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  1. Jimbo There have been games in the past not returned. Would think those were quaranteed. Montana. A game in Texas. I don't remember the school are 2 that I remember as 1 game.
  2. Hopefully take care of them a little quicker than last time. Last time the lame security was locking the gates to the campus minutes after LCC lost
  3. Are you kidding me on Ashley Miller. It was pink day not wear a puke shirt
  4. Yes . That is no longer there . I liked that location better
  5. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    I don't see Monmouth listed here. December 21 at Monmouth
  6. Canada Tour

    Hanks played a few minutes late 3rd quarter early 4th quarter
  7. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    8/17 should work. Looks like 8pm game and I will be about 15 minutes away for a 4 pm football game
  8. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    I can wait to until the 20-21 game. If I was to travel to see Albany women take on a maac team, it would be down to Marist. November 13
  9. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    LCC non conference schedule was 1 of the 139 I saw. I didn't see anything on it worth mentioning when it was released. We all knew they don't think they would be competitive enough to give it a shot to travel to Albany
  10. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    Not going to happen I am in Ottawa in 8/17. Haven't decided 8/18 but back to work on 8/19.
  11. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    Bucknell released their schedule today. Host Albany 12/7
  12. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    Yes. Carnesecca. I have never been there. I am going to try to make this one
  13. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    St John's announced game date as Wednesday 12/18
  14. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    Columbia hosts Albany 12/28 per a tweet or 12/30 per their website selling 3 game basketball flex packs
  15. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    Boston college schedule is out. Host Albany Tuesday 12/10