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  1. Fact of the matter is Albany is VERY (extremely) fair weather. It is what it is. It'll be 3-4 decades before we see what we wish to see IMO. Right now, we need to focus on the product on the field which sucks. D96 hit the nail on the head...it won't get better until we clean house.
  2. Your annoying. "Period!!" I'm in agreement on the LBs. How many times did they get burned over the middle of the field? That has ZERO to do with the DL or their push. When our LBs are dropping into coverage, they are not making the adjustments necessary to pass guys off (in zone) or can't keep up with guys (in man to man) causing plays over the middle. Seriously dude...for someone who claims to know a crap ton about football you don't understand defense 101. Did you play on special teams only or something?
  3. Depends. We using his system or <insert scapegoat here>?
  4. We were taking about Holmes at the game. The thought is that he's so good he might get poached by a bigger program. No guarantee he sticks around for 4 years. But yeah, another so so win which leaves a lot to be desired in the confidence department. We're gonna get out doors blown off in the CAA and our offense which is putting up decent numbers won't be able to keep up.
  5. Our secondary is atrocious. Getting embarrassed and caught with their pants down every time.
  6. Refs completely just missed a personal foul (their guy when Suh on one of our guys while a pile was clearing). And then two guys on one of theirs and he out jumped both. Ridiculous.
  7. We can't stop a nose bleed on 3rd down. They are converting at like an 80% clip on 3rd and anything.
  8. I don't know who just called that series but that was good. Passes over the middle, in the flat, runs sprinkled in. That's what we need. Keep the defense off their toes by attacking every angle.
  9. HOF. Just stop. If I was the HC...even if I was defensive minded like Rex Ryan...if my OC was stinking up the joint I would take over 100% of the play calling duties IMMEDIATELY AT THE FIRST SIGN OF TROUBLE (we are now 3 games into 'trouble'). I am THE man. I am LITERALLY the top of the pyramid on a football team. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING goes through my headset and my microphone. The fact that GG keeps delegating the play calling instead of taking ownership is the BIGGEST indictment of who he is. He is just WAITING for someone else to be the scapegoat. How do you not see that and why do you keep defending it? Just stop this nonsense already. Silver lining? HOF is flapping his gums about in this place in defense of GG who can do no wrong (it's Davis' fault, it's the players fault, it's the moons fault, it's the guy who didn't turn his blinker on 4hrs norths fault, etc. etc.) pre-game but will be nowhere to be found 48-72hrs after the game ends. He will then come back to tell us we are terrible fans, attacking, etc.
  10. I swear...GG better try throwing the ball 40 times again. I will walk down and slap the headset right off that giant head of his. /s
  11. Recruiting - 2020

    Updated: UAlbany Men's Roster 2020-2021 Name Position Height Weight Year Status Brent Hank C 6'10" 245 RJr. Returning Sasha French PF 6'11" 215 RSr. (JUCO) Returning Adam Lulka PF 6'8" 240 RJr. Returning Malachi de Sousa SF 6'5" 200 Jr. Returning Nikola Jerotić SF 6'7" 215 Jr. Returning Cam Healey PG 6'2" 185 RJr. Returning Antonio Rizzuto PG 6'3" 180 Jr. Returning Free Scholarship (Clark) Free Scholarship (Brooks) Free Scholarship (Lauderdale) Free Scholarship Free Scholarship Free Scholarship Possible Signings Position Height Weight Year Status Shane O'Dell** SG 6'4" - Fr. Offered Jayden Stone**** SG 6'3" 175 Fr. Offered Noah Hutchins** PG 6'0" 160 Fr. Offered Possible Departures Reason Departures Reason Ahmad Clark Graduated Nick Fruscio Graduated Reese Brooks Graduated Kendall Lauderdale Graduated
  12. Recruiting - 2019

    Updated: UAlbany Men's Roster 2019-2020 Name Position Height Weight Year Status -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brent Hank C 6'10" 245 RSo. Returning Kendall Lauderdale PF 6'8" 240 RSr. (JUCO) Returning Sasha French PF 6'11" 215 RJr. (JUCO) Returning Adam Lulka PF 6'8" 240 RSo. Returning Malachi de Sousa SF 6'5" 200 So. Returning Nikola Jerotic SF 6'7" 215 So. Returning Phillip Flory SG 6'5" 195 Jr. Returning Ahmad Clark PG 6'1" 170 Sr. (JUCO) Returning Reese Brooks PG 5'9" 170 RSr. (JUCO) Returning Cam Healey PG 6'2" 185 RSo. Returning Antonio Rizzuto PG 6'3" 180 So. Returning Free Scholarship (Campbell) Free Scholarship (Miller) Nick Fruscio PG 5'10" 155 Sr. Returning Possible Signings Position Height Weight Year Status -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isaiah Jones** PF 6'8" 240 Jr. (JUCO) Offered Mitch Doherty** PF 6'7" - Fr. Offered Trey Hutcheson** SF 6'5" - Fr. Offered Sam Baker** SG 6'4" 170 Jr. (JUCO) Offered Marvens Petion** SG 6'6" 200 Fr. Offered Gerald Drumgoole** PG 6'5" 195 Fr. Offered Greg Dolan** PG 6'3" 170 Fr. Offered --------------------------------- Going Elsewhere ------------------------------------ Joseph Girard III** PG 6'1" 170 HS2019 Undecided but we have no shot/not in his top 5 Isaiah Stevens** PG 5'10" N/A HS2019 Colorado State Jarod Lucas** PG 6'3" 170 HS2019 Oregon State August Mahoney** PG 6'2" 165 HS2019 Yale Possible Departures Reason ---------------------- Departures Reason ---------------------- Devonte Campbell Graduated Rayshawn Miller Graduated
  13. A few of us heard this too. Evidently he got hurt on that one series where Brunson came in...but he was stinkin up the joint before that so I don't think 'hurt' is the reason why he blew big chunks on saturday...but I'm hoping home game #2 is better for him.