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  1. This is what you resort to when the coaching staff has problems developing players.
  2. Haha, let us hope that’s not the case!
  3. Solid numbers in his soph and jr years. I’m sure he will ride the pine until late February when WB finally decides to give him significant minutes.
  4. Lol you’d definitely be the one to take a flight with a cold and infect everyone on the plane with corona.
  5. I still say if Hansen was given 30 min+ a game there’d be a chance for 3rd team. Obviously others disagreed.
  6. Can’t tell if you are being sarcastic with filing the box score comment or not, but that game meant nothing to Stony Brook.
  7. Good because based on what some think a NCAA tournament appearance is the end all be all for a successful program. Them winning three games here should absolutely NOT give this coaching staff a free pass.
  8. Does a 3-0 run to the NCAA really just make everyone forget about how bad of a team this is?
  9. I’ll take an NIT bid instead of a 7-9 team that finds someway to get hot for 3 games and goes and plays in the PIG.
  10. He’s clearly a troll in another way. Siena fan.
  11. Low level freeze winter division one games lol. What would you call Siena and the MAAC then. No ones forcing you to go.
  12. They never made to the sweet 16. Proves my point that I’d rather have a dominant regular season team with sustained success and never going to the tournament. A la Stony Brook. Look how many failed opportunities they’ve had in winning the America East tournament and only went once. Which programs in better shape?!!!
  13. I remember the when game threads use to be 10 pages deep. This program has really fallen off the deep end, but was it ever really at the top?!! Fun to think that some actually thought we were in the same class as Vermont.
  14. Maybe a system for a coach to set his family up for life. More power to him to be able to do it. Can’t argue with you that he took them to 5 NCAAs, but I’m not buying it’s because of his “system” that got them there. To me the first two we all know why they got there. It wasn’t a system. The next two were EXTREMELY flawed and at the time I don’t think anyone cared to even realize it.. All I know is he had three championships in a row and didn’t capitalize on the recruiting trail ONE BIT. Even when they managed to get to the NCAAs it was a revolving door.
  15. it’s Hansen!!! Bought into the system?! What system lol. Whatever this system you speak of clearly hasn’t been much of a thing these past 3 years.
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