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  1. GDAC donations

    I will NOT withhold funds for the football program specifically or athletics generally. It’s too important to me and posses risk in crazy liberal New York. They’ll just ax the damn program. That said I give $0 to this university generally or any university. Just athletics. These universities are too screwed up to support their crap.
  2. Shouldn’t we sell out a home opener? Meaning did we in prior years?
  3. I had 15 tickets for the game. 12 if us showed so I ate the other 3 tickets. Tailgating was a lot of fun but very thinly attended. A few people attended toward the end. We started tailgating at 4. My uncle rolled in with catering level service so props to him. Same experience for the game. I thought attendance was light at first but by the first beer run there was a line. That could be because a single worker was manning the bar. The weather was awesome. The play on the field was poor. Based on prior experience I’d say it was a B- experience. Part of my attendance is to be a foundation. If people like me do not attend why should others from the “Bubba Alumni” as James Carvel referred to non LSU grad fans of the program. It’s my annual trip. Glad I did it. Lots of fun but some missed opportunities by the University. I wanted to buy anything marked UA and it was challenging to do at times.
  4. My donations are squarely tied to football. Too much nonsense happening at colleges for me to fund the university or academics. Not sure I’d follow UA much without it.
  5. Title IX violations

    Stories like this just make me want to say screw it. Cancel athletics altogether. There is so much political crap today it’s not worth watching. I’d rather throw my money in the sewer.
  6. I’ll be flying in from Michigan for Saturday’s game. I bought 15 tickets for family and friends. I was happy to see us play our first ACC team despite a loss. URI was a huge disappointment. The program seems a bit rudderless. Let’s make some changes to get us back to winning. Upward and onward
  7. UA Students on Trial

    Agree. A good ruling. Obviously not the 9th Circuit clown court.
  8. Kaloyeros Charged

    I wonder if the convictions change anything? If SUNY Poly looks tarnished would they try to get rid of it by rolling it back into the SUNY literally across the street. 20 feet or so away...
  9. Kaloyeros Charged

    Agree. Add Nano back. Honestly I was planning to write a few emails and drop some tweets in support of returning Nano
  10. Hitch Cover

    Thanks. Perfect
  11. Hitch Cover

    Does anyone know where I can buy a hitch cover for my truck? My father in law is sporting a Wisconsin Badgers one and I’d like to get a UAlbany one. I’ve checked the usual places (bookstore, Amazon, Victory Tailgate even Etsy)
  12. Kaloyeros Charged

    If you go down the town name route it helps if your university is named after a popular town. Say Chicago or Miami. I’ve lived in 12 states... Albany doesn’t have that cache if it’s known at all. New York does have cache. I believe in marketing so to me this is important to how we are perceived by the general public. In the end Id be happy if they just merge the schools back.