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  1. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    Obviously used last years file and left 2018 instead of 2019. I have had problems for two years using snail mail. Using my on-line account is the only way for me to go.
  2. Miller as a starter in place of Healy is a real stretch. Rizutto and Healy were obviously drivers in HS but are still learning about the athleticism even in the AE. I like DeSousa on the front of the press and he always has a rebound and a point or two for the three minutes he plays. I think CB is still trying to find the right combo and subs going forward. PATIENCE!!
  3. Having Big 5 schools looking at UA for graduate students means we are recruiting good student athletes. It hurts to loose them but it is a long run positive.
  4. The GDAC membership is very reasonable if you want quality sports teams---athletic scholarships are very expensive. GDAC memberships are not only contributions but also season tickets. We are in the top 100 of GDAC contributors of over 10,000 and contribute only 1200-1500 per year. Get out your check books or make that card slide.
  5. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Both Ford and DeCortes looked good for Frosh in early games but if possible I would redshirt both to give them more playing time and a MS degree. We have 4 very good bigs now and their playing time would be limited. We need guards!!
  6. In response to nysteve661: Our bench is outscored because they do not play--coaches choice--check game stats. He should have no complaints--his choice.
  7. 2019 Season

    We made the Final 4 last year and for years have been very close. Totally surprising with all of the negative comments. Will we ever have a 50/50 response on comments??
  8. And a lot of poor shots by our leader! But they are kids so that happens!
  9. Are we better now ???

    Back to the original Canisius question---it can't be answered easily. The Griffins were coming off a difficult game and were very FLAT i.e. Terrible; which made us look pretty good. With all the line-up changes, it is still a work in progress---wish Vermont wasn't our first game.
  10. 2019 Season

    For a lacrosse player you have to offer a graduate major they can relate to. It is getting better now but for years it has been difficult for both graduate and undergraduate majors. As an Albany graduate and guidance counselor, Albany had little to offer. It is much better now but still thin.
  11. We need to stop the Dartmouth 3's. I would like to CB's 1-3-1 zone changed to a 3 - 2 which covers the outside and the corners BUT the foul line is a problem. However, I'm not the coach so what do I know!
  12. New Starting Five?

    Probably a TU miss statement. Don't think CB would undermine current players with a statement like that.
  13. Come on coaches, SHUT that back door even if your not playing Princeton.
  14. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Can't be gassed the way coach shuffles players(which may be a problem). We play 4 bigs Forster, Kantzy, Canada, and Schecter but we don't have anyone who can see and feed the open bigs. I know the coach is in her first year as a head coach BUT you don't let a double digit lead get down to 2 before you call a time out! Saved the time out with 8 seconds to go and down 7. Only Merlin Hathaway could have won that one.