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  1. I'm diggin the last two. I'll definitely be using these! hahahaha Here's some others: Hey Ref! You're makin up calls like Cuomo makes up COVID numbers! Hey Ref! You're blowin calls like Cuomo blew the ventilator purchase! Hey Ref! You're balancing the fouls as well as Cuomo balances the budget! Okay, I'm done making it political again lol.
  2. I'm okay with that. Refs better not screw it up or I will let em have it! lol jk. Maybe.
  3. I will 100% be there. My tickets are paid for already. MBB tickets I haven't paid yet, but if there is a season I'll be there too.
  4. https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/29190501/gov-andrew-cuomo-encourages-ny-teams-reopen Hope this means we'll have a FB season after all in the fall and BB in the winter and I hope the UA media team knows how to stream properly.
  5. Sounds like this article was intended to highlight the folks who were from the area, but not necessarily who coached in the area. If I misunderstood, I 100% agree with you (even as a 25yr+ long Heat fan who loves Riley lol).
  6. Remember the good ol days when we used to argue about who played/knows football and who didn't play/knows football? Those were the days.
  7. Yeah this is going to be 2008 but worse, IMO, once everyone's bills start coming due. Completely mismanaged disaster.
  8. Confirmed? It was never in doubt. And can you shut up about the low division 1 nonsense? WE GET IT. You think UA might as well be D2. Give it a rest already.
  9. Evidently the AE is the #50 league out of 32...why the AE hate? Give it a rest.
  10. Genuine question: source? Everything I've read to date (which again, isn't everything available - my job hasn't changed one bit and if anything I'm busier than ever so I ain't got that much time) suggests you need to have an underlying condition for this thing to be your undertaker. That being said, not everyone is good at keeping up to date on their own personal health and knowing what's going on with their bodies (via blood work, etc.). So, it's possible these 'healthy' people just thought they were healthy and actually weren't. For example, I like fast food and soda. I REALLY like soda. I think I'm healthy. But, if I went to get my blood work done, they'd probably tell me I'm far from it. That type of deal. So...just curious. Honestly.
  11. I do too, among other things. But do you have access to the scientific data? I don't. You and me are in the same boat relying on information being given to us by people who have it...and some are saying one thing while others are saying the opposite. Who do you believe when you can't see that scientific data yourself? That's my point. I've resigned myself to just stop following the pundits and everyone who is trying to get their $0.02 in on the subject and just deal with it day by day.
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