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  1. Guarantee that Benson and Co will use this to not make any changes in the off-season.
  2. I can imagine. They basically completely blew their playoff chances away.
  3. So the final stats shake out like this (note: I standardized on the same report so 2013 and 2016 stats were updated slightly from previous versions). We are basically just slightly better than our first CAA year (which is evidenced by us winning zero games in 2013 and 1 game in 2018) but we are, IMO, a far cry from 2016 where the team was lead by Bob Fords kids and Gattuso's kids were largely sitting on the bench holding towels due to being redshirted or less talented.
  4. Stark is gonna tell generations of Starks about that kick on his last college game...happy for him.
  5. My point was he needs to add a decent amount weight and on that we all agreed.
  6. Fair enough. I wasn't at the game (rather watch MBB) and there was no way to watch, so I didn't see whose mistakes the INTs were. From where I sit, the statistical trends matched every other game this year. I trust your opinion more than my own so if you say so...then it is so.
  7. Nah, as exciting as this win was at the last second and a single bright spot for this abysmal season, we are still 3-8, 1-7 in the CAA. There is no excuse on earth that exists that can be made for how bad this team was all year. 7 yard offensive quarters, 40 yard offensive halves, turnover, penalties up the wazoo. We are a bad team. And it starts at the top. I'm happy for the kids and the seniors specifically who at least ONCE this year can feel some true 'warmth' in their hearts...but as for the staff and the administration? They can screw ALL the way off. No excuse will change the fact that compared to 2013 and 2016, we have MASSIVELY regressed statistically in relation to the rest of the conference. I don't care if you lose every game by 1 point for 5 years and somehow think that is some sort of silver lining (it's not!)...THAT is the ONLY proof you need that we aren't good. At least in my opinion.
  8. In 40 years we'll be renaming the field Bob Gattuso Field at Tom and Mary Casey Stadium. LOL
  9. This game is wild LOL. I'm legit laughing listening to this announcer.
  10. For the record, I do feel bad for the kids as well. But someone has to 'take one for the team' and if that means they lose every game until this guy gets fired BEFORE his contract is up...sorry kids.