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  1. 2018-19

    With all our appearances in NCAA MW BB, MW LACROSSE, Volleyball, Golf, Softball, Baseball, Field Hockey and no post season appearances in football how can we be called a "football school"? We have had season tickets for years and support the football program BUT we must support the Stanford model to excel in all sports!!!!!!!!!
  2. Cremo nichols leave...

    Take a step back and relax. We had Joe and David this year and where did we end up even with some good bigs that didn't get the ball. Just rebuilding a year early. Not sure if D will get them much playing time but I'm sure some Big 5's will have a need. Good luck to them--and thanks for their UA efforts.
  3. Can't be tired. Only played 9 games in Jan. and 7 in Feb. If in shape you need only two minutes rest per half. For the most part CB has given them that. They don't need rest. They need to play defense especially on the perimeter and not be too anxious to go on offense.
  4. New Board Headline

    I LIKE!
  5. 3or 4 moving picks allows them to get to the bonus and double bonus. Almost all committed by 2nd team players. An easily corrected problem.
  6. Women's Basketball 2017-18

    Coach Mac has the UA Women in 1st place all by themselves! As John Wooden said "If you want to see basketball as it should be played go to a ladies game". Amen!!
  7. The amount of playing time is irrelevant. That is 12 time outs of 1 -3 minutes. It is simply the lack of defense by matador guards leading to fouls on the bigs. Start playing perimeter defense and we will be OK!
  8. Saints won't play at SEFCU but will play at Patrick??? Daaaaaa???
  9. I have been going to Albany-Siena games for 60 years. The first four as a player(2 wins,2 losses) and the remainder as a spectator. This is an important event in the Capital District. This year was an excellent option. UA got great seats. The games were great. Concessions are over priced! I would favor this years set up with the game being out of season packages and being split until UA can update SEFCU to 6000+ seats. Then Home and Home makes sense!!
  10. SUNY Free Tuition

    I benefitted from no tuition in the late 50's and early 60's and as a teacher and guidance counselor, I have always felt State schools should be tuition free. The contribution my fellow graduates made to the State of New York is invaluable. Free tuition will not cost the State very much. Now, how do we control the ridiculous cost of room and board.
  11. WBB: 2016-2017

    Once the shock wears off, I think the ladies will respond. "We got to the tournament, why not play the best and show we should not be a 16 seed next year!!!"
  12. You really want UVM to do well, otherwise no AE team will ever get a good seed. Note on game: I think David was forced to take a lot of shots as the other 4 players were being denied the ball leaving David to shoot or create. An almost 1st year player who had to due a lot and tried to bring it home. We just didn't have the depth needed to advance. GREAT GAME!!!
  13. WBB: 2016-2017

    We lost three starters and the one that went with Coach Abe is sitting out this year. The rest of the team was decent but in a learning stage. The first two rounds of the tournament are tough but if we get through them I think are chances against UNH are good because UA fans will out number UNH fans.
  14. WBB: 2016-2017

    Talent yes but experience NO. One starter(Tate) returning. Point guards are both Frosh. Injuries Tate, Trypcic(SP), and TJ haven't helped. And a new coach in a DI learning mode. Still in good position to make a good run. Stokes has improved but would like to see her look to score to open up her passing lanes. She is kind of like Stire at the top of the circle---he doesn't look to shoot either.
  15. vs. UVM (Wed 25th @ 7pm)

    Am I imaging things but are both Dallas and Joe Cremo nursing injuries? They seem to go up and down the court at 3/4 speed.