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  1. All we want is to win. If Gattuso can win, then hell, sign him to extensions until he doesn't win. The only thing I ask is to not give him an extension when he has multiple years left and to not make the extensions more than 2 years at a clip. No long term ones please! It's never been personal. If he can start winning 8 games a year or more, keep him here.
  2. Last Up: W (38-21) @ Towson Next Up: vs Rhode Island (1-5, 0-3 CAA all close) Time/Date: 10/19/19 @ 3:30PM EST TV/Streaming: FloSports ($7.99/mo) Local Radio: TBD Impressive outing against the #9 FCS team in the country. Wasn't perfect but UA played very well, especially Undercuffler. Kid is balling. Kudos to the staff for having the team ready to play. Pats on the back all around.
  3. Last Up: L (23-20) @ Richmond Next Up: @ Towson Time/Date: 10/12/19 @ 4PM EST TV/Streaming: FloSports ($7.99/mo) Local Radio: TBD The Great Danes regressed back to the mean against Richmond. Offensive line couldn't stop a nosebleed. A ton of penalties. Kicker hitting uprights on purpose. It was a disaster. Team kept finding ways to lose. Disaster.
  4. I'm pickin up what you're layin down. In other news, the stats spreadsheet is lookin MUCH better. We're top 4 in more stats this year than any year since joining the CAA. Is this a sign of things to come!?
  5. Congrats to Undercuffler. Well deserved. With JUC ballin out and the Jets gettin Darnold back...MAN! Things are SMOKIN for me at the QB position of late lol.
  6. I HATE when that happens. I'm not the kind of person who can watch a game or a motorsport race after I've seen the result...so I've gotten into a habit of when I'm opening a site to play something that I squint to the point where I can barely read anything lol.
  7. Not sure this is a fumble. Elbow was down. But I'll take another TD if they give it to us lol. EDIT: NVM, slow mo has the ball coming out before the elbow. Smart play by our guy!
  8. This game could either springboard them into bigger and better things or give them false sense of achievement and crash back to earth next week against Rhode Island. Hopefully the former.
  9. This announcer cracks me up. "they are absolutely trying to milk the clock"...after an incompletion. When the clock is stopped. 😂😂😂
  10. Stupid call and/or decision. Should have went up the middle instead of bouncing it out. Better yet, should have run that TE play!
  11. Secondary got smoked on that one. Wide open. Come on. Need to be consistent.
  12. Wow. What is happening? Kudos to all the players and the staff. Team was ready today. If Gattuso and his staff can coach his/their ass off like this every week, I'm more than happy to keep paying the man and his staff. This is great.
  13. Yes, overturned. Good call. That was not a fumble. Had a chance to sack Flacco twice and he got out both times (on one play). Other than that, D has been doing great today.
  14. I know, but I still think he'll have a few 'moments' next year where he makes some mistakes. But obviously I hope not and I hope you're right.
  15. Wow. UC is 11-19 for 199 in the 1st half. Gattuso FINALLY found a QB. This kid is going to be great once he has legitimate experience. Looking forward to watching him JR and SR year.
  16. Radio is about 30 seconds behind Flo...so I guess I have to listen to these bums.