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  1. Allllllllbanyyy I first heard this chant watching the 2014 America east championship, then at the quarterfinals the same year. At first I was hesitant and didn’t like it, but it has caught on like fire. 1000x better than the UA basketball chant to olé.
  2. Hope to hear all the Albany chants loud and clear on TV.
  3. 2018/2019 Schedule

    He’s got as many chips as Cremo and Nichols.
  4. No offense, but these tickets do not fit the Dane Train profile! We sneak bud lights in, crush them in bathroom stalls and sit among the rest of people. Alllllbanyyy
  5. Football and men's basketball bring in the most revenue for the school no doubt about it, but I still believe winning a national championship in lacrosse will bring UA the most national exposure ever.
  6. Following the sport is different than knowing that D1 lacrosse exists. I can say the same holds true about FCS football. Most people don't even know it's D1
  7. Big step up from field hockey as it's championships are broadcast nationally on TV. It is niche, but 95% of the people in the northeast and mid Atlantic are aware of D1 lacrosse. The sport is certainly growing and bigger schools are getting into it.
  8. I don't think there's anything wrong with lacrosse being the elite program of UA athletics. What other sports is UA getting All-Americans in? It's still a niche sport, but if Albany can somehow win a National Championship this weekend it'll be the biggest thing the the athletic program has ever done. And most importantly it is the only program that is on the the level of these big name schools. I find that the best part.
  9. Yeah that crappy field turf they had. Literally rained all day and I think less guys slipped yesterday than the game at Yale
  10. Idk I see a love fest by Anish, quint, and Paul. Was at the game so idk who was in studio
  11. I always thought the opposite. The media loves the Danes. They just don’t like their conference
  12. Still 4 days away, but the weather is not looking good. Rain and low 60's.
  13. Recruiting - 2018

    Campbell has always looked stiff and never smooth like you see with some players. Even in his first season when he played well.
  14. Richmond

    We will also have the crowd advantage. I’d expect there to be at least a few thousand Dane fans there.