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  1. Cremo nichols leave...

    When it came down to crunch time. 2:45 Joe Cremo Turnover. 50 - 50 2:21 Trae Bell-Haynes missed Layup. 50 - 50 2:21 Joe Cremo Defensive Rebound. 50 - 50 2:19 Foul on Anthony Lamb. 50 - 50 2:19 Joe Cremo missed Free Throw. 50 - 50 2:19 Anthony Lamb Defensive Rebound. 50 - 50 1:52 Anthony Lamb Turnover. 50 - 50 1:46 Albany Timeout 50 - 50 1:38 David Nichols Turnover. 50 - 50 1:38 Anthony Lamb Steal. 50 - 50 1:29 Vermont Timeout 50 - 50 1:13 Foul on Mike Rowley. 50 - 50 1:13 Anthony Lamb made Free Throw. 50 - 51 1:13 Anthony Lamb made Free Throw. 50 - 52 0:51 Foul on Kurt Steidl. 50 - 52 0:51 Joe Cremo made Free Throw. 51 - 52 0:51 Joe Cremo made Free Throw. 52 - 52 0:39 Payton Henson made Layup. Assisted by Trae Bell-Haynes. 52 - 54 0:39 Foul on Devonte Campbell. 52 - 54 0:39 Payton Henson made Free Throw. 52 - 55 0:31 Albany Timeout 52 - 55 0:17 Foul on Joe Cremo. 52 - 55 0:17 Joe Cremo Turnover. 52 - 55 0:17 Anthony Lamb Turnover. 52 - 55 0:17 Mike Rowley Steal. 52 - 55 0:10 David Nichols missed Three Point Jumper. 52 - 55 0:10 Vermont Defensive Rebound. 52 - 55 0:10 Foul on David Nichols. 52 - 55 0:10 Trae Bell-Haynes missed Free Throw. 52 - 55 0:10 Vermont Deadball Team Rebound. 52 - 55 0:10 Trae Bell-Haynes made Free Throw. 52 - 56 0:07 Joe Cremo missed Three Point Jumper. 52 - 56 0:07 Greig Stire Offensive Rebound. 52 - 56 0:02 Greig Stire missed Layup. 52 - 56 0:02 Anthony Lamb Block. 52 - 56 0:02 Albany Offensive Rebound. 52 - 56 0:01 Foul on Anthony Lamb. 52 - 56 0:01 David Nichols missed Free Throw. 52 - 56 0:01 Albany Deadball Team Rebound. 52 - 56 0:01 David Nichols made Free Throw. 53 - 56 0:01 David Nichols missed Free Throw. 53 - 56 0:01 Vermont Defensive Rebound. 53 - 56 0:00 End of Game
  2. Cremo nichols leave...

    According to the UMBC announcers they said Brown was 1000% shocked Cremo left. Then went on to throw a little shade and said he could have had his jersey in the rafters if he would have stayed 👍
  3. Cremo nichols leave...

    Baker was on the 14-15 NCAA tournament team as a freshman. Baker Wheeler never red shirted.
  4. Does the team have any set last second sort of play when down with 10sec left? Both end of regulation and end of OT they had no idea WTF they were doing. Isn’t that something teams work on?
  5. If you keep believing maybe it'll come true lol.
  6. Call me crazy, but I liked Miller last night. Would like to see him get increased minutes.
  7. Might as well free French too. Both guys have enough length to make a difference on the defensive end.
  8. If you were looking to win games, I would have went with Miller who had the D1 experience. He didn’t look great, but was also only getting maybe 5-6 min a game if that. Hard to get into any flow with that. If you’re looking at long run then I guess you let him play.
  9. Him being anointed as a starter once he was healthy never made much sense to me.
  10. The fight to qualify for the americia east playoffs continues
  11. My point exactly of of getting too comfortable. Who’s there to really give a different opinion to coach. There’s no comparison with Duke and Albany programs.
  12. We always here it all comes down to three games in March. As of tonight it wouldn’t matter cause we’d be the 9th team out.
  13. Getting too comfortable is never the best thing either, but this year was a free pass.
  14. It’s everything including coaching, assistant coaches scouting, everyone. It was a free pass this year for everyone, but still absolutely pathetic to lose to Maine at home and by 15 to Lowell.
  15. So we are pretty much screwed you mean lol
  16. That’s honestly Binging pathetic. I don’t care if you have 14 new guys. This conference sucks.
  17. You 100% deserve to lose letting them get a shot off with 1 second on the shot clock with an inbounds play
  18. Prepare for greatness

  19. Umm not sure what you're hearing at an NBA or NFL game
  20. Who was the last city rock kid we landed? Fruscio then Jordan? Seems like Siena has the in locally with them.
  21. This is all probably on edge from yesterday, but even losing your two best players late last season is no excuse for losing Maine who lost everything including their coach. No matter what recruits this coaching staff brought in should beat Maine AT HOME
  22. Meh Jamar was thrown out of practice tons of times and I’m sure other players as well. As far as Nichols I was extremely critical of him last year, but he’s exactly what this lackluster team needs and is missing most. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking risks on the recruiting trail especially this past year. And In breaking mold I don’t mean going out there and getting someone who’s been arrested a dozen times or something like that.
  23. It’s definitely tough. But there’s always late signing guys over the spring that could be high risk or what not, but with potential upside. Break off that character mold the staff likes to recruit and take a chance. Also if it was really slim pickings, give a scholarship to Fruscio who paid his dues as a walk-on knowing that scholarship will be open the following year. Instead he’s now locked into a guy who is severely undersized like Brooks for next year. Could have also just went with 12 scholarship players for this year and added an additional walk-on so you have some flexibility if there was really no talent out there.