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  1. I'd pay UA an additional $100 for them to stream (properly!) all MBB and FB games. I'm sure many of us would. It's 2018. You don't need a lot of equipment or a masters in streaming...it's stupid easy. Just need to make the initial investment. Or at least upload the games after the fact to the site or something so we can watch later so they don't have to actually 'stream' anything which would be even cheaper. Then we can just pretend, as a forum community, that a 1PM game is actually at 5PM lol. It's basically what I do with Jets games and NFL GamePass.
  2. Don't know about the Fox ones...do you need a cable TV subscription? How about ACC Extra? And WTH is Yurview?
  3. Our women's team is the Bruin. They're the Maple Leaf (leaf is a great term in this instance):
  4. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Yep. Benson shouldn't get any blame for anything. He put UA's and OUR interests first instead of caving to the so called 'community' game. I'm glad he didn't bite. Real glad.
  5. 2018/2019 Schedule

    I'd love a local game against St. Rose or HVCC. It's only been about their fan base. Always. Hah, I meant in general. Might be their first time here. But it seems like we play the following teams year in, year out...whether on the road or away. EDIT: I went back to my handy spreadsheet... (since going D1 including this years schedule with the majority of these being since 2010) Oneonta - 4x Dartmouth - 10x Holy Cross - 6x Canisius - 5x Monmouth - 5x Yale - 10x Iona - 4x Less concerned with Iona & Yale as they are actually usually pretty good teams lately which helps our SOS. At least we stopped playing Cornell and Colgate lol. Cornell - 7x Colgate - 13x
  6. 2018/2019 Schedule

    This I can agree with. Wouldn't mind some more variety. How many times are we going to play Dartmouth, Holy Cross, Canisius and Monmouth. Brown is probably reading this post and saying, "Damnit Eli...can't you be happy about anything?"
  7. 2018/2019 Schedule

    lol. That made my snort in laughter.
  8. 2018/2019 Schedule

    I think a 17 year old kid also desires to actually be competitive instead of facing a team of 5 future NBA'ers and losing by 40. At least that would be me. I play in a co-ed softball league (I know, I know, not the same as D1 sports but competition IS competition) and games where the competition level is somewhat even are far more enjoyable than games where the other team should clearly be a league down (if we're smackin them in the mouth) or a league up (if we're getting mercy ruled). Say what you want but my point is we had an epic schedule last year with a lot of 'strong' teams which turned out to be duds. It didn't matter in the end because we didn't win the AE tourney but what the schedule ended up being would have absolutely given us a crap seed in the dance.
  9. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Let's not be hasty. Some of those teams may end up being good. Last years schedule in August/September was AWESOME. Turned out to be complete crap.
  10. 2018/2019 Schedule

    https://dailygazette.com/article/2018/08/09/siena-ualbany-men-s-basketball-programs-won-t-play-albany-cup-in-2018 Benson FTW! Kicked Siena to the curb AND has managed to raise a ton of money for our programs since arriving. His only blemish, IMO, is extending Gattuso without knowing if we are going to be competitive. And maybe overall department communications (bag policy, etc.) although those are somewhat small potatoes in the big picture.
  11. 2018/2019 Schedule

    I agree on the schedule. Being we replaced 75% of the roster, I don't want a typical schedule and then go out and win 5 games the whole year and crush kids' confidence.
  12. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Full OOC schedule has been released: http://www.ualbanysports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=15800&ATCLID=211767696 UAlbany Men’s Basketball 2018-19 Non-Conference Schedule Date Opponent Location 11/6 Oneonta Albany, N.Y. 11/9 at Iona New Rochelle, N.Y. 11/14 Boston University Albany, N.Y. 11/17 at Canisius Buffalo, N.Y. 11/20 Holy Cross Albany, N.Y. 11/23 at UW-Milwaukee^ Milwaukee, Wis. 11/29 vs. LIU Brooklyn^ Belfast, Ireland 11/30 vs. Dartmouth/Marist^ Belfast, Ireland 12/8 Monmouth Albany, N.Y. 12/11 at Yale New Haven, Conn. 12/15 Dartmouth Albany, N.Y. 12/18 at Providence Providence, R.I. 12/20 Manhattan Albany, N.Y. 12/28 at Kent State Kent, Ohio 12/31 at Niagara Niagara University, N.Y. ^ - Belfast Classic games
  13. 2018/2019 Schedule

    This. Sending him a thank you email RIGHT NOW.
  14. Recruiting - 2019

    Updated...notables that fell off our VC list: JG3 = We aren't in his top 5, no shot at him (not that we ever really did) Jarod Lucas = Committed to Oregon State UAlbany Men's Roster 2019-2020 Name Position Height Weight Year Status -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brent Hank C 6'10" 245 RSo. Returning Kendall Lauderdale PF 6'8" 240 RSr. (JUCO) Returning Sasha French PF 6'11" 215 RJr. (JUCO) Returning Adam Lulka PF 6'8" 240 RSo. Returning Malachi de Sousa SF 6'5" 200 So. Returning Phillip Flory SG 6'5" 195 Jr. Returning Ahmad Clark PG 6'1" 170 Sr. (JUCO) Returning Reese Brooks PG 5'9" 170 RSr. (JUCO) Returning Cam Healey PG 6'2" 185 RSo. Returning Antonio Rizzuto PG 6'3" 180 So. Returning Jeremiah Starks PG 6'2" 190 RSo. (JUCO) Returning Free Scholarship (Campbell) Free Scholarship (Miller) Nick Fruscio PG 5'10" 155 Sr. Returning Possible Signings Position Height Weight Year Status -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isaiah Jones** PF 6'8" 240 Jr. (JUCO) Offered Mitch Doherty** PF 6'7" - Fr. Offered Trey Hutcheson** SF 6'5" - Fr. Offered Sam Baker** SG 6'4" 170 Jr. (JUCO) Offered Gerald Drumgoole** PG 6'5" 195 HS2019 Offered Isaiah Stevens** PG 5'10" N/A HS2019 Offered Greg Dolan** PG 6'3" 170 HS2019 Offered Noah Hutchins** PG 6'0" 160 HS2019 Offered --------------------------------- Going Elsewhere ------------------------------------ Joseph Girard III** PG 6'1" 170 HS2019 Undecided but we have no shot/not in his top 5 Jarod Lucas** PG 6'3" 170 HS2019 Oregon State August Mahoney** PG 6'2" 165 HS2019 Yale Possible Departures Reason ---------------------- Departures Reason ---------------------- Devonte Campbell Graduated Rayshawn Miller Graduated
  15. Recruiting - 2018

    Final update of 2018 as VC isn't 100% up to date. Not that we have roster room or anything but was curious if some of the guys reclassified that we offered but didn't get, etc. Quinlan Bennett - Committed to Triton College per his twitter Jordan Starr - Signed with Masters (NAIA) to play for his father Winslow Martin II - Can't find much traces of this guy making any moves...no longer on VC...may have been treated for some type of cancer during last season? Wish the man health if that's the case! UAlbany Men's Roster 2018-2019 Name Position Height Weight Year Status -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brent Hank C 6'10" 245 RFr. Returning Kendall Lauderdale PF 6'8" 240 RJr. (JUCO) Verbal Sasha French PF 6'11" 215 RSo. (JUCO) Incoming Adam Lulka PF 6'8" 240 RFr. Returning Devonte Campbell SF 6'6" 225 Sr. (JUCO) Returning Malachi de Sousa SF 6'5" 200 Fr. Incoming Phillip Flory SG 6'5" 195 So. Verbal Ahmad Clark PG 6'1" 170 Jr. (JUCO) Returning Rayshawn Miller PG 6'1" 185 Sr. (Grad) Verbal Reese Brooks PG 5'9" 170 RJr. (JUCO) Verbal Cam Healey PG 6'2" 185 RFr. Returning Antonio Rizzuto PG 6'3" 180 Fr. Incoming Jeremiah Starks PG 6'2" 190 RSo. (JUCO) Verbal Nick Fruscio PG 5'10" 155 Jr. Returning Possible Signings Position Height Weight Year Status -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- None --------------------------------- Going Elsewhere ------------------------------------ Carlos Dotson** C 6'7" 285 Jr. (JUCO) Western Carolina Antun Maricevic** C 6'10" 234 Jr. (JUCO) South Florida Michael Steadman** C 6'10" 215 So. (JUCO) San Jose State Yannis Mendy** PF 6'8" 240 Jr. (JUCO) Robert Morris Cedric Roland** PF 6'7" 220 Jr. (JUCO) Central Oklahoma Melkisedek Moreaux** PF 6'8" 195 Jr. (JUCO) St. Bonaventure Simon Falokun** PF 6'8" 220 So. (JUCO) Tulsa Darrell Bowman** PF 6'8" 270 So. (JUCO) Miami (OH) Kenechukwu Chukwuka** PF 6'8" 215 So. (JUCO) Pitt James Sosinski** PF 6'8" 240 So. (JUCO) FB at Kansas Jaalam Hill** PF 6'7" 220 So. (JUCO) Cleveland State Tayler Mattos** PF 6'9" 230 HS2018 Bowling Green Riley Abercrombie** PF 6'8" 205 HS2018 Boise State Melik Martin** PF 6'6" 200 HS2018 Monmouth Kabir Mohammed** SF 6'5" 220 So. (JUCO) Missouri State Jordan Starr** SF 6'6" 170 HS2018 Masters (NAIA) Adrian Nelson** SF 6'6" 185 HS2018 Detroit Fletcher Tynen** SF 6'5" 190 HS2018 Boston Univ. Harrison Butler*** SF 6'5" 205 HS2018 Southern Utah Clayton Henry** SG 6'5" N/A Jr. (JUCO) New Mexico State Kawanise Wilkins** SG 6'6" 230 So. (JUCO) Western Michigan Nathan Fromm** SG 6'5" 190 RSo. (JUCO) Ineligible Winslow Martin II** SG 6'5" - So. (JUCO) No Longer on VC Quinlan Bennett** SG 6'3" 175 HS2018 Triton College Greg Dolan** PG 6'3" 170 HS2018 Reclassified to HS2019 Channel Banks** PG 6'4" 185 Jr. (JUCO) Akron Josh Jefferson** PG 6'2" 173 So. (JUCO) Cal State Northridge Peter 'P.J.' Byrd** PG 6'1" 169 HS2018 VCU Rashad Williams** PG 6'3" 185 HS2018 Cleveland State Calvin Wishart** PG 6'1" 175 HS2018 Georgia Southern Departures Reason ---------------------- Greig Stire Graduated Travis Charles Graduated Alex Foster Graduated Costa Anderson Graduated Matt Conway Transferred Xavier Cochran Transferred Joe Cremo Transferred to Villanova David Nichols Transferred to Florida State