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  1. Massey, who whiffed on Yale but picked the other three semifinalists, gives Albany a 58% chance of winning and Duke 51%, both by 12-11 scores.
  2. I think the tix from the university web site are in our section. Call our ticket office
  3. Some Denver fans, of course, complaining about the refs on Laxpower, especially talking about no calls Tehoke warding - like on his bull rush that knocked the defender back three steps, he had his arm out and maybe gave a push, but the forearm wasn't extended so not a ward as I understand it, but I never played lax. Also the defender wasn't stationary, his shoulder was lower and moving into TN before the hit, if that makes any difference. Also, when exactly was the time TN took a stick to the neck on an unsettled? End of the third quarter?
  4. And we don't have to worry about who plays first, as the Stony Brook women lost in overtime at Boston College yesterday, 12-11
  5. intellicast.com weather forecast looks a little improved from yesterday, only 0.01 inch/hr until after 4:00, heaviest on the ride home
  6. Wyland interviewed Fields today, said the knee is near 100%, and Ierlan is really excited. Also on air was Ted Hotaling, UA ‘94, about to be inducted into the Upstate NY Basketball HOF. Has been HC at New Haven the last eight years. Neither interview is up online yet.
  7. Supposed to be 15 for women. Anyone else leaving?
  8. T-U story on Baptiste The Beast is ready. He has an inch and fifty-five pounds on Ierlan
  9. Siena under investigation..

    And our FB OC Ed Zaloom became their only semi-successful head football coach
  10. Siena under investigation..

    College lacrosse is a small world. There aren’t many head coach openings for anyone who wants one
  11. Siena under investigation..

    Aints have let go men's lacrosse coach John Svec. Another national search is beginning immediately. Hope they stay away from our assistants until our season's over.
  12. University announcement http://www.ualbanysports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=211715479&DB_OEM_ID=15800 Introductory press conference 3:00 tomorrow
  13. He has Loyola 50% (12-11), Maryland 53% (11-10) and Duke 57% (12-11)
  14. Massey gives Albany a 68% chance of winning, but only by 11-9. He has Duke, Maryland, and Loyola much closer, all by one goal.
  15. T-U - Ierlan and Baptiste met in Vail last summer https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-lacrosse-s-TD-Ierlan-headed-toward-12913464.php Marr interview on Wyland