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  1. I don't know much about lacrosse, but if Tehoka likes to bang and initiate contact give him a long poll and let him play D. Every time he touched the ball I was like welp, that's going to be a turnover. Sure enough he tries to muscle his way through double teams time after time.
  2. Siena under investigation..

    Siena will have no choice and have to play at SEFCU!
  3. At this point I’d leave it up to Fields. The only thing to worry about is the cheap shots this teams taken all year. Plus that Yale turf was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Had multiple guys slip and fall throughout the game.
  4. Seriously though, how many sticks have fields and tehoka taken to the face this year?? 100% agree this team lives and dies with Fields.
  5. The time of possession was so lopsided it still wouldn’t have mattered. We got dominated at the X and couldn’t clear anything or hold onto the ball. Yes we were undersized, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be tough. I don’t know much about lacrosse, but on D our sticks seemed to be so inactive. Where was the intensity they showed when Irelan took a cheap shot at UMASS. Scrap a little. I’m not saying play dirty, but at some point let the other teams know you’re not going to take any $iena from anyone. How does Reeves take on five guys driving to the goal? I mean lay him the eff out. Take the 1 min penalty and throw in a cross check
  6. You’d figure an IVY like Yale would have better field turf. I’ve seen high schools with better playing surfaces.
  7. 7 penalties on Yale 2 penalties on Albany Perfect strategy. Just beat the $iena out of the Albany because they won’t do anything to retaliate The softness might run throughout the whole athletic program! I keep hearing medicine game this and that. I get it and where this sport originated, but it’s different today. Effing lay into someone one your teammates are getting pummeled
  8. You can also say that same bozo decided to schedule two weeks off
  9. He does what he wants. That’s why he came to UA.
  10. All season Albany has been hunted. There was at least 7 penalties. Do we need new cleats or something. Everyone has been slipping all over the place
  11. Even with fields it would not have made a difference. Sloppy everywhere
  12. Like I said earlier who the hell made this schedule. We’ve played multiple games with only one or two days off.
  13. Not trying to make excuses, but who the hell was in charge of making this schedule?
  14. Cremo nichols leave...

    Facts as well.