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  1. 2nd Basketball Scrimmage

    Isn't that it was Bucknell enough? He could tell you, but then he'd have to kill you.
  2. Reid Anderson- Transferring

    From what i've heard, Ross was asked to make a commitment and chose not to. If a kid doesn't want to do what's necessary, what can you do?
  3. Jake Lindfors

    I believe we parted ways with Gilliam several months ago.
  4. Anthony Raffa Highlight Video

    Scrabble, that was a lousy thing to say. You don't know what the situation might be regarding his status. I'm sure he'll love to see your post. Nice welcome. What's your motto, if you can't say something negative, don't say anything at all?
  5. MBB signing

    He was a senior this year from the same school as Lance James, he will be prepping next year but has verballed for 2008. This is somewhat similar to what Howard Little did and then reneged and went to I believe Valpo so I wouldn't hold my breath but....he is a strong guard 6'4 who can score well in transition and has a solid shot from the outside, apparently also pretty athletic based on the info I've seen. It just remains to be seen if he signs the LOI. I believe Little had "little" chance of getting through admissions.
  6. Coach Eaton to Quinipiac

    Money was definitely a major factor. Q's head and assts. are getting way more $.
  7. UNH

    Not sure about Knight. Ross has been fighting the flu.
  8. WCDB Survey

    I think an improvement in grammar would make it sound more professional. We are a university, so it's important to convey a knowledge of the english language. I understand that the network sports people aren't always correct either, but it's somthing you should strive for. Other than this small item, the broadcasts are generally excellent.
  9. Chat

    I think the team has gotten the early seaon monkey off its back. I hope coach Brown also feels it, even though we still have a long way to go, and the internal pressure never really goes away. Hope it's SRO @ BPG.
  10. Women's Schedule Released

    Cockeyed optimist, more likely, but you may know him better than I.
  11. Board may be down for upgrades

    If you use the add reply at the bottom of the page, it doesn't do that.
  12. Who gets Q's Minutes

    I think Knotts is going to have a tough time getting any minutes. He didn't get many last year and we'll be even deeper in the front court this year.
  13. Online Updates

    He was in 2004 ESG for Central
  14. Online Updates

    Roster is now changed on the website
  15. Coach and the Mad Dog

    Amen Pool Man!