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  1. Not the way I wanted the season to end, but another example of great coverage by the local paper. Great season as well
  2. Yes NCAA finally got tickets to me that were ordered in February
  3. Was searching Pittsburgh schedule today and they have our opening game on 9/1 listed for 3:30 pm . Tickets only $15 also.
  4. Ordered my tickets in February. I will be there !
  5. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Stephen f Austin is the 8th team
  6. I don't listen to the "talking heads" much. I am usually at the games But the win over Denver yesterday was the 3rd team who won a national championship in the last 3 seasons that Albany beat in the last 13 months North Carolina and Maryland being the other 2 Interesting since we never play anyone according to some. But to be the best you have to beat the best
  7. Pretty sure most of the seats are GA. Purple should be everywhere but most on the side of our bench I would think
  8. No baseball conference tournament is 6 teams. Win 2 out of 3 will eliminate Binghamton outright. Win 1 out of 3 will go to the tiebreaker which assuming it is head to head gives it to Albany over Binghamton
  9. Danes travel to Oregon
  10. Yes Nice sweep of UMass Lowell today. 4-3 and 4-1. Selection show at 10 pm tonight
  11. Richmond

    Upper deck as 72 said
  12. Siena under investigation..

    They aren't remotely close to the level of north Carolina and Duke but perhaps they should have been able to convince Marist , or St peters to play all their games on LCC's court if that logic had any merit
  13. Siena under investigation..

    Some of us don't just boycott that game, but also refuse to spend any money at LCC for anything as long as they think it should be anything less than an Albany home and home.
  14. Siena under investigation..

    Wow. Do you have to be a $ienahead to be offered that job or does one become a $ienahead after that little exposure to rt 9 clowns. Either way, tell them to take a hike. There are plenty of maac teams better than them that would be more than happy to play a top 150 RPI team( or whatever there scheduling guidelines are that I read last year) in a home and home.