a half. He's had three legit drops. Same last game. At least this is encouraging.
  11. Macdonald stopped running...he was open...then re-runs, and DB almost int's. was good throw. Fools.
  12. Undisciplined, no O-Line, terrible special teams...those are good descriptions of this year's squad. Crazy thing is that Cuff should be 9-12 for over 110 yards. At least that is encouraging. Otherwise, James and Mofor have nowhere to run...and Mofor is a bit fumble prone this year. Hot mess....
  13. The wide receiver needs to get better separation. That was anothe good ball from cuff
  14. Cuff should be perfect with about 55 yards and a td. Green should focus on catching rather than $iena talking
  15. Will Amica on his commitment. Interview starts at the 11 minute mark.
  16. I've been wondering why Alex Badine hasn't been on the two deep and the internet has given us an answer. The NCAA finally granted his waiver, with help from The Ohio State University and UA's compliance department. He is eligible to immediately play for the Danes. He was a preferred walk on for The Ohio State University. He will give us immediate depth at corner.
  17. This is who I hoped for, and expected. I echo Click; I don't want to steal the kid's thunder (or our Coach). It's an important recruit for us; this kid has the potential to be a 3 year starter, he's got that kind of talent. He fills an important need as he is a true PG, something, with all due respect to Hooley and Clarke, we haven't had since Mike Black. With all of the pieces we have now...this is the piece we needed to facilitate for those guys. Now onto bigs to replace Lauderdale and Hansen when they graduate.
  18. If it’s who I think it is, boom. Dynamic kid who has a chance to complete a puzzle piece for us. Color me excited.
  19. Well, I apologize dslyank- I didn't include SEFCU because that is actually priority 1 for many. Frankly put, the building needs a renovation and I know we are working on funding now. Just look what Fairfield is doing. In our own conference, we are FALLING behind and it will impact recruiting. All in, we need about $56-73 million to make sure we keep up. $20-25 million for SEFCU; $3-5 mill for the bubble; $15-20 mill for Casey (including the new offices, athletic medical support, lockerrooms) and permanent visitor stands; $15-20 mil for an indoor track / multiuse facility; $1 mil for Field hockey turf; and $2 mil split between softball and baseball for stands and storage. Do that, and we are done....for at least until the Football team has done so much that the place is beyond bursting at the seams and then you need about $25-30 more to add on the club seating/second pressbox tier, second tier on the visitor side (concessions and bathrooms); and the two decks that are planned for the berm area. All in, it's an 80-105 million dollar upgrade over many years. If i had to guess, SEFCU and the bubble/field house are next up on the agenda.
  20. BC put a dome over Alumni Field (Football Stadium) every winter. It can, and should be done. First off, the lacrosse and soccer teams (M&W) can use it for inclement weather games. Otherwise, those teams are playing Casey. This makes more than perfect sense. A lacrosse field is 110m x60m. It's probably 30-40m wider with the stands and sidelines, and 15m longer with both endlines. So you are looking at 135m long by 110m wide (when you add in some separation for the bubble. That's approximately 160,000 sq feet. At the pricing you quote, the bubble would cost 1,600,000 million dollars to 2,400,000. You add in bathrooms, scoreboard / sound, and storage / locker facilities under the seats (planned for back in the day) and you are looking at probably 3.8 to 5 million dollars. A fraction of a new facility and it becomes a TRUE multi-purpose facility that you could even rent out. Then, after SEFCU is done, you add in the indoor track / performance facility...and you are done for now except for MAYBE making permanent visitor seats at Casey.
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