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  1. Cremo nichols leave...

    OT like the way this thread should be marked 😂
  2. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this win. Team is a lot of fun to watch. Honestly so much better watching this team play compared to last year. Don’t know if it’s because they are young, but you don’t see them complaining on every shot to the refs looking for a foul like a couple of guys we had did.
  3. Cremo nichols leave...

    Should be marked OT though. Just saying
  4. Could be to prepare the team for the Belfast tournament and down the road the America east tournament. None of these guys have played any B2B games except for Campbell
  5. 2018-19

    Yup as a mid-low major I’d take vein ranked in the top 25 all year and lose as a 6 seed as crazy as that sounds. There will always be upsets in the tournament
  6. 2018-19

    Like bob said it’s based on opinion on what each of us considers what’s a greater achievement. I look at being ranked in the top 25 as a big big milestone. That means you are on notice nationally. Might sound crazy, but I honestly think it’s a harder accomplishment than just winning a first round NCAA game.
  7. 2018-19

    That’s fine. More importantly is how the hell did I spell rephrase there. Woof
  8. 2018-19

    I’ll refraise that..to be able to crack the regular season top 25 in college basketball is more impressive to me than reaching a final 4 in a non rev generating sport.
  9. 2018-19

    This is D1 college basketball. I don’t think there’s a comparison at all.
  10. 2018-19

    UB ranked 25th. Gotta be the most impressive SUNY sports achievement ever.
  11. Haha I was trying to decipher it too. I think it’s that our attendendence is just as good as anyone in those leagues and Siena is ahead of us because their numbers are padded???
  12. FAST especially when you don't follow football hah
  13. Can’t believe how fast the season has come upon us. Certainly intrigued by how this team will gel.
  14. ESPN-AE Basketball

    Cbssports network will have those games on TV
  15. Football, athletics resources (moved)

    They might be ahead in $, but we are pro sports town here. People do not care about SBU on the island.