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  1. Maybe not. AGS is talking about four to six teams from the CAA in the playoffs. They still have a shot. But leaving the game I thought this was so much like the Hooley game - Stony Brook was crowing and all set to rush the field - and then they weren’t. Only difference was that we didn’t get a tournament spot out of it.
  2. http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/08/27/big-ten-expands-football-travel-roster-limit-to-74-players/ and like NEC scholarships, conferences can impose lower limits for league games
  3. Volleyball beat New Hampshire in straight sets in the AE semis. Stony Brook in the finals tomorrow at 6:30 on Long Island. AE.TV
  4. Leagues vary. CAA travel squad as of 2013 was 65. Big 10 raised it to 74 this year. Big Sky is 58 for air travel or overnight trips. Many other leagues and NCAA playoffs are about 56.
  5. Not amazing - you only get offensive rebounds when you miss shots.
  6. The online caption specifies it was October 9, 2017. “Healy was excellent," coach Will Brown said after practice Tuesday. "Lulka was tentative and passive, still ended up with eight (points) and six (rebounds). The game was too fast for Hank, and the early foul trouble hurt." "He did a good job defensively," Brown said of Hank. "The way Iona plays, it doesn't matter if you're a good post player, a bad post player, they double-team the low post. Two or three times, Hank caught the ball and his first reaction was to put it on the floor, and they swarmed him. It was a good lesson for him." In 27 minutes, Lulka made three of his four field-goal attempts and played solid defense. "I'm notorious for not playing a lot of guys," Brown said. "We played 10, and after that game I looked at the minute distribution, I wish I would have played this guy a little more, I wish I would have played that guy a little more. It will get a little confusing when (freshman Antonio) Rizzuto comes back, because he's going to play. I doubt we'll go to 11, but I've got to play these guys."
  7. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    UA08 is correct, though I wouldn’t say their numbers are completely padded. They are an anomaly in low-conference attendance, but when they’re bad they probably draw 3500 and report 5000
  8. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Will on Wyland today. Said half court defense was solid but we couldn’t play enough of it due to turnovers. Have to get the ball inside more, by penetrating not by passing. Lulka won’t shoot as much as Will wants, reminds him of early Sam Rowley. Still a week for Rizzuto. BU a completely different team from Iona Re Iona attendance, they were about 70% capacity. If we weren’t cross-county from the padded numbers downtown, we wouldn’t be out of line with anyone in AE, Ivy, MAAC, Patriot, or NEC
  9. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    I momentarily got a msg that due to lack of bandwidth or something they’d go to audio only. The video came right back, but I’ve gotten that in the past, usually while on a cell network
  10. Stark with a 50-yard wind-aided FG, two stops for D, up 3-0
  11. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Brown said Rizzuto will be back in about a week. That should help some against the press, ball handling in general. But too much forcing the ball down low to somebody who’s surrounded. Need more ball movement outside
  12. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    How soon we forget John Hughes
  13. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Stony Brook just beat South Carolina 83-81
  14. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Actually was 39-22 at half, 74-37 final. But they beat Ohio St by 24
  15. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Announcers not saying who fouls are on, but Hank has 2
  16. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Stared at 7. Down 24-10 at the quarter, 33-16 at the half. IHeart radio from the USF site
  17. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Yes, 104.5 FM locally. Out of town link in the BPF heading
  18. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Iona women play St Johns at 5:30, so don’t be surprised if the start of our game is delayed
  19. Albany scored 6:57 in to lead the first half, but UMD scored twice 1:31 apart early in the 2nd for the win. Two Albany penalty corners failed (one save, one wide) with time expired.
  20. FH beat Vermont to win the America East East Division. Conference tournament at Stanford next week, probably vs UC-Davis on Thursday
  21. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    TV-13 report: Brown says Iona is probably the worst kind of team matchup wise for an inexperienced team like ours. Hank has cut his hair; must be trying to get faster
  22. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Open tomorrow night at South Florida. Bulls are ranked #22, opened with a 24-point road win at Ohio State. Radio only on iHeart app
  23. Wins in 2018-19

    I voted 16-20 but probably on the low side of that
  24. TV is supposed to be on NBCSports Boston, which doesn’t do is any good. Dish, DirecTV, and Xfinity, but nothing online?
  25. RIP Custer Quick

    https://poststar.com/lifestyles/announcements/obituaries/dr-custer-r-quick/article_7ac47e3c-166d-55ff-ad07-ea34933159d2.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share Probably our oldest fan, season ticket holder in FB, MBB, WBB until about 2 yrs ago. Captain of the 1955 baseball team. Sympathies to Dottie