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  1. 38 minutes ago, godanesgo99 said:

    I was bored and drinking last night reading up on some of the commits this year. CJ Kelly seems really interesting to me. Great background in High School and a connection to Brown. He didn't overly impress at Norfolk and it's not like the MEAC is a power conference, but he seems to have some major upside potential. Not a fan of the fact that one of the only non-conference games that he didn't score in was against LCC in his year at Norfolk, but I digress.

    Is this the new Brown MO? Look for guys with high upside with injury issues and hope they heal and return to their previous form? I am a gambler by nature, but this has been very risky the last few seasons.

    Anyway, reading up on some of the new blood, it's hard to not be excited for the possibilities in a Lambless AE and a gutted SBU. 

    Find us a "big" big and this team may be a surprise success.

    This is what you resort to when the coaching staff has problems developing players.

  2. 15 hours ago, UAalum72 said:

    Olaniyi returned for Stony Brook, played 18 minutes, filled the box score - 2 pts, 1 rb, 2 assists, 1 block, 1 TO,  1  steal, 1 PF

    SBU shot 50% from the field, 51.9% from three, and 55.6% from the foul line in losing to UMBC by 8

    Can’t tell if you are being sarcastic with filing the box score comment or not, but that game meant nothing to Stony Brook. 

  3. Just now, Clickclack said:

    I just can't... I can't for the life of me understand this opinion. Your entitled to it but I don't get it. Why bother then with this defeatist attitude. Uvm is further North and has been smacking the $iena out of the ae for years. 


    He’s clearly a troll in another way. Siena fan.

  4. 1 minute ago, Bball2020 said:

    Its a low level freezing winter division one school. Horrible and i mean horrible facilities. Went to three games this year and had to park literally a mile away. Brown set the bar high by winning five titles!

    Low level freeze winter division one games lol. What would you call Siena and the MAAC then. No ones forcing you to go.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Bball2020 said:

    Umbc lost to binghamton then maine after besting us and vermont- you prolly think odom should be canned and team gutted right? What a fall out from the sweet 16 days of umbc, i think outside of injuries ua will have it figured out by conference play next year. I personally will not miss clark- wayyy too sporatic and turnover prone, this year with injuries and underperforming returners we needed him.

    They never made to the sweet 16. Proves my point that I’d rather have a dominant regular season team with sustained success and never going to the tournament. A la Stony Brook. Look how many failed opportunities they’ve had in winning the America East tournament and only went once. Which programs in better shape?!!! 

  6. 10 minutes ago, UA1882 said:

    I know sorry ! Haha.  I fixed it . It was auto correcting. (One of my good friends last name is Hensen. ) I would say the system that has taken us to 5 NCAA's. Won 20+ games 6 or 7 years in a row. We will see what happens for the rest of the year . I know the last couple of years were not good. (But remember in 2017-18 we were 22-10, not great but definitely not terrible, then lost cremo and nichols unexpectedly) I think we can all agree this offseason is a big one for Brown and ualbany.  

    Maybe a system for a coach to set his family up for life. More power to him to be able to do it.

    Can’t argue with you that he took them to 5 NCAAs, but I’m not buying it’s because of his “system” that got them there.

    To me the first two we all know why they got there. It wasn’t a system. The next two were EXTREMELY flawed and at the time I don’t think anyone cared to even realize it.. All I know is he had three championships in a row and didn’t capitalize on the recruiting trail ONE BIT. Even when they managed to get to the NCAAs it was a revolving door.

  7. 16 minutes ago, UA1882 said:

    I answered the question that was asked. Please re read the top of the page!!!!! Jesus please read ! (Name a better option at the 4 or 5 spot. Even in the beginning of the year before all the injuries).  I like Hensen . I think that's lost in all of this. I never ever said he should not play. I'm saying he has improved . Does anyone remember his first 10+ games (I know his minutes were sporadic) but they were bad. I would take Hensen right now above everyone as well. It's because he has improved and earned it. Lulka last year played very well for a freshman big. (I know his hands are not very good). He got hurt and was not given a chance it seems. Hopefully he will be a lot more healthy and better last year. 

    Through his first 13 games Hensen shot 32.7 percent. That is really bad. He always grabbed rebounds.  Defense was average (honestly below average) . This makes my point. 

    Lulka at the beginning of the year was playing better then Hensen. ( I'm not saying he was a better player, I'm staying he was playing better). Of course Hensen has surpassed him and has played extremely well. Through his first 13 games Hensen shot 32.7 percent (remember he is a senior ) That is really bad. He always grabbed rebounds.  Defense was average (honestly below average) . This makes my point.  He has risen his fg percentage to around 44 percent . That's outstanding given his first handful of games were a disaster.  He has played outstanding defense, alters shots, gets rebounds in traffic . Things he did not do at all in first 13 games to start the year. He has bought into the system and improved. I'm hoping the rest of them learned something.  I dont wanna beat a dead horse and we can def disagree.  Just read the post. I wish more people were as enthusiastic as the people we have on here . That would be great to build our base. 

    it’s Hansen!!!

    Bought into the system?! What system lol. Whatever this system you speak of clearly hasn’t been much of a thing these past 3 years.

  8. 2 hours ago, UA1882 said:

    Sure . Lulka averaged 8.7 and 6.5 as a FRESHMAN. Shot 55 percent from the field. I love facts.   (Before injury.)

    He was averaging 8+ and 5 a game before injury. 

    Again please re read my post . I'm not saying he should not have played. He did . I'm saying he was not mismanaged.  And backed it up with facts.

    Hansen has played very very well the last 10 games or so. I dont want that to get lost in the conversation.  His improvement and learning of the system has been awesome to see. 

    I can throw facts out there as well and say Hansen was a 10 and 6 guy last year at Savanah St. 

    Clearly we disagree. The point of grad transfers are to come in basically as a ringer. Your not 1 DNP stat doesn’t really prove anything either as he’s played 12 min or less numerous times in the middle of the season.

  9. 11 hours ago, UA1882 said:

    Hansen has played very well the last 10 games or so but I'm not 100 percent sure about mismanaging him. He was really really bad the first 10 games.  Shot like 25 percent and was out of postion all the time. He has really evolved as a player. In this case it was a good coaching job. Makes me wonder about the other players. 

    Disagree. He was absolutely mismanaged, the guy wasn’t given a real chance to play through all his mistakes early on. Isn’t that what the non conference is all about? 
    If they are going to bring in a grad transfer who’s played any significant minutes in D1 then he should be allowed to play without having to worry about being yanked for making a mistake.

  10. 20 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    OK. I know we are not suppose to name names; but between you and me and the blog, Knox and Pelletier need to be sacked!

    Knox played 4 years for UA was a total liability offensively, never averaged double digits in a season and for his career under 5 per game in points and rebounds [I did not look these up but speak only from memory, but if you check, probably even worse than I recall.]  Always told he was a good defender, which I cannot confirm or deny. He was hired as coordinator of basketball operations, which is basically a clerk position. Elevated to coach based on being a good clerk and bad player?? While I am not saying you have to be a good player to be a good coach; but UA offensively bad and so-so defensively COINCIDENTAL??

    Now with Pelletier I have to be careful with what I say; but I heard from a very reliable source that Pelletier does NOT like coach Brown AT ALL. Now as many have pointed out, staff different opinions and strategies is/are a GOOD thing and healthy for a team. But for an assistant to say he does NOT LIKE his boss is IMHO un-healthy. I wanted to point this out to the source, but like now I was/am in an uncomfortable position. I will say this, the source IS close enough to Pelletier to know if the sentiment is true or not, but I do not know the source well enough to know if the source is truthful or not. 

    I’ll play this game of 7 degrees of WB to narrow down the source! I’d say it’s someone with ties to Zach Bye former color guy and Joe Cremo’s PR man! Bye and Pelletier were teammates at saint rose.

    But I also think not liking your boss is pretty common 😂

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