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  1. Win two more and shut them up forever. First step get revenge on Yale.
  2. Groundbreaking

    That is one expensive rehab but sounds like a complete gut job multiple years.
  3. Groundbreaking

    Click where did you find this? Update thanks Click. 100% speculation but renovating the PE building makes sense. If you don't have the money for a field house but want to update SEFCU. In the outdated link below it says gym will be renovated. Figure SEFCU project would require the basketball teams to relocate for at least a season. Also this would be easier to get past the state budget office because it includes a lot of student recreation space. https://www.albany.edu/facilities/campusplanning/PEbuilding.html This would be a bummer to lose the pool.
  4. 99 percent sure this is the first male head coach for the women in the d1 era. Good Luck Coach
  5. Always wanted to go to Hawaii now seems like a Great reason.
  6. Women's Basketball 2017-18

    Athletic funded varsity crew team. We currently have a club team.
  7. Women's Basketball 2017-18

    Wasn't impressed with her at all. She didn't do well with in game adjustments. The two final loses in the season at Maine and against UH were the most glaring. All the best to her but she will need to raise her game a lot if she wants to be successful at BC.
  8. ESPN+ and New ESPN App Coming

    Hulu tv buffers a little but I can live with it. I think my internet speed might be a little to slow (100 mb) for the stream. Glad to be free of Direct tv. Spectrum is my only option for Internet.
  9. ESPN+ and New ESPN App Coming

    Just cut the cord last month. Loving it hope the AE stays on ESPN3.
  10. Cremo nichols leave...

    Same way he thought about the Anthony Raffa, Ambrose, Harris, Suero year(s). Things will be okay just might need to take some time.
  11. Cremo nichols leave...

    Good luck to both they got their Bachelors and gave us three years of hard work. Can't speak for others but I have no hard feelings.
  12. 2017-18 Season

    Dane96 how is the athletic department bleeding money? I understand if you can't post that answer. A follow up is what can be done to fix it?
  13. UMBC

    Relax, take a breath. Realize that UMBC loses a ton to graduation and doubt Odom makes it past the final four as their coach.
  14. UMBC

    OMGooodness congratulations UMBC
  15. Fans we have won as a 4 seed before. Yes I know we hosted back then, but I think the best thing to happen to this team will be to start a new season in the tournament.